Inner Voice

The Childhood

Remember the time of lovely childhood
The smile carrying faces of the peers
Running wild through the beautiful dust
Smeared fully with dirt saying cheers
The marvellous chapter of the only era
Just enjoyed , never cared , never judged
It’s hard to believe, you can’t get it back
The beautiful moments of all ,
together merged
The time passed, unnoticed,
leaving behind the innocence
The dancing in the rain with the
passing monsoon
Fully drenched in the slander
with the smiling faces
Unaware of the time that was about to leave us all very soon
Through hundered days of
summer and the amazing hot chases
The noon of the high mid summer
under the slumberous shade
To catch our breaths after playing with the flowing winds
We were just living the moment and the joy of life was paid

Anil Rajgotra
NIT Srinagar


I Was doing well,
Did not know then Why I Fell,
I was doing better,
But, was not a go getter,
I did not dream,
No hard work was my team
Did not realize my worth,
Though I was doing well right from birth.
Sleep, No hard work, never failed,
But always passed,
This is how to me some people crossed,
To me further question not,
Master of Arts, Degree left in between,
How serious I was can be seen?
M Sc degree in Weapons
and Technology,
I completed but could not get the degree,
Because I did not give one presentation,
This is how I got defeated,
This is another mistake Which
I repeated,
This is my mere foolishness,
But please do not criticize,
What to do now, Let me decide,
Otherwise I will remain behind,
Had I dream? Had I realized my worth?
Had I been guided to do better?
Had I made an attempt?
And gives my best,
For a much more status,
I would have left,
Do not follow my mistakes,
All the success you take,
All the very best,
Victory and glory is your and test
What ever I wanted, I could get,
I take a bet, But did not give my best,
Bad fate thus I met
A piece of advise to those,
Learn from them who rose?

Col Parmjit (Retd)


I, bard say through my ballads
They act as a substitute for my voice
I express myself through these
I am not known to any other language
Thence, I herald my dictum of life
These lull me to sleep
These awaken me to life
They pay, that, which I leave owing
They put me blames
They vindicate me of them
Whenever our tryst befall
I feel their tresses console me
And clean me of all maladies
Maladies, I grappled with, for years
We celebrate the triumph of our love, unsurpassed
We inspirit the beauty of nature
We encourage the spread of love
Whenever our tryst befall.

Dhriti Singh, VIII D
Presentation Convent