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Rains cut off villages

Villagers of Chore Motto, Chore Panjian, Gahar, Jofar, Marta and Lakhari remain cut off from the mainland since one month when owing to incessant rains huge landslides took place at village Baran about 4 km from Dhar Road at village Lakhari (Kamdhana). One month is a long time for which the villages remain cut off and nobody has brought to the notice of the authorities of what the people are suffering. Just because this village is far off and accessibility is difficult, nobody has paid any attention to the plight of villagers. The landslides have washed away the road with the result that the people of the village especially the school going children have to walk about 13 kilometres to reach the schools at tehsil headquarter in Majalta. We have leant that district authorities have not taken serious note of the ground situation and shortage of food grains and other essential commodities of life which remain denied to the people for more than a month in the past. It seems paradoxical that on the one hand the Government states that far off and remote areas of the State have to be pulled out of backwardness and poverty and on the other hand whenever exigencies like the road block and other calamities happen, the Government turns away from it as if it has not seen what happened. One has to understand the plight of the  people who living in far off places remain cut off from the mainland for more than a month and still the Government does not come to their rescue. No wonder if the residents of the locality have brought out demonstration against the local district authorities because their plight has not been addressed for last one year. Imagine what will happen to people if somebody falls ill and needs immediate medical assistance and the assistance is not forthcoming. We find the demonstrating people justified in their demand of asking action against the defaulters.


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