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Weekly Horoscope

12 November to 18 November  2017

Aries :
20th is a great day if you are looking for some serious positive motivation. Moon in Sagittarius comes to your aid. Influence of Mars over your Sign and your 10th House will energise you further, keeping you busy with work/ business. You will now be sweating it out at work, trying to make things work, getting back the lost momentum of the past two weeks. Around 23rd, Sun moves to Sagittarius, your 9th House, where Saturn and Mercury are also camping. You are still thinking a lot, but things will start getting better. Keep a calm façade in your relationships, especially at home. Married ones must remain careful too. Ones trying for conception (kids) shall not be supported by stars. Gains may come through inheritance now. Probably, you are planning to sell off something, most likely, land. Things will take their own sweet time to manifest results in this direction, feels Ganesha.
You may feel dissatisfied with lack of progress at work. This may prompt you to look for better avenues. Influence of Mars over your Sign will push you to do your best for maintaining your self esteem. Has someone or something hurt your self esteem? Well, don’t go overboard, as this may hurt your health now. Around midweek, Sun changes Signs to move to Sagittarius, where it joins Saturn and Mercury. This change in the 8th House from your Sign may not be positive, especially because Sun and Saturn are unfriendly planets. You may be blamed wrongly for something, especially in domestic matters. You may feel disturbed. Take great care of your health and well being. Do not get driven towards vices like alcohol and drugs. And, certainly, do not drink and drive, warns Ganesha. Try spending more time with your loved ones at home. We can’t have good days always. Can we? Let this pass! From a different perspective, this astral change may actually let you see a ‘situation’ in a different and possibly better light. You will also get to pursue your spiritual interests now. Do not start a relationship on rebound now.
Gemini :
Given your secure financial position, you shall be strongly inclined to invest your money or start a venture. You must do all your financial planning and investment with great care, reminds Ganesha. So, just be careful and measured. Jupiter has now come out of its combust state. This will facilitate good opportunities, especially for business persons, waiting to strike good deals. Influence of Jupiter over your 2nd House is an indication of your developing a stronger financial position. You shall also be keen to see your family enjoying a better lifestyle. Around midweek, Sun shifts to Sagittarius, in direct opposition to your Sign. Sun now will have confrontation with its sworn enemy Saturn in your 7th House. This can lead to uneasy moments in marriage or business partnerships. You may also end up saying something nasty to someone very important. Be careful. And, also take care of your beloved’s health.
Cancer :
Positions of planets are indicative that professionals may get an opportunity to relocate. This may also concern moving temporarily to foreign shores. Business persons will need to be tactful and accommodative, if they wish to strike a deal. With lady luck supporting you now, you should make the best of what’s available. Students in the last year of their graduation may get distracted, and neglect their studies. Ones pursuing post graduation will remain engrossed with their studies, though. Singles will have a strong urge to enjoy sensual pleasures. Around mid-week, Sun joins Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius, 6th House from your Sign. Challenges beckon! Sun and Saturn are unfriendly planets, and their coming together doesn’t augur well for your health and mental peace. Take great care! Situation at your work place may be unhappy, which may affect your mindset. Don’t think negatively. Be gentle, while speaking with your elders and bosses, especially male members. Try finding solace in creative activities and spiritual pursuits.
Leo :
Malefic Rahu passing through your Sign will prompt you to assert your points of view aggressively. However, you must guard against this tendency. You may also be unable to differentiate between who is good for you, and who is not, under this influence. Take care. Listen to others’ constructive suggestions. Around midweek, mighty Sun moves to the fiery Sign Sagittarius. Sun now joins the company of Saturn and Mercury, already posited in Sagittarius, your 5th House. Sun and Saturn are unfriendly planets, so this is a challenging placement. You will need to remain level headed to gain from this battle of two titans. Here, Mercury will act as a mediator, pushing you to take right decisions. Parents of school going children will remain concerned about the academic progress of their kid/s. Remain attentive about domestic matters.
Virgo :
Singles facing resistance from their family regarding a love relationship will receive unexpected support from an elderly relative. You will be overwhelmed by this support, as this may help you further your relationship. Marriage may be on the cards! Business persons need to take decisions promptly to avail available opportunities. They will also need to be specific about payment terms, or there may be troubles later. Direct influence of Jupiter and Venus over your 9th House (related to fortune, luck) will help you vastly. You will be able to get desired success. Travel is likely now. It will prove to be fruitful, assures Ganesha. It will be a good time for love and committed relationships. However, be careful of Sun and Saturn’s union in Sagittarius, the 4th House from your Sign. You must guard your health and well being now, and also of your mother and other female elders.

Libra :
You may now be keen to explore new work/ business territories. Short term travel in this regard will prove to be fruitful. Work will occupy most of your attention, thus. Around midweek, Sun moves to Sagittarius, the 3rd House from your Sign. Sun gets nearer to trickster Mercury and wily Saturn. You shall now become determined to accept new challenges and soar over obstacles, while moving ahead on the road to progress. However, you may have differences with a business associate, a friend, client or a colleague. Be careful. Do not try to settle this issue in haste. Let the dust settle down, and wait for right opportunity to resolve the differences amicably. Same goes for a personal relationship, says Ganesha.
Scorpio :
Last week’s upsurge shall give you tonnes of confidence. You will now wish to pass this happy vibe to your loved ones. You will try and add to the lifestyle and comforts of your family members. Buying a household gadget is likely. Also, you shall now be on a look out for another avenue for investing surplus funds. Stock market traders will be in full flow. However, post 23rd, they must remain careful. Around midweek, Sun leaves your Sign and makes a move to Sagittarius, where its sworn enemy Saturn and neutral Mercury are already present. In view of this, you should postpone plans for any major financial involvement, says Ganesha. If you have been facing any issues related to family, handle the same tactfully and gently. Students will continue making progress satisfactorily. There is a possibility of your getting injured. Be very careful!
Moon traversing through your Sign will see you in an optimistic mood. Presence of Saturn in your Sign will push you to remain focused and grounded, though. Around midweek, Sun shifts to your Sign, coming nearer to Mercury and its enemy wily Saturn. Now, Sun seems determined to battle it out with Saturn. Some new challenges shall come up. If you remain level headed you shall succeed in handling the challenges. You have to gather all your skills to successfully handle these challenges. Married ones will feel unhappy for not able to spend some quality time with life partner, owing to being busier with work related activities. Ones facing consistent trouble with pains in joints look set to get relief now. This can be attributed to the healing influence of Jupiter over the 6th House. Indulge in some easy exercises too to stimulate your circulation.
Moon, as the week begins, in company of Saturn in the 12th House, is indicative of disturbances in day to day activities. Continued disturbances may leave you exhausted. However, the cohesive aspect of Jupiter over the 7th House will save the day for you. Jupiter exerts its positive influence in more than one way, so it will do its best to keep you afloat. Students will be able to make satisfactory progress. Married ones will remain happy, and shall have a pleasant and enjoyable time. Business persons may have to remain satisfied by routine gains only, though. Midweek, Sun joins Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius, 12th House from your Sign. Not a pleasant astral picture! Sun and Saturn are unfriendly planets, and their coming together in 12th House doesn’t reflect well. Take care of yourself and your loved ones’ health. Guard against losses. There may be a surge in your expenses. Find solace in creative and philosophical activities. Reading books on obscure and metaphysical subjects will interest you.
Aquarius :
Planetary positions shall strongly support the professionals, desiring to change their jobs. You shall have many options to choose from now. Choose wisely, by taking into account long term prospects. Influence of Jupiter over your 2nd House will keep you in a strong position on the financial front. Around midweek, Sun migrates to Sagittarius. Now, Sun draws near to the trickster Mercury and wily Saturn. You need to remain absolutely level headed to get benefited from the cosmic vibes. The battle between Sun and Saturn in the 11th House may act like a two-way sword. There may be gains, but there will also be challenges. Pace of activity will increase suddenly. And, you may be moving ahead, firing all guns. However, this rush may make you egoistic or temperamental, and you may end up hurting a few friends, subordinates or even personal relations. Be very careful about your rapport with males at work or at home. Take care of your health and deepest desires, as they may suffer a setback.
Pisces :
The first half of the week brings good tidings. You may be able to crack a good deal. Pisces parents will be happy on seeing their child/ children progress. Touchwood! Around midweek, Sun changes Signs to enter its friendly Sign Sagittarius. But, Sun now moves nearer to its sworn enemy Saturn that is already stationed in Sagittarius. These two meeting in the 10th House from your Sign signals challenging times for you, especially on the professional front, in the coming times. You need to remain level headed to gain from the cosmic battle of these two titans. Stress at work may become overbearing. You may also have challenging time, handling heavy work load. Be prepared to work for extended hours, if necessary. And, ensure keeping an amiable rapport with your bosses. Take care of your health too. Guard against mental fatigue!

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