Austerity measures

In the recent past our State Govt decided to adopt austerity measures in day to day expenditures with regard to execution of Govt work. But it proved now total hoax when we came to understand that State Govt is going to like the sitting allowance of the Legislators by doubling the same. In the  past also, our State Govt  enhanced the pay of Legislators from rupees 80000 to 1,60,000 in one go. It  was a big jump and had beaten all the past records so far. Recently our Govt  increased the travelling allowance and other perks of the lawmakers of the State.  On  one side our State Govt, time and again, harps about financial crunch and on the side it has been gracious enough towards our legislators in bestowing them with various financial hikes day in and day out. Is it  worthwhile to mention here that our State Govt employees and pensioners have been struggling since long for the fulfillment of their genuine demands but till now all other aspirations  were dashed to the ground  on one pretext or the other. This section of our society which is part and parcel of the Govt feels dejected in the present circumstances when the prices of the consumer goods are sky rocketting. In this way, scales of justice cannot be maintained by the present dispensation in the State of Jammu and  Kashmir. The gap between the rich and the poor is further widening.  Only austerity measures cannot not help in mitigating people from the sufferings.
Yours etc….
S N Raina