Involve ‘Panun Kashmir’ in talks on return of KPs: Ambardar

*Expunge word ‘My Govt’ from Governor Address: Parray

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 9: While the BJP MLC Surinder Mohan Ambardar, speaking on Governor’s Address in the Upper House said that in order to have a dignified return of Kashmiri Pandits as mentioned in the Governor’s speech it is imperative that a dialogue process with the frontal Kashmiri Pandit organisation ‘Panun Kashmir’ be started at the earliest as the KPs are the equal stake holders, the Congress Member Muzzaffar Parray objected to the word used by the Governor ” My Government” in the Address to the joint sitting of Legislature.
Ambardar said there is  need of a definite policy on the return of the KPs and there can’t be adhoc policies. In the process to formulate a definite policy on the return of displaced community there should be a dialogue process initiation with the representatives of the community.
He also lauded the thrust of the Govt  on changing the youth narrative by working on the perceptional management of the youth of the State  in particular. He added that the real representation of youth of our State is reflected in this year’s  J&K Bank Calendar which has included the likes of Tajamul Islam who won the gold medal at the sub-junior World Kickboxing Championship in Italy, Dr Rouf Banday Kashmiri born scientist who uncovered an inheritable genetic factor that heightens the risk of cancer, Sonam Wangchuk from Ladakh,  a mechanical engineer from NIT Srinagar who won  the prestigious Rolex Award for enterprise, Chander Singh Abid Footballer, Hashim Mansoor who won gold medal for India, Sanjay Saraf world renowned painter and many more who have made our state as well as our country proud.
MLC took a dig at NC Legislator Showkat Ganaie for terming the slain terrorist Burhan Wani as martyr and said this amounts to provoking youth in the wrong direction. Ambardar  reminded that it was Sheikh Abdhullah who had once given the slogan ‘Hamlawar Khabardar Hum Kashmiri Hain Tyar ,’ which precisely was a slogan against  gun culture.  However,  it seems there are no more such leaders in National Conference.
While speaking on the dialogue with Pakistan MLC said that respective stand of the two countries on Kashmir tangle is clearly and finally set forth in the clauses of Shimla Agreement. No fresh dialogue is sustainable in the wake of violation of those clauses. Our former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1999 initiated a dialogue but what got in return was Kargil war. Then again in December of 2015 our incumbent Prime Minister Narender Modi tried to initiate  a dialogue one more time by visiting Pakistan to greet Nawaz Sharief on his birthday but what we got was Pathankot attack. Problem to have a dialogue with Pakistan is that we don’t know whom to talk in Pakistan as there are multiple power corridors in the Pakistan.
Congress member, Muzaffar Parray  raised an  interesting  point when he pointed out that a constitutional head should not use the word ‘My Govt’ as mentioned in the Governor’s Address. He said in real sense in Centre and State PM and CM head the Govt. He also referred to the  apex court directive Titled Shamsher Singh Vs State of Punjab and another bearing citation (1974) 2 Supreme Court 831 that the President is the formal Constitutional Head of the Executive. The real executive powers are vested with the Cabinet Ministers. Same has been said in case of Governor. He pointed out that these words `My Govt’ should be expunged from the Address. He also circulated the copies of the SC directive in the House  and words of  Justice M Rama Jois on `our Parliament’.
PDP Member Surinder Choudhary, NC Membner Sajjad Kichloo, Cong member Sham Lal Bhagat and NC member Qaiser Jamsheed Lone also participated in the discussion.