Revamp of JKPCC

Jammu and Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation, (JKPCC) is a very prestigious autonomous Corporation of the State which has been performing significant role in the development of the State for many years in the past. This Corporation has been popular particularly for providing infrastructure to the State that forms the foundation for many developmental projects. The Corporation has grown into a substantial State level body and is involved directly in a number of projects.
While conducting review of its performance during the past year, the Minister of R&B has observed that there is dire need of revamping the organization to make it a profit earning unit. It is felt in many circles that the functionaries of the Corporation are loath to come out of their shell and interact in wider space and environs so as to sell its expertise in a manner that is able to make substantial profits. Previously, the Ministers in charge of R&B as well as the CAG recommended that the Corporation has the wherewithal and capacity to come out of the confines of the State and bid for mega projects on national and even international levels. They had strongly recommended that the Corporation should conduct a study of how it can break into national level bidding and then pursue the policy in a vigorous manner. It is surprising that despite the recommendations from competent authorities, the Corporation has not given up lethargy and sluggishness and is bent upon remaining content within its four walls.
The Corporation is well equipped with manpower, work force, technical staff and machinery. It has rich experience in the field because it has successfully undertaken several major projects. We would, therefore, entreat the top echelons of the Corporation to become pro-active in participating bidding on national level for mega projects. The State wants that it should join the prominent organizations in the country that are undertaking mega projects. This should provide excellent opportunity for the JKPCC to join the race of bidding and making its mark among the leading builders. That will also provide employment to the youth and the State will become prosperous.