Elusive social justice

The Vice President has said that our country has still a long way to go when social justice will be done to one and all.  Addressing the 9th National Conference of the Indian Association of Lawyers the Vice President said that even after seventy years of democratic dispensation, we were still struggling for bringing social justice to our country. The fact of the matter is that India is an ancient country steeped in old traditions and ways of life that are not more sustainable by any stretch of imagination. People have become custom ridden and change of life pattern has become a lengthy and tortuous process. That is the reason why no government is prepared to take the risk of enforcing drastic social changes by sheer force of muscle power. Society is not run by muscle power but by the strong instrument of reason and logic. The mistakes committed in enforcing birth control, for example, turned disastrous though we all agree that there should be reasonable curb on producing children.
We are still bogged with the issue of “un-touch ability” as before. There are still examples when dalits or women are not allowed to enter a particular worshipping place. We are not assimilating the low caste people into the national fold. We are discriminating on the basis of religion, faith, sect and gender ideologies and other social evils. Gandhiji had dreamt the dream of India having a human culture and human attitude towards the members of scheduled castes and tribes. It is true that the Government has taken great pains to bring about reservation for the SC classes and they are now reaping the fruit of those reforms. Yet the fact is that the Indian society as a whole has to consider how much strength the nation can have if all the categories of people come together to fight the menace of apartheid, castes, regionalism etc The Vice President has very rightly and in very clear words said that we have not come out of the syndrome of social justice. Gandhiji also nursed social justice for all sections of Indians during his great struggle for freedom. He was aware that India would be freed from colonial yoke sooner or later but the social injustice prevalent in India was a far greater enemy to our progress and modernization. Let us hope that the dream of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi come true one day and the day will be only when justice, pure and pious is meted out to every person of Indian society.