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Harsh seeks investigation into scams involving political incumbents

Harsh seeks investigation into scams involving political incumbents

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 27: Astounded by the soaring corruption in the State with involvement of Ministers and legislators being reported in the media on day to day basis, JKNPP chairman, Harsh Dev Singh sought criminal investigation into the reports of scams involving political incumbents and immediate sacking of the accused.
Addressing the media persons here today, Harsh Dev Singh said that the past two years completely exposed and unveiled the corruption infested dispensation with involvement of Ministers in several scams with no action having been initiated in any of the cases.
He said that the complaints of omissions and commissions, large scale bunglings, irregularities and other wrongdoings lodged by the whistle blowers, the civil society and the social organizations were overtly rubbished while the corruption continued to be promoted under the tutelage of the sinister BJP-PDP alliance.
Reacting to the viral media reports of political corruption in the State, he said that recently huge amount of money worth several crores which had exchanged hands for according permission for raising apartments in a environmentally fragile area of Jammu needed high level probe by the CBI.
He further sought immediate action against the Saffron Minister who was reportedly involved in transporting the old scrapped illegal dirty cash worth crores for converting it into white in an official vehicle duly escorted by police teams. Singh also pointed towards the media reports of a BJP Minister involved in money laundering who had exchanged demonetized cash with gold in connivance with a Jeweller.
He divulged that another BJP MLA had raised a palatial bunglow and accumulated massive wealth after the elections amid several complaints of irregular acts committed by him including embezzlement of subsidies and incentives from Agriculture and Horticulture Departments.
He further pointed towards the complaints of encroachment of huge State land and smuggling of deodar scants against the same BJP MLA besides huge extortions from Government employees in the name of transfers.
He dared the Central BJP leadership to take action against its tainted Ministers and legislators in the State if it had any qualms of conscience.
Balwant Singh Mankotia, State president, JKNPP, Gagan Pratap Singh and Parshotam Parihar were also present during the press conference.


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