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15 April to 21 April 2018

Aries :
As the Moon meets Rahu in the 5th House from your Sign – at the beginning of the week, there is a possibility that you may be tempted to try every possible way to earn money. Ganesha shows the red signal here; unethical ways may seem easy, but they always bring unhappiness in the end. Jupiter, the ruler of your 9th House of luck and fortune, is moving in the retrograde direction. Besides, Saturn is also retrograde currently. There is no point in taking any kind of risk, as of now. Moreover, you cannot rely on luck to help you out of any troublesome situation. On the other hand, as Sun has recently moved into Taurus, you may tend to become a little lazy. You will take things easy. You might have to keep aside some extra money for family expenses. In the week’s latter half, Venus leaves Taurus to enter Gemini in your 3rd House. Expect your social diary to be full to the brim!
Domestic matters take the center-stage, as the week begins. Sun moved into your Sign, over the last weekend. This will prompt you to put extra efforts in all you do. Self-esteem and self-worth will be extremely important – but beware don’t let this turn to arrogance, says Ganesha. Rewards, recognition and your drive to prove yourself will push you to give your best. The ruler of your Sign Venus shifts to the dual natured, airy Sign Gemini – your 2nd House. This implies positive bearings in areas related to finances and family. Your material possessions may increase – or your will to acquire them shall escalate. A shopping trip is on the cards too. Astral vibes, though, will help you manage expenses nicely. Spend time with your family members is a great way to foster your loving bonds. Don’t let the unresponsive attitude of your spouse dishearten you, though.
Gemini :
Sun, which moved into Taurus over the last weekend, will now pass through the 12th House from your Sign – along with Venus. This confluence might compel you to spend mindlessly just to match up to those in your social circle. You need to be sure you are not going overboard, because you have to save some moolah for a rainy day. Another problem that may bog you down is the strained relationship with your siblings. You need to assure them that you shall be there for them through thick and thin. On Wednesday, Venus moves into your Sign, bringing the desired comfort and relief. On the job front, you will be at ease, handling your responsibilities quite well. If you are in business, you can plan a trip now – for the chances of cracking an out-of-town deal are high. If you are in a not-so-serious, don’t-know-where-it-is-going relationship, you are going to enjoy this week to the hilt.
Cancer :
Your 2nd House of finance and family has two visitors (as the week begins) – Moon and Rahu. Rahu has been luring you into taking risks to earn more money. And, with Moon’s alliance there – yoru mind may be filled with all sorts of ideas. Plus, with demands by family members rising this week, the temptation is likely to get stronger. Well, whatever may be the situation, you are advised against falling prey to the urge. You are a family person and Ganesha is sure you will handle matters at this front quite well. Work will keep you busy most of the time, whether you are in a job or have a business of your own. Around mid-week, Venus makes a move and enters Gemini, as it transits through the 12th House for your Sign. Health will demand more attention, this time around. It’s never too late to overhaul your lifestyle. Eating on time, taking enough rest, and exercising will keep you physically fit.
Leo :
Sun, the ruler of your Sign, has recently entered Taurus, the 10th House from your Sign. This House is associated with karma and occupation. Venus, too, is transiting through the 10th House. This looks set to be an exceptional period for entrepreneurs. An opportunity to seal a lucrative deal with a wealthy client may fall in your lap. In job, there shall be a reason for celebration. A promotion and increment both may be in the offing. If you are single, you may have the hots for a colleague. The best part is that you will learn that the person shares the same feelings for you. This person may be an authority figure or someone very charismatic. Cupid seems to be working its magic. If love is not on your mind – this may be with regard to a new and interesting creative avenue. If you are in a relationship already and have been contemplating marriage, go ahead, says Ganesha. Make sure no illness spoils the fun, this week.
Virgo :
Is the sale season already here? Or, there is an upcoming wedding in the family? What exactly is filling you with this strong desire to go out and shop to your heart’s content? Do you to wish to spruce up your appearance? Too many questions – but the root may lie in the planets, which are set to play nuisance. Moon meets Rahu in your 12th House – and both of them get influenced by Mars. This astral picture will make you see things larger than they are. You will over-spend, and shall be driven by your impulses. Be careful, warns Ganesha. Excess of everything is bad! Wednesday onwards, work calls for some extra attention. Venus moves to your 10th House now, and there comes a sense of relief at your work-place. Various positive scenarios in business and profession are possible now. Maybe, a creative, fun evening is planned at office on Friday, where you feel attracted towards a colleague. Who knows?
Libra :
Planetary positions seem to give you a fake sense of optimism. This may tempt you to make use of unethical ways to mint money. Be careful, as this may work against you. In a personal relationship or a friendship, a misunderstanding is possible. Keep an open mind, in order to understand other person’s perspective, advises Ganesha. Things may not be manageable at the moment, so it would be best to let the time take its course. On Wednesday, Venus moves to Gemini, the 9th House from your Sign. This is a good cosmic movement, guaranteed to bring you gains and happiness – and who knows, even love. On the health front, middle aged and the ones suffering from chronic diseases must remain careful. With Sun in your 8th House – you must also take care of your safety and well-being.
Scorpio :
Sun, which has just moved into Taurus, is transiting through your 7th House, which also hosts Taurus’ ruler, Venus. You can look forward to good times on the career front. Your personal relationship or a partnership equation may come under the limelight. Business, too, is likely to flourish as new, interesting deals come your way, around this time. Family matters, however, are likely to demand attention, and may make you a little upset. But, says Ganesha, just being there with loved ones will help to sort out issues to a great extent; make sure you spend your evenings together. Around midweek, Venus transits to Gemini – the 8th House from your Sign. This planetary movement will push you to take it easy. You may also seem lost or immersed in your own deep, profound thoughts. Busy at the work front, singles shall neither have the time nor inclination for flings and mingling.
Your 9th House plays host to Moon – the ruler of moods and emotions – as the week begins. The troubling picture is that it joins Rahu (that’s traversing there) – and both of them get influenced by the exalted Mars posited in your 2nd House. Mars shall create a sense of urgency, forcing you, maybe, to take decisions in a hurry. Rahu may confuse you, maybe even leading you astray. Be careful, and avoid taking any major decisions, till Tuesday. In business, you shall be on a look out for bigger and better deals. Venus enters Gemini – your 7th House, around mid-week. Now this may not be a favourable period for your long-term relationship. If you have a business partner, keep no scope of misunderstanding. All your business transactions and communications should be crystal clear. If married, this is the time to talk with your partner about any issues between you two, even if that calls for venting out the problems you two may have been facing. Happily, you seem to be in the pink of health, this week.
The week begins on a restless note. Unsure of the direction to follow, you will be confused. Try not to push things or you may end up making mistakes. Everyday activities will be thwarted by unexpected delays and disturbances. Professionals may have to deal with more than their fair share of hurdles and troubles. On Wednesday, Venus moves to Gemini, the 6th House from your Sign. This indicates love, friendship or heightened social activity – specifically on the job front. Your health will improve, but you must continue to be careful says Ganesha. Tread cautiously, especially while dealing with new customers or possible rivals. No major monetary gains are possible, but you will not feel any shortage of funds too.
Aquarius :
Sun is now in Taurus – your 4th House. Now, both Sun and Taurus’ ruler Venus move in an opposition to retrograde Jupiter (which is moving through the 10th House). Areas related to work, family, home and heart come to the fore. There may be pressures and pulls; these planetary positions shall make you work hard. You will be driven achieve success and hold your head high. The stars do not seem to be favourable for you on the financial front, which may make you feel restless. If you are a businessman, you might have to settle for only minor gains, during this time. On Friday, Venus transits to Gemini – your 5th House. This planetary movement indicates your chances of getting into a relationship with a friend, you may have known for long. Go ahead, says Ganesha; you might have actually bumped into your soul mate.
Pisces :
At the beginning of the week, a truly welcomed sense of comfort at the work front will please you no end. There’s an important assignment your management has been planning to allot to someone good enough, and you might just be the chosen one! Sincerity and honing of skills will help you succeed, too. If you are an entrepreneur looking to rope in new clients, you are likely to make travel plans for the same. An unstable financial state may discourage singles from looking for a long term relationship. Around midweek, Venus moves into Gemini in your 4th House. If you have been contemplating about buying a new car or any such major purchase, stars are finally in your favour. Moreover, if you have been scouring for a beautiful house, you may be lucky to find it now. Do take advice of experts, before you finalise the deal.



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