Assured career progression

We have, time and again, been emphasizing on time bound promotions as also formulation of a uniform transfer policy for the State employees of all ranks,  who, other things remaining the same, could neither have unnecessarily to wait for due promotions commensurate with their dedication to  duty and demonstration of integrity and honesty as also not have to wait or exert pressures or influences for effecting due transfers. We have, at the same time, been expressing due concern for not filling up such posts which were lying vacant for months together and most of them had bearing on taking vital and critical departmental decisions which were getting heaped up in arrears or getting deferred. Both these inseparable constituents of Government service, viz the due promotions and due transfers play a vital part in expecting good results of performance and containing  of deferment of important decisions.
It is heartening to learn that the State Cabinet has accorded sanction to the notification of “Non Functional Monetary Scheme (NFS)” and given approval to its implementation in respect of the members of the General Executive Cadre of the Jammu and Kashmir Police Gazetted Services (JKPS).  Various pay bands and scales for Junior Scale JKPS Officers, Time Scale (non functional) have been announced to be assessed by the Selection Committee. It is imperative that the eligible personnel should be subjected to the formalities of the minimum levels of filtration, scrutiny and pruning too, the guiding factors being the performance and dedication to duty.
Ten years, four years and eight years time scales respectively in different grade pay bands have duly been enumerated in the scheme for placement which was given a nod by the Cabinet meeting presided over by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. Time scales, eligibility for placement in the selection grade and other relevant details have been distinctly mentioned in the scheme itself.
Similarly, Gazetted Service of Engineering Departments too has been brought under the ambit of Assured Career Progression (ACP) scheme and sanction accorded by the Cabinet. The scheme, inter alia, ensures at least three time bound promotions in a span of 20 years for the members of J&K Engineering (Gazatted) Services. The Finance Department has been authorized by the Cabinet to notify the scheme and issue necessary orders in this regard.
Another decision, the major one  of its kind, taken by the Cabinet is reduction in stamp duty and “Nil” stamp duty in case the property was registered in the name of the female member in the family. It is absolutely “Nil” in case of registering of property in the name of the female member both in urban and rural areas respectively. This could be taken positively as a gift from the State Government to women of the State on the eve of the Mothers’ Day  (May 13). On the other hand, sanction is accorded to reduction of the duty to 5 percent and 3 percent in urban and rural areas respectively of those properties registered in the name of the male members. This relief in payment of stamp duty would benefit people especially in matters of availing of home loans.