Annual Performance Reports

How much important part does a report on the performance of an employee appraised on annual basis, play in assessing how much one performed and whether there was a potential in the reviewee to have done more and prove beneficial to the department or an enterprise, hardly needs any emphasis to be laid on. If there were delays in submission of such reports, then the very concept and its utility are subjected to abject jeopardy.
To address such eventualities, directions have now been issued to file such annual reports by the assessing authorities in respect of Gazetted officers of the State by switching over from the conventional ways to online system to circumvent delays and deferments. The other inalienable part of service rules of the State Government officers, for that matter in respect of every State employee, is the mandatory regular submission of Immovable Property Returns on annual basis. In fact, not only about immovable properties  but movable ones like vehicles, investments in shares and bonds, ornaments, precious household goods , electronic gadgets etc must be reported by employees and keeping their records is more important to make use of in departmental  enquiries, charges of corruption and similar charges, if any.
Having failed to comply with the implementation of Cabinet decisions and instructions from time to time from General Administration Department, the authorities and the Departmental Heads are now required to fast track the submission of the APRs on their subordinate officers through online system and also ensure that the employees working in offices regularly  submitted annual returns on their properties . It may , however, be ensured that each employee must be instructed to realize the utmost importance of the annual reports on one’s career building process and excepting being asked to write  briefly a few lines as self appraisal separately , the entire process must be kept secret and the reviewee should never interfere in that  so as to influence performance ratings. Confirmations, annual increments, promotions and allied personnel issues etc in respect of a Government employee must be inversely related to the level of ratings earned by an employee from respective assessing authority.