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CCDU under scanner

We were hitherto used to read about project after project and scheme after scheme of development being launched by the Government in course of time. But that phase is over, and now we read more of scam after scam in different departments and organizations ordered for enquiry. Communication and Capacity Development Unit (CCDU) of PHE department is under the scanner. The Minister has ordered enquiry into the unit spending 12 crore rupees in a period of just 110 days. It is not physically possible to make such large scale expenditure within such a short period of time. The Minister having been informed of this bizarre expenditure was not convinced that things had been done as these should be. The question was whether water supplies to the city of Jammu were within sanitary parameters laid down by competent authorities. Was there a regular campaign for educating people on sanitation and other matters of public health? This and other relevant matters concerning public health needed to be examined. This prompted the Minister for PHE, Irrigation and Floods Control order constituting an enquiry committee headed by Chief Engineer, Irrigation and Flood Control, Jammu K.K. Gupta. The intriguing fact about the case is that immediately after the order for enquiry was issued, the Executive Director, Najibullah, a retired Chief Engineer re-employed by the State Government, tendered his resignation, which, however, has not been accepted by the Minister on the plea that his presence is needed while enquiry into the 12 crore expenditure is carried out. We hope this enquiry will be carried to its logical conclusion and responsibility fixed.


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