Farooq bats for Indo-Pak talks

PANAJI, Feb 13:
Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah has said that dialogue was necessary between India and Pakistan to have permanent peace in Kashmir.
Speaking at a panel discussion on ‘India-Health of the Nation’ as part of ‘Difficult Dialogues’ organised at International Centre  Goa here last night, he said, ”How long are we going to continue the killings? What is the way forward?.
We can’t, as Vajpayee (former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee) said friends can change but neighbours can’t. ..I continuously say do not wait till last gun falls silent. You have to talk to Pakistan.
You have to talk to  them and get the solution of the problem of Kashmir. Unless you get it, we will never have peace in my state and people of Kashmir will  not progress like people of Goa or any other State in the country.”
The veteran leader said terrorism was not only problem of India but problem of world as many other countries in the world were suffering from the same problem.
”Terrorism is not only the problem of India. Terrorism is world  weapon today. Look at France, America, anywhere you see. …If we have to peace in our nation we have to talk to them. We have to tell them enough is enough.”
Stating that there was need to strengthen unity and diversity of the country, he said younger generation had to join politics if they wanted to change political scenario. (UNI)