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Weekly Horoscope

This Week For You

23rd July to 29th July 2017

Aries :
Sun moved to its own Sign Leo, over the weekend. Now, there is a cluster of 5 planets traversing through the 5th House from your Sign. This is a major planetary event, also known as a Stellium. These cosmic events have the tendency to go to extremes – of either way – positive or negative. Hence, you now need to be very careful of any excesses, specifically in areas related to kids (yours or others’), conception, new ventures, new launches, creative projects etc. Don’t make new friends for now. Steer clear of any novel situations, if possible. Postpone any surgeries, you may have scheduled. If you happen to lean on spirituality, this is a good time to follow your path, as this will bring you exhilaration, promises Ganesha. You will be passionate about your work. Allow the New Moon this week to slow you down, though. Feel refreshed and take a break! Mid-week, Mercury moves to Virgo, the 6th House from your Sign. Be careful in your communication with your boss or colleagues. Guard against a throat infection. And, remember – keep a cool head, in all you do.
A new Moon rises in the fiery Sign Leo, as the week begins. The new Moon is in the company of Sun, Mars, and Mercury, as well as malefic Rahu. Along with this planetary cluster, a Solar Eclipse takes place in Leo, the 4th House from your Sign. Watch your relations with your parents, specifically your mother, mother-in-law etc. A senior lady may have a considerable influence on your life, now. Too much activity in the 4th House – zone of home, comforts, personal peace, emotions – indicates changes. Solar Eclipse also indicates changes, effects of which may manifest in the coming 6 months. You will now be ready to move out of your comfort zone, breaking shackles that may be holding you back. Retrograde Saturn is still posited in opposition to your Sign. It will slow down progress. Don’t get frustrated, says Ganesha. You may not be comfortable with the tasks assigned to you at workplace, but you can hope to get the support of your bosses. So speak up, if needed, but tactfully. Crafty Mercury moves to its own Sign Virgo, 5th House from your Sign. Creative activities, arts, kids and hobbies will bring you peace and happiness. Students will benefit from this planetary move.
Gemini :
A Solar eclipse takes place in the 3rd House from your Sign, this week. This can lead to a major breakthrough! You may achieve some notable success. However, there may be some break from the past. Some old relations will give way to new relations and new equations. You may take time to get used to all the new developments, but you will manage. Some new challenges too will come up. After all, with change come new situations, and nothing in life is free or easy, points Ganesha. Stay flexible and adaptive. You may have entered a new stage of your life, and these qualities will help you immensely. Around midweek, the ruler of your Sign Mercury enters (its other Sign) Virgo. You will be after careful organization and analysis now. You will also communicate carefully, and shall be focused on saving money.
Cancer :
The Solar eclipse in Leo, along with the traversing cluster of planets there – the 2nd House from your Sign – does not augur well for your financial and domestic realm. There may be a family conflict that may take head now. Legal issues in inheritance related arguments are likely. Expenses may increase, and you may also need to lend some money to a family member. There will be a lot of activity in these two areas, so on your own, you will need to act with restraint, says Ganesha. Haste, anger, over excitement will only make matters tougher. If nothing seems to help, better take a roundabout, rather than facing issues head on. Or, stay on the sidelines. Around midweek, Mercury shifts to its own Sign Virgo, 3rd from your Sign. Pressure ease; you think logically. Business projects move ahead. Health may suffer, owing to all the stress. So, take care. Guard against infections.
 Leo :
A Solar eclipse takes place in your Sign, this week. This happens in the company of aggressive Mars and crafty Mercury, and thus, is surely a noticeable event. Things may change, or you may be aggressively planning change. If not anything, you will be actively pondering and reviewing. Efforts towards personality development shall be rewarding. Any disruptive change will be challenging, but will be good for you in the long run. With the House, indicative of expenses falling vacant, cutting undue expenses will not be difficult. However, you may feel an unexplained emptiness yourself. Find peace in God and higher learning. This is a good time for the spiritually inclined. You may also plan a pilgrimage or a rejuvenating Yoga & mediation break, at this time, suggests Ganesha. Students in the final year of graduation will need guidance and support from a tutor or expert. Health, thankfully, remains undisturbed.
Virgo :
A Solar eclipse happens in Leo, the 12th House from your Sign. This is indicative of a challenging time. You may incur some major expenses. And, you may even need to draw from your savings to meet this crisis. However, well positioned benefics shall support you by keeping a good balance between outgoing and incoming, assures Ganesha. The ruler of your Sign Mercury moves into your Sign – which is good news. You will be quick witted and analytical, which will help you at work as well as while taking personal decisions. Parents to school age kids may remain worried about their kids’ laggard academic progress. Relax! Ones willing to conceive shall be supported by the cosmos. For students, the vibes are mixed – there will be distractions, but ones pursuing higher education will manage fine.

Libra :
A Solar eclipse takes place in the 11th House from your Sign. This may bring to fore sudden aspects and opportunities. You may feel an intense desire for making a positive change. Hard work put in earlier may start yielding very satisfying results. No major expenses are foreseen now. You may plan to invest. However, if you are inclined to buy real estate, get the legal papers and formalities sorted and checked properly, warns Ganesha. Planetary positions are still indicative of a rift between you and an important person. Take care, if you run a partnership business. Refrain from reacting skeptically. Steer clear of verbal accusations. Around midweek, Mercury moves to its own Sign – dual natured earthly Sign Virgo. This will enable you to manage your expenses wisely. You will also be more analytical and communicative. But, do not be overly critical.
Scorpio :
A Solar eclipse now takes place in the 10th House from your Sign. This happens in company of Mars and Mercury, both of which are also on the 10th House. Well, the effects of such cosmic events can spiral both ways – negative or positive, depending upon overall situations in your life as well as planetary positions in your Natal Chart. What is definitive is that some change on the horizon, effects of which (Solar Eclipse) shall manifest in the next six months. You need to accept new challenges, as these will pave the way for your success and happiness. Don’t be deterred by slow momentum of things, says Ganesha. Be careful, while handling finances. Around midweek, Mercury moves to its own Sign Virgo. You will be more logical and candid. Saturn moving through 2nd House will make you shrewd in monetary and family matters. Around the weekend, love is in the air. Singles may meet someone. This is, most likely going to be a fling, though. There will be harmony in marital domain too. Health remains unaffected.
A Solar eclipse takes place in the 9th House from your Sign. This will have far-reaching positive effects, but at the moment, things may seem glum or slow. Hang on! A visit abroad will become necessary, most likely for finalising a major work/ business deal. You shall put in diligent efforts to handle a complex task to everyone’s satisfaction. Around midweek, Mercury enters its own Sign Virgo. You shall now insist on perfection, in whatever you do. Jupiter will continue facilitating opportunities for monetary gains. It will also enable students pursuing graduation to perform well on their academics. It’s also a supportive time for ones in committed love relationships. You may manage to take your relationship to another level. Marriage is a distinct possibility. Your conception plans too shall be favoured by Jupiter. Take advantage. Health-wise, you may suffer from fatigue, joint pains and aches. Rest!
The 8th House is the sphere of emotional security, the depths of the self, secrets and paranormal, transcendence, sexuality, mysteries, upheavals, surgical procedures, other’s money (investments, inheritances), crises, transformation after evolution etc. This is an extremely important Astrological sector, and can indicate a complete transformation. 4 planets, along with Rahu, have clustered in your 8th House now. This is a noticeable cosmic indication. You may learn a few lessons, or may deal with a transforming situation. You may be scheduled to undergo a surgery, which would be best postponed for now. Put your personal security above any other thing. Avoid long distance travel, if you can. Depending upon planetary positions in your Natal chart, this gathering may or may not have a lasting effect. If you are anticipating some gains through inheritance, they may come your way now. Health needs care, so guard fiercely, says Ganesha.
Aquarius :
New Moon arises in Leo – in company of Sun, Mars, Mercury and malefic Rahu – right in the opposition to your Sign. This planetary stellium can have far-reaching effects. Since this happens in the 7th House from your Sign, the areas affected would be your committed relations, marriage, partnership and association – and even your day-to-day activities. There may be a job change on the horizon. Or, you may face issues with colleagues or bosses at workplace. A new equation – personal or professional – may be taking shape, while an old one may be fizzling out. Well, there may be manifestations on many other forms, but they will take some time to surface. You will do well to act calmly and rationally, though, says Ganesha. One thing is certain that you shall have a busier routine in coming days. Around midweek, Mercury makes a move to its own abode Virgo, 8th House from your Sign. You will be calculated and logical in your approach, and somewhat somber in your speech. Multi-tasking may be the need of the day!
Pisces :
Emergence of a new Moon in your 5th House, as the week begins, will help you think ahead. You shall be determined to prove your inherent ability. You will get right exposure to showcase your talents. Deliberating well is good, but at times you need to respond quickly to benefit from an opportunity, points Ganesha. Retrograde Saturn shall keep you reminding about uncertainty and constraints, holding you from pressing accelerator to speed the things up. Well, make a choice! Venus in your 4th House shall be supportive of social initiatives. You may also arrange a party, meet old friends, or shall make your presence felt in your social circle. You may also be quite popular and interactive on social media platforms. Health-wise, you will need to guard against infections and pollution related allergies.


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