Erratic water supply in Channi Himmat

Water supply of Sector-1A, and adjoining areas of Channi Himmat is highly erratic as the supply is from a Trikuta Nagar Tube-well which is a contentious issue. The supply remains snapped due to the residents of the locality. Since there is lot of pressure on the said Tube-well, that is what leads to failure of machinery/motors, thus further aggravating the problems of the residents.
In lieu of the hardships being faced by the residents of Channi Himmat the Government was kind enough to sanction a water-bore for Channi Himmat in the premises of Govt. Higher Secondary School Channi Himmat Jammu. Accordingly the work got completed but to the bad luck of the residents the same has not been commissioned so far either waiting for the inauguration and fixing the name plate of the inaugurating-dignitary or there is some departmental conflict. That is leading to the delay of  its commission. This is highly unfortunate that the public money has been invested, wasted with no outcome so far.
Again the most unfortunate  part of the  story is that in premises of the school where the bore-well has been dug, there is also acute shortage of water where nearly 600 students, the so called the future of the nation alongwith teaching and non-teaching staff have to go without water. Stinking bathrooms and drains have bad effect on health of the students and others in the school.   We hope that this will open the eyes of the PHE Department failing which the residents may be forced to seek agitational path.
Yours etc…..
Member Channi Himmat
Welfare Association