Ashthal Kulgam Bridge

The disastrous floods of September 2014 washed way many bridges in the Valley including the one over Veshaw near the village Ashthal in Kulgam district. This disconnects caused serious problems to thousands of villagers in this part of South Kashmir. People who need to visit the District headquarter in Kulgam had to take a long detour which would consume lot of time and needed energy to walk the distance. The alternative road which the commuters are using is in deplorable condition and that is adding to their woes. In rains, this alternate route is totally a mess and not at all motorable. If authorities had taken care of repairing the alternative route things might have become easier for them. We have reports that the R&B has now decided to build a new bridge of 480 feet length in two phases and in Phase I only 200 feet length is t be completed. Locals have expressed scepticism and said that construction of only one part of the bridge does not serve any purpose.
We feel the people are right in expressing their doubt about dividing the construction of one bridge into two parts. This is unheard of and it should go in one go. The suffering and inconvenience of the people should be mitigated and not prolonged. People have waited for more than three years and their patience should not be tested any more. At the same time the alternative road which the people are using should also be made pucca taking into account that construction of the other half of the bridge may take many more years.