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In a meeting attended by some cabinet ministers, top bureaucrats and administrative secretaries, the Chief Minister was briefed on the progress in various mega developmental projects. The briefing was made department-wise so that the present status of the mega projects was reflected. CM reviewed the project implementation in sectors like PWD, PHE, Health, Education and Technical Education.
The briefs on respective sectors made to the CM were, by and large, encouraging. We are usually used to reading about the failures and breakdowns in the progress of mega projects. Therefore, when we are told that such and such a mega project has been completed on time or is about to be completed, it gives satisfaction that the State is on the path of progress. The most important thing in regard to the mega developments projects in hand is the recurring complaint of these projects not being completed in time leading to escalation in cost. The Chief Minister appreciated that some of the mega projects were close to completion and would soon be inaugurated for regular function. She also expressed her despair for non-completion of some of the projects in time. That is why she appealed to the engineers and administrators to make it a point that all mega projects are completed in time. We generally believe that owing to lack of accountability, there is slackness in working hard to bring the projects to completion. But the hard fact is that in a democracy, the Government is accountable to the people at large. The people are regularly monitoring the progress made or not made of various projects. The public is a force to be reckoned with.
The Chief Minister is very right in visualizing the outcome of the projects now in hand. Some of these are on the verge of completion and might be inaugurated soon this year and there are other ones which will be completed in next couple of years. Put together all these mega projects are bound to change the very shape of our State. Fortunately, developmental programme has been floated uniformly in all the three regions according to the need and other local conditions. A cursory look at the details of the briefings given by responsible quarters in the Government to the Chief Minister reveals one interesting facet. The development plans are gradually shifting from urban to rural areas. More money is being invested in projects and plans that serve mostly the interests of rural than urban areas in the State. That is a healthy sign. It should be so and the simple logic of social science is that once the rural areas are developed the pressure on cities and owns is reduced.
We would like to add a word on the conditions of development. Any development is possible only in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. What our State needs to make rapid progress is peace and congenial atmosphere. We hope that all sections of society in all the three regions and sub-regions of the State will understand and endorse the primacy of a peaceful atmosphere if we are to develop in leaps and bounds. Peace means progress. This has to be the motto of our new generation.


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