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Weekly Horoscope

23rd April to 29th April 2017

Aries :
The week may not start on any encouraging note. You may be in a mood to skip regular tasks and while away your time. You may also be induced to spend money on buying luxuries and adding comforts. However, you need to execute discrimination, while spending money. Thankfully, by Tuesday/ Wednesday, you will be back on track, focusing well on work and business. However, the overall planetary positions do not seem supportive for progressive forces to work effectively. Take out time to re-evaluate and re-examine some of your past decisions Plan your strategy afresh, says Ganesha. If cosmos remain somewhat supportive, you will remain reasonably sound financially. If you are aiming for something big, you need to build your team, which includes talented persons from the concerned fields.
Single ones may be disappointed, this week. Some of their major plans may be sabotaged. The crafty Mercury is retrograde, and it seems to be the culprit. Remain careful, and guard your luggage fiercely, while traveling. Sun is now transiting through your Sign. This will keep you energized. It seems to be a good time for buying fixed assets like a dream apartment, an office or an agricultural land. Ganesha, however, advises you to double-check all legal documents. Be watchful, while signing the dotted line! A minor health issue may keep you somewhat uncomfortable, through the week. Consult your physician, if the problem persists.
Gemini :
Past efforts may bring returns. Monetary gains are foreseen. be quick to grab the opportunity, as and when it arises, early in the week. Retrograde Jupiter and Mercury are positioned opposite each other. You may end up saying something hurtful. An important relationship or partnership may get adversely affected, due to this, warns Ganesha. So, be careful, especially if you are in a committed relationship. Wait for the right opportunity to clear the air, and restore harmony in the said bond. As of now, it would be best to stay quiet and focus on maintaining peace. Good time on business is likely. A major deal may materialize! Professionals shall be sorted and motivated. Guard your safety and well being, though. You may be prone to aches and falls.
Cancer :
With both Mars and Saturn getting positioned opposite to each other, expenses in general may increase. At times, you may tend to act like a compulsive spender, spending money indiscriminately. You may purchase irrelevant things, just to derive illusive satisfaction. One needs to mark out priorities about his/ her requirement, and execute due discrimination, cautions Ganesha. If you aim at building wealth, it is essential that you manage your finances wisely. With regard to your general well-being, stars portend some challenges. You are likely to get injured, on the upper part of your body. Be careful. Also, if you end up catching an infection, act promptly to curb it. Over the weekend, Venus again enters the fiery Aries. This will be a supportive planetary movement.
 Leo :
The Opposition aspect between aggressive Mars and wily Saturn can lead to differences in one of your meaningful relationships. Refrain from reacting critically. Have faith, and don’t be a skeptic. You need to remain calm, and wait for the right opportunity to resolve the differences. For the sake of maintaining harmony in your personal relationships, be a little flexible. Meeting someone new this week may culminate into development of a mutually beneficial, close bond in future. This may also be about your professional or business sphere, points Ganesha. With Venus now direct in motion, expect things in the financial and business realm to pick up pace. Bulk suppliers and whole-sale dealer, specifically concerned with heavy industrial goods, shall benefit from the stars. Over the weekend, Venus enters the fiery, cardinal Sign Aries, the 9th House from your Sign. A fortunate window opens up! Be ready to grab the fortuitous opportunities.
Virgo :
Planetary positions augur some encouraging vibes and opportunities. You may manage to benefit monetarily, early in the week. Do respond promptly, in order to take advantage of the said opportunity, though. Meeting an influential person, around midweek, shall enliven your spirits. You seem to be in for some better times, in terms of financial gains. In personal life, there may not be much happening, as of now. Even if you are single, work or business may not let you enjoy flirting and love. Pleasures of mind and body will not attract you much. And, even if they do, you will be in them just for mental relaxation, nothing else, feels Ganesha. Over the weekend, Venus reenters the fiery Aries. Don’t be hasty in love matters and creative pursuits. Finish what you had started! Health-wise, do guard against chronic and lifestyle ailments like diabetes or high blood pressure.
 Libra :
Retrograde Mercury posited in an Opposition aspect to your Sign does not augur well for smooth running of day to day activities. You may have a challenging time in performing efficiently. Remain careful about making mistakes or omissions. Keep communication channels alive – especially with people who matter. Influences of the wily Saturn and aggressive Mars may lead to unexpected expenses. Refrain from handling matters related to finance, driven purely by instinct. Business-persons will need to keep a plan B ready to meet any unforeseen crisis. Short term travel may not yield desired results. Have a heart! There is a strong possibility of your getting injured accidentally. Remain cool headed, especially while driving a vehicle. Take preventive measures promptly, if you happen to catch a health issue, related to the respiratory system.

Scorpio :
You may experience some constraints in moving ahead, on to the road of progress, this week. Retrogression of many planets keeps the momentum down and low. There may be some unexpected expenses to deal with, given the Opposition aspect between Mars and Saturn. Try not to get too stressed. Don’t say anything hurtful to anyone, warns Ganesha. Some discontent may be brewing on the family front. Handle this tactfully. If you are a parent, you shall remain concerned about the academic progress of your kid/s. Don’t get into a critical mode, though. Try to understand the difficulty experienced by your child. Use effective yet gentle persuasion methods to motivate your child/ren. Stress may take a toll on your health. Be careful, and follow a good lifestyle.
On Monday, Moon in the fiery Aries may push you to take initiatives. However, constraints imposed by retrograde Mercury may not allow you to go far ahead. Besides, now Mars moving in opposition to the retrograde Saturn, posited in your Sign may cause disruptions and confusions. Day to day work may get adversely affected, and you may not feel happy by the way things have been progressing. Considering this, making steady progress may become challenging. Well, you are tuned to love such challenges! Don’t you? So, go ahead and do your best, encourages Ganesha. One already in a committed love relationship may remain anxious or unhappy. The reason – your loved one’s strange behavior. Let them be, for a while, and have patience. If you wish, review your relationship, as well as your own behavior in the past few days. Joint pains and muscular aches may become troublesome. Take care!
Moon comes in a close connection with Venus now. This seems a good time to meet and greet friends, enjoy partying and plan picnics. Although, the influence of hovering Ketu may not let you enjoy to fullest, there’s no harm in being positive and vivacious. From midweek, anyway, routine will call for your attention, and you will become attentive about responsibilities. The exalted Venus will help you move ahead in a meaningful relationship. The planet of Venus rules creativity, arts, wealth and material bliss. Thus, expect these areas to get a boost, says Ganesha. At the same time, Venus is a teacher. He holds the secrets to the mysteries of the life and death process, but also urges you to loosen up. Listen to him! The Position of Sun in the 5th House from your Sign indicates that you may be hurt by a close or admired one’s strange behavior. Ignore, and move on!
Aquarius :
Week begins on a slow note. You may be keen on taking a leave from work. Relaxing and spending time with family or friends is not a bad idea now. Take care to not make any mistakes, while submitting any work. Gadgets breaking down unexpectedly may make you irritated. Relax, and blame it all on retrogressive Mercury, says Ganesha. Exalted Venus may work well in helping you maintain a healthy financial position. If stars in your Natal chart happen to be supportive, a major monetary gain may come your way too. Mars and Saturn being opposite to each other at this time may lead to differences in close relationships. You may have a challenging time staying level headed. Planet Jupiter related to relationships for your Sign is also retrograde. Well, things may not be great in a certain bond. Don’t push matters. Just go slow, and be willing to compromise for now. Over the weekend, Venus enters fiery Aries. You may feel quite daring in expressing your inner feelings to someone you admire. Well, arrange for a date on Sunday, but avoid haste.
Pisces :
On Monday, Moon will be in your Sign along with Venus. This dreamy and buoyant time may keep you immersed in intuitive thoughts. You may not be willing to act, as of now. Instead you will look at your inner reserves to guide you for a future course of action. You may also be feeling specially romantic. Plan a lovey-dovey date with a special one, says Ganesha. With two major planets, Jupiter and Saturn along-with Mercury in retrogression, at this time, it will be best to remain in a ‘pause and reflect’ mode. Use this time to look for cracks in your armour, and find ways to fill in gaps. You may incur expenses on some religious ceremony, this week. Direct influence of Jupiter will help you in maintaining a healthy financial position, though. Take care of your health. Respiratory issues and allergies may cause you trouble.


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