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4 December to 10 December 2016

Aries :
Some old, forgotten issue in a meaningful relationship will pop up phoenix-like with greater intensity. This may shatter your peace of mind. Influence of Jupiter over Moon and Mars will work well in cooling down tempers. The impact of Saturn will make both parties realize the importance of mending fences and reconciliation. The most encouraging planetary position here is about Venus and Mercury occupying the tenth House concerned with occupation related matters, informs Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals are likely to benefit now with lucrative deals. However, there will be hurdles due to ruler of the tenth House, Saturn, in combust state. Venus enters Aquarius mid-week. Ones doing job will be comfortable with their position. Health will be good during this phase, thankfully.
This week you will be restless to venture into something new for your betterment. Saturn and Sun transiting through the eighth House could add to your discontent. Luckily, benefices Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are positioned well to lend you a helping hand to achieve growth. Venus shifts into Aquarius, tenth from your Sign, around midweek. Sun in the eighth House is not a welcome proposition for domestic matters. Do not neglect the home front on the pretext of being too busy with work. You need to spend time regularly to understand the needs and requirements at home. Also then, nobody will accuse you of neglecting your duties, feels Ganesha. Positive vibes of benevolent Jupiter will keep you financially secure. Around weekend, you will incur expenses on some religious ceremony in the family.
Gemini :
You are on firm ground – with finances secure and no major expense in sight, as the week begins. With money to spare, you may be keen to invest. However, the climate does not seem promising at the moment. As an exception, you may dabble in shares of companies which have a history of paying handsome dividend, suggests Ganesha. Around midweek, Venus shifts into airy Aquarius, to join company of Mars posited therein. Two major planets of contrasting nature in opposition to your Sign could disturb peace and harmony in marital life. Saturn, concerned with your luck in general, is now in combust state. This could make your task ahead tough. Those in jobs may find it challenging to meet scheduled deadlines due to impediments. As a result, you may have some unfinished task on your desk at the end of the day.
Cancer :
A strong urge to act decisively and gallop ahead seems to be on top of your mind. You may feel like changing your current strategy and experimenting with some innovative ideas. However, lady luck has some other plans to push up your prospects. In view of this, go with the flow to achieve desired results, advises Ganesha. Around midweek, Venus enters Aquarius to connect with Mars transiting therein. This union of Mars and Venus will further heighten your ambitions. However, you will need to set goals that are achievable, else you may get disillusioned. Sun and Saturn transiting together indicates that you need to work harder and be well focused on your task. Those seeking love and romance will encounter stumbling blocks. Married couples too will be dejected and down.
Leo :
Stay calm and cool. This will help you, as the week begins, and will come handy in the coming days, when a lucrative opportunity comes by. A composed stance will help you think clearly and intelligently. Mars’ influence over your Sign will add to your confidence, and shall keep you busy with work. However, refrain from becoming arrogant. The ruler of your Sign is currently battling with its sworn enemy Saturn in the 5th House from your Sign. This will keep you agitated. Around mid-week, Venus changes Signs to enter airy Aquarius, joining the company of Mars. Venus allows smooth running of routine activities that will enhance your efficiency. In regard to health, for middle aged and above, issues that may have seemed to be cured earlier may return. Take your medicines regularly, and be vigilant.
Virgo :
This week you may have to brace up for a heated argument with your colleague. The disagreement could be so intense that reconciliation may seem difficult for the moment. Around midweek, dear Venus enters airy Aquarius to join Mars transiting therein. Entry of Venus in the sixth House could work well in cooling down tempers and working on a patch up. In the coming days, you could be entrusted with some odd job. It could prove challenging for you. You could feel a bit insecure here as Saturn is moving in combust state. However, rest assured about your position as benevolent Jupiter aspects the 6th House from your Sign, along with Mars and Venus. Singles seeking company of someone special may get a cold shoulder, alerts Ganesha. Married folks too will be left hankering for companionship and love from their better half. Have a heart!
Libra :
There is marital bliss and happiness on the cards. Married couples can look forward to good times ahead. Their spouses will be sensitive to their wants and needs. For businessmen and professionals, too, there are prestigious deals and pleasure in store. This could add to their repute. However, with Saturn in combust state, things will not move at the desired pace. You could get frustrated at times. It is thanks to the cohesive vibes of Jupiter that the show continues, says Ganesha. Around midweek, Venus changes Sign to enter airy Aquarius. Mars and Venus now together help those in jobs to improve efficiency. Singles will successfully woo a member of the opposite sex to enjoy some romantic moments. Some unexpected health issue may catch you unawares. Take preventive measures to guard against infections.
Scorpio :
You will be busy attending some urgent domestic matter at the beginning. While involved at home, you will receive a confirmation for a major deal in your favour. You will feel like celebrating with your near ones. However, you need to keep an eye on your dues. There are high chances of it being written off to end the matter. Combust Saturn along with Sun battling in the second House is indicative of finance, and ruler of second House, Jupiter, being in the twelfth House, all collectively seem responsible for necessitating the write off, predicts Ganesha. Around midweek, Venus shifts into humanitarian Aquarius to join company of Mars transiting therein. This union of Mars and Venus could improve overall efficiency. You will be in good health this time around.
Businessmen and professionals will benefit from short term travel. This will add to their list of customers. With Saturn and Sun, two titans battling it out in your Sign, you could be tense and worked up. Only those employed may feel comfortable with this position. In fact, the future looks promising for them. Try to maintain cordial relations with your immediate boss. It will do you good. Also, planetary positions indicate monetary gains for you here. Enjoy while the going is good, says Ganesha. Around midweek, Venus changes Sign to enter airy Aquarius. Venus in the third House along with Mars could create occasions for partying and socializing. However, late night outings could take a toll on your health. Be vigilant. As Sun getting afflicted by cold Saturn anyway spells gloom for health in general.
Two sworn enemies, Saturn and Sun, moving through the twelfth House, could lead to some major unexpected expenses related to family. Oops! To make matters worse, Moon, in conjunction with Mars in the second House, indicative of finance, does not appear sympathetic. In view of all this, monitor your earnings and expenses closely. Refrain from taking any major decisions related to money for the time being. Remember: a buffer for emergencies and long term needs is a necessity, emphasizes Ganesha. Around midweek, most favourable planet for your Sign, dear Venus, leaves your Sign to enter airy Aquarius. Presence of Venus in the second House will help lessen financial pressure, while influence of Jupiter may increase earnings and stabilize finances. Planetary positions are adverse for general health. Be careful. Eat well and exercise regularly, Ganesha recommends.
Aquarius :
Multitasking and slogging may be in store for many of you, especially entrepreneurs and business-people. This is because a key member of your staff may be absent, at this time. Relax and go with the flow. There shall be a positive outcome of all your sweat. You will become much more confident and a lot more sure of your work now. The Benefics Venus and Mercury positioned in the 12th House from your Sign will help you in meeting expenses. Married folks can heave a sigh of relief, as they shall be able to get a good response now from their partner. Young singles will be keen to initiate an intimate relationship. Passion and sensual pleasures would be on agenda. Luckily, the planets are supportive. Around midweek, Venus enters your Sign, boosting your social and familial stature. With regards to health, Ganesha foresees trouble, though. A health issue may surface. Be extra vigilant about symptoms and warning signs, and start early preventive measures.
Pisces :
You may be dreaming of making quick bucks here. This may be prompted by aggressive Mars in conjunction with Moon. However, in a hurry to mint money, do not tread on the wrong side of the law. From Tuesday, this strong urge to earn fast, will cool down. Moon in your Sign will induce you to seek inspiration to forge your way ahead. Around midweek, Venus shifts into airy Aquarius and travels along with Mars in the 12th House from your Sign. These two planets may push you to enjoy a better lifestyle. You may be drawn to activities that bring pleasure and diversion. However, the influence of contrasting nature over Mars and Venus will make you aware of constraints that hold you from making it big. Wait for better time to make your best moves, suggests Ganesha.

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