‘Comedy is in my blood’

Varun Dhawan is a born star – it took him only two
films to graduate himself from a ‘student’ to a ‘hero’.
Sreya Basu chats up with the actor in Mumbai on his upcoming romance-comedy Main Tera Hero, being screwed in love and competition.

How was it working with David Dhawan in Main Tera Hero?
I know he is my father. But in my second film [after debuting in Student Of The Year (SOTY) in 2012, to work with a director who has made 40 plus films, is a very, very big thing for me.
Did you face any difficulty in working under David Dhawan?
Well, he kept treating me as if I had come to him after doing 40-50 films. He just forgot that it was only my second film. So the first two-three days of shoot was bizarre. There was no preparation time, no discussions. He would just ask to me do the scene and expect me to understand and deliver accordingly.
Have you ever got screwed in love for real just like in Main Tera Hero?
You have not been in love if you have not been screwed in love. So, at sometime, everybody gets screwed. But the idea is to get screwed and then strike back. That’s what Main Tera Hero is all about. It’s a boy’s journey.
Filmmaker Karan Johar launched you and now in your second film you have David Dhawan directing you and Ekta Kapoor producing the film. Was it planned or simply luck?
I have been really lucky for sure, but nothing was planned.
Born to David Dhawan, do you have an inclination towards comedy films?
When I started off, I had many things in my head … I wanted to do dark cinema because I love watching films and shows like Dexter (American television drama series). But at the end of the day, comedy is in my blood. That is something I am born with. I have grown up watching Govinda, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar films. That’s like reflex action.
You, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra debuted in the same film (SOTY). Now your next films, though different genres, are also releasing almost at the same time (Main Tera Hero, Highway and Hasee Toh Phasee). So do you three talk about competition?
Right now, Alia and Sid (Sidharth) are more nervous for me than I am. That’s how our relationship is. Alia and Sid’s films are releasing in the same month, mine a little later. I have loved the promos of Highway and Hasee Toh Phasee. And yes, we discuss competition. When you do your first film with someone, the bond just forms for life. They become your family and you tend to overlook these things. I just have a lot of love in my heart for them.
Who in Bollywood do you consider to be a complete hero?
I will answer it my way. I think the common man who gets up so early in the morning, toils so hard to earn his bread, is the real hero. I know it sounds like a film dialogue but that’s the truth. And then, each of us has a hero within us, we just need to realize that and get it out






there at some point of our life. There is another hero in my life … my brother Rohit Dhawan (filmmaker). Without my brother, I wouldn’t have been an actor. He has sacrificed so much for me to get my second film happen. (TWF)