Bizarre data on valley unrest

In response to a question posed by an independent MLA in the Assembly about data and statistics concerning nearly five-month long unrest in Kashmir valley this summer, the Home Department has, perhaps for the first time, come out with figure work.
The House was informed that during the year 2016, 63 rifles and 186 magazines, looted by the militants and mob from 16 different locations have yet not been recovered despite lapse of considerable period of time. There is full inventory of rifles and magazines and rounds looted by the mobs and militants during attacks on police personnel and posts when Kashmir was brewing with unrest. AK-47s, SLRs, INSAS Rifles, Pistols and Carbines were among the weapons looted by the militants and mob. The interesting and rather disappointing matter is that looting of arms happened at 16 different places and FIRs have been filed in each case but so far no movement forward has been recorded on these FIRs. At the same time no item of looted weapons has been recovered nor the looters identified and prosecuted under law. Why the investigation of these cases of loot has not reached the logical conclusion is a matter of much concern to us. Not identifying the real culprits and not arresting them as clues to the entire conspiracy will be damaging to the interest of civil society. It is fairly possible that if these culprits go unpunished, others might take a cue from their case and thus indulge in larger activities of sedition and anarchy. We do not think that to grab the real culprits of these crimes is not a difficult job for the local police because police stations keep the record of anti-national elements. Maybe the Government has some undisclosed purpose of not zeroing in on real culprits. If it is so, well, we can at best express our sadness and regret. The statement of the Home Department given on the floor of the House is significant in specifying the weapons, the number of looted weapons, the manner in which mobs struck on police stations and rendered them disarmed and even fugitives in many cases. The main target of summer turmoil in the Valley was the police. The purpose of targeting the police was to discourage them from rendering duty of the State and themselves trying to befriend the segments of police force. It has to be remembered that the State Police has rendered very meritorious service to the State in facing the challenges posed by the militants. A number of police men have laid down their lives and attained martyrdom while fighting the terrorists. The report also shows how the terrorists’ sympathizers infuriated crowds of people and instigated them to run riot. That is precisely the objective of Pakistan. They want complete disruption of law and order and chaos in the State through their moles and then go around the world and defame India for violation of human rights of Kashmiri people.
It is a surprise that while every member of opposition wants to talk about the so-called high-handed manner of the Government in dealing with summer crisis, nobody is prepared to ask the Government to disclose how the enemy and its agents were working underground to give shape to massive conspiracy of creating disorder in the valley this summer. Some member should also pose a question about the total loss incurred by the people and the Government in J&K during five long months of unrest and also the social groups that suffered the most. These are very relevant questions and the House should know the position of the Government on these questions.