Inner Voice


Opening my eyes to this barren world
I got stupefied watching the astonishing
Sites and all the wonders contemplating
like a baffled child.
I feel obliged thinking about my aim in life
I cherished every moment alive where
Eve was always by my side.
I remember the peace I had and let my
Journey traverse through that.
I was not aware of the consequences I
had to face but still I always admired my fate.
But now I see the world has quite changed
as I am not here to inculcate in matters
you resolve on your own concerned with
the planet that once I abode.
I remember the time as it seems like
it was previous night the sky so vast
the gale of eve and then I applaued
it was all satisfying as the globe was mine.
no wars no conflicts no sheding of tears
solely peace and love enveloped the
blue sphere where life was about to
crop up and make everything huge
and phenomenal.
I wish you knew the obstacles I faced
to make my home a joyous place
away from all these darkest days I
had a world that is vague to your age.

Mehak Khajuria


There are differences no doubt,
What really matters is that we care about,
Start every morn with an itchy shout,
Call names and make many timid pout…
Together we make the whole a one,
And to every odd we have easily won,
To point at us we have left with none,
And to protect us we have the Mighty Sun….
We try our best to sum up the rest,
And make every effort to clear the test,
Pray to God to strengthen our chest,
Come what may we will be the best….
May our conscious be ever clear,
Many generations then we will easily rear,
Our Hearts may revive without any fear,
Our Family may flourish without any tear…

Kulbhushan Gupta


The river trundles its wandering course,
Creating mayhem near the shore .
River is elegantly shored by the trees,
Calm ocean prompt me to descend.
Life with woes follows a wandering course,
In the world which is unbeknownst to me.
Gone are the memoir of the past,
When my moments seemed busied with joy.
Seeking bless in an unethical world is rare,
Can not believe in artificial sweetness .
Imaginative world mingled with real world ,
Seems the blending mixture of rest and bliss.
Ups and downs , undulate and
swing like in the breeze ,
Odyssey of whole life is determined
by the this influence.

Ab. Majeed
Bhalessa, Doda


I just want to know that
You are the one I cherish and love,
A blessing sent from Heaven above.
I will love you as a faithful wife should
And do everything for you I could
You have blessed me with a beautiful life made
together by both of us.
I adore you for being so tough,
Reasons for loving you are more than enough.
I respect you for being so responsible,
In every way you are,
so incredible.
I loved you yesterday
I love you still
I always have
and I always will

Sonia Gupta Arora