Fight against drugs

Of late , we have been seeing a trend in the unusual spurt in movement of narcotics and other contraband substances around Jammu. Police deserves praises for apprehending many criminals along with contraband  substances. These drugs and narcotic substances fetching very high prices in international markets are not only going to adversely affect the health and mental conditions of our younger generations but are prone to lubricate the financial wheels of terrorists.
It is high time general awakening is started from school, college and other educational institutions .Debates and discussions wherein young students could participate should be held regularly.
It is imperative to have more police Nakas  especially during late and wee hours as such type of activities of carrying and transporting this  poison do take place during these occasions.
Numberless and unregistered vehicles are prone to carry such material as in case of searches and seizures criminals try to flee leaving such vehicles behind .
We have seen how a prosperous and mighty Punjab  is unfortunately called   UDTA   PUNJAB because of high prevalence  of drugs abuse and let us save Jammu .
Yours etc…..
Naveen Manhas, Jammu