Indian System of Medicine

The State Accountability Commission (SAC) has taken a serious note of reports and complaints about malfunctioning and administrative breakdown in the Department of Indian System of Medicines. Asking the State Government to put the Indian System of Medicines (ISM) back on firm rails, it   also has given it a time of three months for the purpose. Alternately, it has suggested diverting the allocated budget of Rs. 100 crore to the Department for Health.
The most pertinent question arising is that should things reach to such a pass that only after the SAC takes serious note of non performance, malfunctioning and financial irregularities in many of our State department, remedial measures are  initiated ? Again, instead of the officials engaged in such underperforming departments, usually it is the Governmental indifference or gross negligence which is responsible for the mess and then not   addressing the genuine difficulties faced in such departments in time.
To prove the point, it is reported that out of 576 centers of this department, 129 had been rendered defunct due to withdrawal of Doctors, shortage of medicines and other problems. The Full Bench of the SAC has found fool proof substance in the allegations against the Department. Lack of supervision by the District Authorities, groupism and absenteeism are the other factors afflicting the smooth functioning of the Department as observed by the Commission. Let us hope, the three months period granted by the SAC will be sufficient enough to put the ISM back on firm rails.