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Weekly Horoscope

This Week For You

18 June to 24 June 2017

Aries :
Moon positioned in your Sign prompts you to take initiative, and be mentally strong enough to soar over hurdles. A new fruitful relationship may develop now. You may come across new avenues to work and make money. Professionals may be guided by a new acquaintance, feels Ganesha. Listen to this person, as this will help you showcase your talents. Around midweek, Sun enters the cardinal Sign Cancer to join the company of Mars, placed there. On Thursday, Mercury also enters Cancer. With 3 planets in Cancer, you may feel quite reclusive, immersed in your own thoughts. Feeling emotional is also likely. However, if you end up getting into a conflict with someone, try not to hold grudges, as this will harm your peace of mind. With Sun no more in opposition to Saturn, you shall feel relieved and relatively less stressed. Good going! Planetary positions, however, do not augur well for your health, in general. Take due preventive measures.
Mercury in its own Sign Gemini, along with Sun will inspire you, this week. You will think intelligently and act logically. Your analytical ability will be in full form, allowing you to take better decisions. Around midweek, Sun makes a move, and enters the cardinal Sign Cancer to join the company of debilitated Mars. Mercury too follows suit, around Thursday, and joins Sun and Mars in Cancer. With so much activity in the 3rd House from your Sign, you can expect personal relations, personal finances and matters of heart to come to the fore. You may feel confident and courageous, and making a proposal to someone you admire may seem easy now. Just move ahead carefully, and whatever you do, don’t get drowned in the flood of your own emotions. You may also use this time to initiate some persuasive talks with a business partner or work associate. Waiting to talk about your long pending appraisal? This may be the right time, but don’t come across as aggressive or haughty. Moon in fiery Aries will push you to move further, around Friday. You may spend for a religious ceremony. Venus in its own Sign will keep you in a good mood. Meeting a childhood friend at a social function is also likely. Health-wise, things remain good, especially if you don’t suffer from any chronic issues.
Gemini :
Planetary positions, as the week begins, indicate gainful times. Around mid-week Sun leaves your Sign to enter the watery Sign Cancer, 2nd House for your Sign. The next day, Mercury also follows Sun and enters Cancer. Now, Sun would not be in the opposition of slow-moving Saturn. This will lead to a general feeling of relaxation and relief. Some stress may be lifted off. Personal and intimate relationships shall be more cheerful now, assures Ganesha. A lot may be happening on the financial and family front. Just don’t get over-board in anything, and steer clear of becoming over-confident or over judgmental. The routine affairs may still not be smooth and glitch-free. This may irritate you sometimes. With Sun and debilitated Mars traversing through the 2nd House, expenses related to family shall increase. Some kind of unrest in family may also create concerns, in the week’s latter half. Handle this tactfully. Patients with heart or blood pressure related troubles must remain watchful.
Cancer :
Moon posited in the fiery cardinal Sign Aries, getting directly influenced by the benevolent Jupiter seems encouragingly favourable for striking profitable deals and enhancing financial prospects. Ones involved in foreign trade shall have a gainful time, feels Ganesha. Planetary positions, however, are indicative of an unease and discomfort in your relationship with your parents, elders or family members. Be ready to adjust! It’s your duty to make your parents feel happy and content, reminds Ganesha. If you are a parent to a school going child, good news is in store for you. You will be enthralled at your kid’s performance. Married folks willing to start a family shall find favour in stars. Mid-week, Sun shifts into your Sign. This shall keep you in high spirits. On Thursday, Mercury follows Sun and enters your Sign. You will be feeling especially communicative. Just don’t get egoistic or rigid.
Leo :
Venus posited in its own Sign Taurus, the 10th House from your Sign will inspire you. You will set down to organizing things. Meeting an influential person will raise your aspirations and ambitions, early in the week. Continue with organized efforts. Ones dealing in luxury goods, high-end products, jewelry and designer stuff look set to gain from the planetary positions. Around midweek, Sun changes Signs to Cancer to join the debilitated Mars, already stationed therein. This marks an end to the opposition aspect between Sun and Saturn. This will relieve you – to quite an extent. There may be increased harmony at work and home. Later, Mercury follows the Sun, and enters Cancer. Now, three planets are traversing through the 12th House from your Sign. This signals escalated expenses. Some of your sub-conscious thoughts may surface, making you feel detached and wary of the world. A failure is likely, but that will not hold you back. Instead, you must try and analyse what caused it, says Ganesha.
Virgo :
An opportunity that you had assumed as lost may re-surface, as the week begins. Respond promptly this time, if you feel it is right for you. Mid-week, Sun moves to Cancer, the 11th House from your Sign. On Thursday, the ruler of your Sign Mercury also shifts to Cancer. Your hidden desires and quest for happiness and spiritual attainment may surface, under this cosmic influence. You may be more expressive in matters of mind as well as heart, but you must refrain from becoming egoistic or arrogant, says Ganesha. Ones dealing with any off-shore clients or associates shall benefit. Professionals too shall get some incentive for their good work. Health-wise, however, you must remain careful, as last week’s planetary aspects continue, telling you to remain careful. Ones suffering from joint pains may see some notable change – negative or positive – in their situation.
Libra :
Moon and Mars exchange Signs with each other, as the week begins. This signals hectic times. You will push for result oriented action now. Do plan well, in advance, though, suggests Ganesha. This week, overall work keeps you busy. You may have to spend more time at work, which may anger your life partner or beloved. Just be calm and explain your situation, as tactfully as you can. Ones dealing in grains, agricultural products, dairy products and poultry etc. shall be in for a gainful time. Amidst all the frenetic activity, do take out time for relaxation and recreation, or else stress may take a toll on you. Drive carefully. Stars portend a possibility of your getting injured. Take care.
Scorpio :
The week opens with Moon in action-oriented, fiery Aries, exchanging Signs with aggressive Mars. This may bring a minor setback for you. Refrain from acting in haste. Anyway, Scorpions are known to become even more passionate – after any setback. Your resilience is legendary! So, get up and get going. Get in touch with old friends to revive your spirits. Later, an opportunity to gain monetarily comes knocking at your door. However, unsure and uncertain about the outcome, you may let it pass, feels Ganesha. Well, try and think twice before doing so, lest you repent later. Students pursuing studies may be lured by temptations and distractions, this week. This may result in your wasting some precious time. Watch out! Sun moves to Cancer, around midweek. Mercury follows the Sun, next day, to enter Cancer, the 9th House from your Sign. Fortune and luck may favour you, but on your own, you will need to act intelligently and analytically.
Moon in action oriented fiery Aries is in direct opposition to benevolent Jupiter, as the week opens. This signals new opportunities and fresh energy. However, there may be contradictions and paradoxes, which may leave you baffled. On one hand, you make progress and rake in gains, while on another, you may be feel hurt or vacuous in your personal life. Someone close to your heart may hurt you with his/ her strange behaviour. Try to soothe yourself by accepting the realities of life, says Ganesha. Around mid-week, Sun enters watery Cancer to join the company of its friend Mars, in the 8th House from your Sign. Next day, Mercury also shifts into Cancer. With so much activity in your 8th House, you need to take care of your health and well being. Don’t feel bad, and guard against over-sentimental tendencies. There’s nothing bigger and more important in this world that your own life. It’s a gift of God, and thus, you must value it. Parents may remain worried about the academic progress of their kids. Relax!
Home and domestic matters take the centre-stage, this week. You shall be keen on setting right some family matters going awry. Adding more comforts to your house-hold will be on the top of your agenda. Venus traversing through its own Sign Taurus, the 5th House from your Sign, will help creative professionals, students working on new projects, researchers, discoverers and anyone planning to do something innovative. It will also aid financial matters, and will be supportive for ones planning to start a family. Pregnant women may be especially in a good mood and composition, this week. Writing, dance, music, arts will be favoured by the stars, adds Ganesha. Buying real estate, agricultural land may also be on your priority list. Professionals will be brimming with creative ideas. Around mid-week Sun moves to watery Cancer – placed opposite to your Sign. Mercury follows Sun the next day, and moves to Cancer. So much happening in a Sign opposite to yours! Expect a sudden surge in frenetic, hectic activity. You may be quite verbal in your opinions now.
Aquarius :
Short term travel for scouting contacts and customers is likely. You need to plan things well, before embarking on such a tour, though, points Ganesha. Thankfully, positives vibes from the benevolent Jupiter will help your cause. However, planetary positions are indicative of a troubling time on the marital and personal front. Maintaining harmony may remain a challenging task. Married folks may be frustrated by the incessantly bad mood of their life partner. Around midweek, Sun moves into the Water Sign Cancer, the 6th House from your Sign. Now, watch out for emotional outbursts. Mercury too follows the suit and enters Cancer. You will feel passionate about a cause or work project. However, refrain from getting egoistic at your work-place. Health needs a lot of care in the next fortnight. You must refrain from getting overly sentimental. Take care of cardiovascular issues. Guard against eye and throat infections.
Pisces :
Opportunities rally around you. Be wise enough to pick the right and the best one for you. Thank the mighty Jupiter for this shower of positive momentum. Developmental activities will take shape now, and you will be happy to see stable revenues and growth in business. Your earning looks set to increase. However, at the same time, multiple planetary influences on the 12th House from your Sign may continue to escalate expenses. These expenses may not just be limited to the material plane, though, hints Ganesha. Some of you may feel emotionally and physically expended. A friend’s behavior may make you wonder about the shallowness of relations in today’s world. Relax, and let this pass! Around midweek, Sun moves to Cancer, joining the company of debilitated Mars. Next day, Mercury too leaves Gemini to enter the watery Cancer. With a frenetic planetary activity in the 5th House from your Sign, expect home affairs, conception matters and creative passions to take the centre-stage.

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