Balwant Thakur launches Spanish, Arabic magazines in Jammu

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 12: Two Foreign Language magazines of Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs were launched by the Regional Director ICCR J&K, Balwant Thakur at ICCR Headquarters, here today.
These two magazines are ‘Papeles de la India’ (Spanish),   and ‘Thaqafat-ul-Hind’ (Arabic).
These magazines will be available for the reading in the library of ICCR Jammu which has exclusively been started for the visiting scholars, students and researchers.
In addition to this, ICCR magazines viz ‘Indian Horizons’ and ‘Africa Quarterly’ (both in English), ‘Rencontre avec L’ Inde’ (French) and  ‘Gagananchal’ (Hindi) and will also be available for readers.
The idea behind introducing foreign language magazines in Jammu is to promote reading in these foreign languages about India- its ethos, heritage, history and culture.
The Jammu Centre of Indian Council for Cultural Relations has the collection of entire ICCR publications. The ICCR has published books on a wide range of subjects, ranging from the arts to philosophy, diplomacy, language and literature.
Works of eminent Indian men of letters, statesmen and philosophers like Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Azad, Nehru and Tagore, among others, hold pride of place in ICCR’s Publication Programme. “The publication programme is focused particularly on books relating to Indian Culture, Philosophy and Mythology, Music, Dance, Theatre and includes translations of Sanskrit classics in a number of languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Urdu and English,” he pointed out.
Balwant Thakur said the Indian Council for Cultural Relations has also facilitated the translations of seminal World Literature into Hindi, English and other Indian languages.
He said that the rarest publications which now will be available to scholars in ICCR office of Jammu include, ‘Glimpses of Sanskrit Literature’, ‘Contemporary relevance of Sufiism’ (Arabic/English), ‘Perf-orming Arts in Pala and Dena Periods’, ‘Indian Poetry Today’, ‘Readings from India’, ‘Composite Indian Culture and Urdu Ghazal’ (Urdu), ‘Vision of India’, ‘India’s Maulana’, ‘Journey of Legend’, ‘At home in the World’, ‘India-US: five decades of Solidarity’, ‘Women in Manusmiriti’, ‘Ramayana’ (Arabic), ‘Zakir Hussain-a teacher who became President’, ‘Handicrafts of India’, ‘Munshi Prem Chand London, 2005’, ‘Namibia-India: five years of Solidarity’, ‘Striving for Peace’ and ‘Vayaktitva Nirman Mein Shastriya Sangeet Ki Bhumika’.
“The prime mandate of ICCR is to take India to the world and bring world to India”.