Weekly Horoscope

This Week For You
13 January to 19 January 2019

Aries :
During this week, you will go through many different experiences. You will feel a yearning desire for love. Misunderstanding and arguments between couples are normal. However, If you’re having an extramarital affair, then meeting that person will lead to a lack of certainty. You will also feel a bit stressed in terms of your health. Take care as it is likely that you will suffer from acidity. Professionally, you will have a great week. You will be in good spirits, and you may even have to go out of town for work. Your work-mates will hold you in high regard because of your accomplishments. This week, in general, is promising for professionals. You are likely to receive gains in any form. You may also shop for ornaments and new clothes this week. Also, a meeting with your new acquaintance can be rewarding. During the week, you will eventually be inclined to invest your money.
The beginning of the week will show good tidings in social life for the natives of Taurus sign. You will have a good relationship with the people around you, says Ganesha. However, you may also want more freedom for yourself, which may be lacking during this week. There are no important planetary transits taking place during this week, but the Moon may give you good changes. The most important areas for you, on which you will focus all your attention are spirituality, body image, and personal appearance. Your communication, intellectual interests, love relationship, creativity, health, work, and career will be profoundly affected during this phase. At the beginning of the week, your planetary positions will be well placed so that you will have balance, and your family will be supportive. Thus, you may be able to balance areas like work and personal life. Single women, working women, and single parents will need to take care of your mood.
Gemini :
This week, your life will be on track. You will get good results in the things you plan to excel at. Whereas, in some cases, the results won’t meet your expectations, so you will have to be a little patient. This week, you will spend a good amount of time will your partner. If you are planning to propose to someone, then you must do it properly, or you will get a negative response. You will have to take care of your health this week as it might fluctuate a few times during the week. In terms of your career, your business will flourish this week. There is also a possibility that you might need to go out of town for work. You will have to be careful in terms of your finances. If you don’t think and invest, you might have to face losses. If you work in the stock market, you will have to be extremely careful.
Cancer :
The third week of 2019, will be quite fruitful for Cancers. This week is the best time to spend with your near and dear ones. At this time, mutual love, loneliness, affection, and warmth will be felt. You will also learn to be patient. However, it would help if you learned to be polite. A harsh tone could lead to many misunderstandings. On the health front, you might experience pain in your joints or catch an infection, so it is advisable to take care. Career-wise, this week will be excellent for the professionals as they’ll get new opportunities. Your superiors will be happy with your performance and praise you. However, you may feel a little dominated by them at times. However, it would be best if you refrained from reacting to such situations, so you avoid getting into bitter arguments. Ganesha says that the atmosphere of the family will remain peaceful during most days and everyone will be happy.
Leo :
The third week of this month may provide you with mixed results. The beginning and the end of this week may prove amazing for you. Your romantic relationship may get stronger. During 14th to 16th of this week, there are chances of some differences and struggles in your relationship. If you implement compromise in your relationship, it may get better eventually. For students, the 12th, 13th, 18th, and 19th of this week may prove great for education; they may learn something new during this phase. Professionals may witness a great time and productivity during this period. Your bond\ with people working under you may get stronger, and they will complete the work in the given time. During the mid-week, you could suffer from issues related to the stomach and cholesterol. For finance related matters, this week may provide you with some tough times.
Virgo :
Ganesha predicts that the third week will bring mixed results for the Virgos. From the 14th to the 17th of this week, things will be in your favour. During these days, love will deepen and intensify in your relationships. However, on 13th, there is a possibility of a fight or a conflict. Healthwise, the beginning of the week is a favourable time. However, you might face gastric problems. Professionally, you will see some ups and downs at your job. You might be greeted with good job opportunities. Your superiors will notice your hard work. However, during the last three days, there is a possibility that one of your rivals might do some things against you, so you may have to be cautious all the time. New doors to promotion and growth will open for you. If you are thinking of starting a business, you will be successful in implementing it.
Libra :
There is a high chance that you could discover your sensitive side this week. The chances of ups and downs in your relationship are really high during this time. It would help if you took utmost care of your health. You could be required to work hard during this week to get your desired results, as your luck may not support you. For your love and relationship, this week may prove hopeful. This week may also prove great for you to help someone. You may get to have many opportunities to enjoy private moments with your life partner in your married life. There would be many memorable moments with your partner which you may cherish. It’s advisable for you to maintain work-life balance so that your hectic work schedule does not come in between your relationships. Your relationship with your brother or sister may get some issues. For students, this week may prove average. If you have any complications, consulting an elder or your father may benefit you. You may require maintaining your income and expenses. If you are planning to invest your money, you should do that after thinking twice as there are chances of losses. For wealth and property related matters, this week may not favour you much.
Scorpio :
During the beginning of this week, it’s advisable for you to take utmost care of your health. There are chances of some struggles and mental anxiety during this period. There is a chance that you may suffer from headaches due to the lack of sleep and tension. It would also help if you avoided going on unnecessary trips this week. The mid-week will be in your favour, and you will begin to relax. You will even get support and love from your partner. Work-wise, you may face a few issues in regard to your business and also have altercations with your subordinates. You may even get into a verbal spat with your father. Avoid losing your temper with him. On the personal front, you will enjoy a great week with your spouse. However, that cannot be said about your equation with your friends. The chances are that you may fight and have differences.
This week may bring family, finance, and personal life-related benefits for you. You may stay highly energetic and happy in your life during this week. You could require taking additional care of your health during this time. For employees, this week may favor them highly. Your married life will also prosper during this time. Students may witness great times in their studies during this period. If there are any issues in your relationship, they will be resolved. You may feel a little anxiety during the mid-week, but you’ll begin to relax with time. If you’ve been wanting to start a family, this week may prove positive for you. It’s advisable for people in business to not make risky investments. This week will not be favourable to invest in real-estate either. You are advised to refrain from making such decisions.
According to the 2019 horoscope, this week is going to be wonderful for the natives of Capricorn sign. This week will be highly favourable for those holding jobs and the business owners. Your personal life will see great improvement as well. However, there may be a few health issues this time. As per the Capricorn horoscope 2019, you will make significant gains in the area of your career. If you are employed, you are likely to get promoted and will even get an increment in your salary. At the same time, there will be an increase in your income as you will come by new sources of earnings. Make the most of this lucky phase. Ganesha wishes you all the best.
Aquarius :
This week may prove sorted and relaxed for you. Your health may support you during this period. You may feel at peace as well. Employees may find this week in their favour. You may get financial benefits, and your expenses may reduce as well. Your business may progress during this time. For your family and children, this week may pass by with calmness. There are chances of a trip or an outing as well. For students, this week may prove positive. There are chances of you meeting your old friends. For property related transactions, things will work in your favour. People wanting to get married may find this period favourable as well. In terms of your personal life, this week may prove a little tough for you, but by the end of the week; the situation will improve. Your married life will continue to blossom.
Pisces :
This week may give you many positive results. The 13th and the 14th of this week may give you financial benefits. For family life, you may feel great and happy during this week. There are chances of some disputes at work; thus it’s advisable for you to avoid any kind of arguments during this week. For your relationship, this time may prove challenging as there are chances of some misunderstanding erupting between you and your partner. It would help if you did not take an impulsive decision when it comes to your relationship or else you may regret. You may be able to create new sources of income during this week. If you are associated with the production business, you should take additional care to avoid issues regarding labour. Health-wise, this week may prove amazing for you. You may feel highly energetic and enthusiastic to work throughout this week. It’s advisable for you not to get indulged in the stock market during this week.