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Blue Revolution

The Prime Minister is of the opinion that India owing to her geographical setting has unique strength in bio-diversity. Look at the map of India you will find that on the west there is the arid desert while the east has deep green forest cover. While to the north stand the lofty Himalayas, in the south we have the vast Indian Ocean touching the shores of our land. In such a bio-diversity, it should be possible for us to make the best use of the advantage. We had the Green Revolution and White Revolution in the past but now are the time for Blue Revolution. “Blue Revolution” refers to the remarkable emergence of aquaculture as an important and highly productive agricultural activity. Inaugurating the three-day long first International Agro-biodiversity Congress, the Prime Minister said that it was important to maintain bio-diversity so that in euphoria of modernization of agriculture we do not lose our traditional wisdom of handling our agriculture.


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