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Weekly Horoscope

26 March to 01 April 2017

Aries :
The positive vibes of the last week may fizzle out a bit, as the week begins. You may be caught in the whirlpool of Monday blues. Your decision making ability may be affected adversely. Unwilling and unsure, you may wish to visit a far off place to find solace and peace. Tuesday being the last day of waning Moon shall also remain a plain and dull day, bringing you little or no enthusiasm. Thankfully, the Moon starts rising from Wednesday onwards, bringing you fresh hope and renewed energy. However, the retrograde Jupiter may not allow smooth working of routine activities. Performing at your peak may remain a challenging task, says Ganesha. Career professionals may have to work for extra hours to meet a looming deadline. Take important financial decisions only post due deliberation. Do not get carried away by impulse. On the personal front, there may not be much to cheer. Married ones may remain miffed and uneasy. Some differences of opinion on priorities and domestic matters may cause confusion. Try being balanced.
This week, you may be in a mood to enjoy with friends or family. Relaxation will feature high on your agenda, feels Ganesha. In your bid to find time for yourself, you may also be ready to ignore some of your responsibilities. This is a great time for love birds. Married folks too may get to enjoy their marital life to the fullest. Nonetheless, professionals will have to try hard to remain focused on the task at hand. You will have to put in extra effort to run the show satisfactorily, at work or in business. With crafty Mercury and the ruler of your Sign Venus still posited in the 12th House from your Sign, it would be best to take great care in monetary transactions. Steer clear of shady schemes or risks. Avoid borrowing or lending money. Health-wise, situation shall improve – in comparison to the last few weeks. Still, don’t take it easy!
Gemini :
You shall be busier than ever at work, as the week begins. But this shall be more out of compulsion than motivation. In fact, a definitive lack of enthusiasm and motivation shall assail you. Mid-week onwards, though, you will get into an active mode. An opportunity to gain monetarily will come your way. This will lift your spirits. Under the influence of cohesive forces, you shall take initiative to resolve differences with an important person in your life. This may be a personal or professional association. Married folks will have better time, this week. Enhanced receptiveness from a partner will make you cheerful. There will be harmony on the relationship front, assures Ganesha. If you are a parent, you may remain anxious about the academic performance of your kid. Instead, if you are a student yourself, be very careful about your studies or you may suffer. Not a good time for ones planning to conceive. Pregnant women should also be careful at this time.
Cancer :
You may still be unsure about your future prospects, as the week begins. Moon’s placement in a dual-natured, watery Sign (Pisces) may make matters only worse. Relax! This is more to do with your mind than in reality, points Ganesha. And, even if things haven’t been as you would like them to be, since some time, useless worrying will only compound your troubles. Anyway, things shall begin to clear yup, from Tuesday onwards. The Ruler of your Sign – Moon now moves through action-oriented Aries. Use this time to your advantage! Also, the days of waning Moon end, and a new Moon starts to emerge, bringing in fresh hope and ideas. However, you need to plan and organize things effectively to make any noticeable progress – in your pursuit. Financially, things will largely be sorted. You will be careful with your money, which will allow you to be at the top of the things. However, be careful of unexpected expenses, as Saturn’s long-term influence will keep reminding you of the importance of money. Focus on saving!
Leo :
For your Sign, Venus is a planet concerned with career and professional matters. With Venus moving in a retrograde fashion, at the moment, you will need to ensure that you don’t get frustrated with delays and apparent stagnation on the work front. You may have to put in more than usual amount of efforts to get results. Better still, slow down. Take this time to review things. You will also need to take initiative to maintain cordial relations with your immediate boss. Don’t hesitate in starting the interactions. Right now, you also need to be cautious, while forging any new associations/ relationships. Instead of pushing, slow the momentum here too, and see for yourself the worthiness of this new relationship, says Ganesha. Soemone who is negative will not turn out to be a great personal or professional associate. Instead try reviving some of your old contacts. Meet, mingle and party, but don’t go overboard. Don’t be in a hurry to cash on an acquaintance with an influential person. Health needs plenty of care this week. Watch your diet and lifestyle.
Virgo :
Some constraints shall hold you back from performing efficiently, as the week begins. You may also lack in faith and confidence. An inheritance related discussion may take heat now. Gains may come your way, as a result, feels Ganesha. Professionals will have to accept new challenges and raise their level of adaptability to keep their growth prospects alive. In business, you will need to formulate a fresh strategy. This is a conducive time for developing your personality and skills. Financial stars remain strong, but do not favour fresh investments. No major health concerns are likely at this time. Enjoy!
Libra :
New Moon starts emerging in Aries, as the week begins. You will now be keen to take new initiatives. Ambitions and drive will overpower you. However, with the ruler of your Sign Venus in retrogression, you may have to deal with dead ends. Challenges galore, which may stop you from taking result oriented action. Have faith, and be patient. There’s no point in pushing something beyond a certain limit. Let this time pass, and once the tide turns in your favour, get back to things with a renewed vigour. Student desiring to go abroad for higher studies shall receive support from current planetary positions. Freshers looking for suitable employment opportunity shall be happy on getting suitably employed. Some of the professionals too may decide to take a study break in their career. In the personal realm, marital sphere may still not be harmonious. Bend it like Beckham to restore the harmony, says Ganesha. You may meet a teenage crush, after a long gap. This will lead to feisty encounters, but do so only if you are single.
Scorpio :
A New Moon starts emerging, as the week opens. New Moon is always a potent time to collate your energies and plan for the weeks ahead. Single ones, facing any resistance from elders about a love relationship, may plan to take a drastic step. Marriage is also on the cards! However, weigh pros and cons, before taking a major decision. Planetary positions around Monday and Tuesday seem to support single natives, anyway, so talk it out with the ones who matter. In work and business matters, you will manage to push your prospects. This is also a good time to adopt a new work strategy, says Ganesha. Planets will also present leads for striking profitable deals. Keep your eyes and ear open! On the financial front, increased expenses may become a cause of worry. Manage your personal expenses effectively to deal with this situation. Health-wise, this is may be a hassle-free time. However, you will need to care for your well being. Guard against injuries.
Expect lady luck to support you in matters of money, this week. Thank the mighty Sun that shifted to its Sign of exaltation, Aries, last week. A meaningful association with an influential person may be developed now, which may help you vastly. Exalted Sun along with Mercury is poised to also help in areas like personality development and refinement of communication skills. The ones in employment, however, may experience a challenging time. It would still be better to keep your immediate bosses pleased – with your efforts and improved performance. If you are a parent, you will be happy on seeing your kids’ academic progress, says Ganesha. Ones looking to become parents too shall be supported by stars in their bid to conceive. On the health front, do watch your diet and exercise schedule. If you are suffering from blood pressure or related issues, you will need to be very careful now.
You may begin the week with raging Monday blues. Getting out of bed may not seem a good idea! Blame it on Moon’s movement through Pisces. If you are a love bird, this may make you thoughtful, dreamy or overly romantic. Take a break, if your schedule allows, and head for small spiritual outing. Visiting a temple will help too. Sit down calmly, and listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you. From Tuesday onwards, the buzz will increase, making your work chart as frenetic as always. A New Moon also starts emerging at this time. New Moons are a potent time for creating your intentions for a forthcoming month. Take time to review and plan ahead. At work – some extra responsibility may fall on your shoulders. Learn to say no – if you want to say no, points Ganesha. In relationships, this may not be a great time to clear confusions and doubts. Give the other person the benefit of doubt (or at least, keep quiet) – at the moment.
Aquarius :
Planetary positions indicate that business persons shall get encouraging results, this week. Short term travels will be quite gainful. However, they must take care to not get into the company of wrong or misleading people. Doubly check the credentials of associates and clients, especially if they are new. Same applies to new friendships, cautions Ganesha. A family related issue may call for your attention. Handle the matter as tactfully, as possible. On the career front, things may slow down a bit, If you haven’t yet found a job, specifically if you are a fresher, you may now have to wait patiently for some time. The New Moon starts emerging from Wednesday. This is a time for action. Chalk out your plans for the month and week ahead, and get down to serious work. Towards the latter half of the week, you may again come across an opportunity to change your job, and if you are seriously inclined about this – go ahead. Health-wise, this may be a slow week. Ones suffering from chronic diseases may feel the heat. Take your health in your hands, before it gets out of them!
Pisces :
Sun shifted to its Sign of exaltation Aries, around Saturday last week. This may affect you in some ways. You may be full of energy and verve, but may also have many ideas, creating confusion. Do not fall prey to indecisiveness. Also, the position of Sun right now doesn’t bode too well for your financial health. You may become extravagant, and may end up spending a major amount. Nonetheless, this also seems to be a good time to repay your debts, if any. At the same time, an increase in domestic and family related expenses is on the cards. On the work front, the position of Saturn requires you to remain well-focused. No distractions should be your mantra! There will be alternative opportunities, on the horizon, but first finish what you have on hand. Bachelors may be under pressure to get married. However, on your own, you may still not be ready to take on the responsibilities. Do what you feel is right, but convince others tactfully, says Ganesha. Health-wise, there may be constant spoilers around, in form of troublesome digestion and acidity related issues.

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