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Weekly Horoscope

17th Sep to 23rd Sep 2017


Aries :
Those in the business sector will experience stiff competition. You will have to squeeze your profits to withstand the competition. You may be tempted to compromise with quality to remain competitive. All those in the employment sector will have to work for extended hours. Around midweek, Venus moves to the dual natured, earthly Sign of Virgo, in the 6th House. Entry of Venus in the 6th House is to ease pressure for employees. In regards to health, there is a strong possibility of an injury in the lower half of the body. Too many planets are in the 6th House and under influence of Saturn indicate that falling ill is kind of inevitable here. Over the weekend the Sun moves into its Sign of debilitation, Libra in the 7th House. The debilitated Sun and Jupiter in the 7th House will not be supportive for marital harmony.
Uncertainty about future growth prospects will keep you anxious. Add to this Saturn posited in the 8th House from your Sign will keep you kind of restless about the pace of progress. Around midweek ruler of your Sign Venus migrates into Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Venus becomes debilitated in Virgo. Venus besides being ruler of your sign, also rules the 6th House. With Venus now being influenced by Saturn, you need to remain highly cautious about your health. Position of Venus leads to distractions; students will not be able to focus on studies. Around the weekend, Sun moves into Libra. Sun becomes debilitated in Libra. However, other planetary positions are supportive and do not indicate any new health issue. Nonetheless, continue to enhance your                 fitness.
Gemini :
With new Moon emerging in Virgo, you will make firm resolution to achieve growth through perfection. Four planets now have a direct influence over your 10th House. New opportunities to work upon will emerge. Do not get over excited.  Ganesha advises you to consider all the details and deliberate well enough before you take any decisions. You also need to remain attentive about the domestic needs. You will be keen redo the interiors. Outcome of the battle between Mars and Saturn will pose a challenge. Around midweek ruler of your Sign Venus leaves the Leo and enters into Virgo. Usually, Venus in the 4th House favors material gains. Venus gets debilitated in Virgo. Over weekend Sun shifts into Libra, in the 6th House.
Cancer :
Monday blues are likely to catch up with you here. You will feel like relaxing and spending time at home listening to your favorite music and engaging in a creative hobby. Venus shifts into the Virgo around midweek. Around the weekend, the Sun changes Sign to enter the Libra and accompany Jupiter that is stationed therein. Sun becomes debilitated in Libra. You will be more concerned about saving money for the future needs. Those who are employed will not to feel good about the situation at work place. There is a strong inclination to look for options and suitable opportunity to work upon. Planetary positions support your cause to find a suitable employment. Student pursuing basic education will be keen on starting their venture and start earning. They will not feel any inclinations to continue their education.
Leo :
Planetary positions here portend that you will be inclined to enjoy the pleasures of life. However, pressure of work related responsibility will hold you from going overboard in enjoying pleasures of life. Position of planets here indicates that you will enjoy your work and do your best. Around midweek, Venus leaves your Sign and enters into Virgo, in the 2nd House. Debilitated Venus in the 2nd House can lead to use of unparliamentarily language. Your choice of words may hurt your loved ones. Around weekend, Sun moves into its Sign of debilitation, Libra, in the 3rd House. Jupiter here facilitates opportunity to meet influential people. Developing meaningful relationship with them will work well in enhancing your prospects in general. Overall this week is an enjoyable and profitable one.
Virgo :
Phenomenon of Monday blues will catch up with you. You will feel like enjoying pleasures life offers with near and dear ones. With Moon entering your sign, you become conscious about your occupation related responsibility and get busy with the same. Sun and Mars present in your Sign will keep inner fire fueled for a paced progress. Influence of Jupiter keeps supporting your cause. Around midweek, Venus makes home in your Sign. This will make you more tactful in handling matters related to finance and occupation as well. Over weekend, Sun leaves your Sign and enters the Libra. Libran is good at balancing things and is cultured. Sun becomes debilitated in Libra. Family related expenses will ascend.
Libra :
The ruler of your Sign Venus shifts into Virgo, in the 12th House from your Sign, to join the company of Sun, Mars and Mercury. This planetary gathering may develop a strong urge in you to succeed in your pursuit. You will plan necessary changes, including your work methods, in order to achieve desired level of success. You need to accept new challenges and sharpen your skills. Around the weekend, Sun gets posited in your Sign and comes closer to Jupiter already stationed therein. Sun becomes debilitated in your Sign, though. You may apply unfair means to strengthen your position on the financial front. Ganesha advises you to watch your acts in the light of law. Love birds will have a pleasant and enjoyable time.
Scorpio :
Positions of planets are indicative of you getting a breakthrough in securing a giant customer or a long term deal. However, looking at the position of Jupiter in the 12th House and Saturn occupying the House linked with finances, Ganesh advises you to be clear and specific about the payment and monetary terms. Those who are employed will have differences with a coworker about work methods. Ganesha advises you to avoid all altercations. Refrain from overly asserting your view point. Ultimately a senior colleague will intervene. Have a healthy discussion to iron out differences. Around midweek, Venus moves into Virgo, the 11th House from your Sign. Mars and Venus now in company of each other, along with Mercury shall enable you to improve your efficiency and perform better. Over the weekend, Sun moves to balancing Libra. You will look and feel super attractive.
Moon enters the 10th House from your Sign, as the week opens. This will give you good ideas and drive to work well. Around midweek, Venus also makes a move, and stations itself in your 10th House – the House of your profession. Gathering of so many planets in the 10th House shall work well in helping you gain and strike bid deals. However, it may also lead to confusions and a jarring vibe. You will need to be prompt in taking decision, whenever an opportunity crops up, points Ganesha. The ruler of your Sign Jupiter seems perfectly positioned, at the moment, and thus, will facilitate opportunities for monetary gains. Someone in a close relationship will render useful suggestions. Listen! Those who are single will remain busy with work, and thus love and socializing may take a back seat. Around the weekend, Sun leaves Virgo and shifts into charming Libra.
Venus and Rahu stationed in the 8th House from your Sign allow you to work within your comfort zone. From midweek, however, you shall firmly resolve to achieve perfection and elevate your reputation. Those in the business will focus on delivering quality material/goods. Good going. Work may keep you busy, leaving less time for friendships and social invitations. Nonetheless, you will find time for love, assures Ganesha. Love birds will have a pleasant and enjoyable time together. Student pursuing graduation may have difficulty in remaining focused, while studying. You will need to meditate and take vitamin supplements to boost your memory and balance. Student pursuing higher education, though, will manage to move ahead satisfactorily. A minor health issue like common old and cough may trouble you. Take due preventive measures.
Aquarius :
Malefic Ketu posited in your Sign does not sound well for matters related to your internal and personal life. This can lead to kind of soul-searching exercise. Positive vibes from Jupiter over your Sign, thankfully, works well in soothing your nerves. At the same time, vibes of Saturn over your Sign will keep raising issues in personal life. Feeling of detachment comes naturally to Aquarian. But, don’t go overboard and detach yourself from reality. Around midweek, Venus makes a move into Virgo, the 8th House from your Sign. Venus in the 8th House from your Sign does not do much to stimulate right activities. You will prefer operating from your comfort zone,   and will not be willing to take risk or accept new challenges. Around the weekend, Sun migrates to Libra, the 9th House from your Sign.
Pisces :
Planets here portend days of hectic activities for you. More persons will come for helping your cause. However, results of these activities are not to start pouring in soon. Some uncertainty about future growth prospects can worry you. Around midweek, Venus enters Virgo in the 7th House. You will think intelligently about soaring over obstacles in day to day activities. New Moon starts emerging around midweek. Student pursuing graduation will firmly resolve to give enough time to studies and ward of all negatives to remain well focused. Student will aim high when exams are held. One in higher education will remain worked up over irrelevant things and not pay due attention to studies. Newly married keen on having kids will not get due support from Jupiter for now.

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