inner voice


A leperous, rough, skinned crawler,
The house lizard, dark and ugly climber,
Grips us with fear when it is near,
Its droppings falling from ceiling, we fear,
Fear its poison, we lid our utensils,
More we see it, more it awes us.
If its tail is crushed while closing the door,
Without tail it can crawl as before.
Its awe some look is as a viper bore,
In warm season it multiplies its clan,
Multiply everywhere in a short span.
Their hunting is a spectacle in the summer heat,
Patiently they cling the walls with their stickling feel,
And with lightening speed when the prey is nearby,
A spider, beetle, cockroach, wasp, mosquito or fly,
Grip of their mouths, stops even fanning their wings,
Lizard, our friend kills blood-suckers that stings,
Lizards are our body guards and for our good,
They destroy our enemies and make them their food.
P.N. Peer


O, O people!
stop killing me
by killing my children
innumerable trees
you kill them , you kill me
you flow my blood,
just come and see.
Not just vast forests,
which you never leave
By cutting them down,
the home of bees.
Thousands of my little creatures
you kill with ease.
They beg by saying
please please please!
But you never hear their merciful cries
You selfish thought only about your cash price.
I gave you life , I gave you food
But in return you showed me your greedy eyes.
And now I am awaken
by hearing my children’s cries
I am coming with volanoes, floods and tornadoes to take revenge .
Be safe, if you can ,man
because, I am about to fly !
Shivani Badyal


I call upon those three forces in the lonely dusk,
in the midnight.
Those precious pearls can’t end to fall off.
I wish, I could explain in words that love for you.
If the world will deny of you, I can’t ever.
That love of mine and that craziness of yours.
That thread of love we are bound with.
I wish it will never break.
God Almighty has made our bond very strong.
For me-the best time is when we are together.
I pray to God to give you good health and happiness.
May good luck follows you and we get together soon.
Anshika Mahajan
M H Road Udhampur

I wish!

If we were like two piano strings,
both tuned the same sound.
Even if some distance apart.
If I strike, makes vibrate your ring.
I wish if you and me were sympathetic strings.
I wish!
If I were a wax image of you,
and you melt me over a slow fire.
Still will not get apart,
after recollection will remain the same old art.
I wish if you and me were the wax and fire.
I wish!
If I were the singing bird,
and you were the flowery branch.
Whenever I flew away,
you keep trembling a long way.
Reminds me of your agony
being alone and sour goodbye.
I wish if we were the branch and bird.
I wish!
If I were the shooting star,
and you were the dreamer.
As you wishfully close your eyes,
I would fall off the sky.
Such a fulfilling depart, your smile would cherish.
I wish if we were the dreamer and star.
I wish!
If you were my beloved and I were the poet.
My ink carries high-dose love,
my words might trap you.
My poetry will remain forever, even if I may vnish.
Such a delightfull death,I myself gonna cherish.
I wish if we were a poet and beloved
I wish!…I wish!