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23 October to 29 October, 2016 

Aries :
Sun in the 8th House is not a happy proposition. You may feel down in the dumps about certain aspect of your life, which are not in tandem with your dreams. Around Thursday, Mercury changes Sign to enter watery Scorpio to join company of Sun already posited therein. Those in jobs will now feel comfortable with their position. Freshers, in search of a suitable job, will be elated on getting one. Future prospects look encouraging. Moon transiting in Leo may bring your refined qualities to the fore, informs Ganesha. You may be inclined to do charity in the coming days. Now Jupiter and Venus are exchanging Sign with each other. If doing business in partnership, you might be overwhelmed by the contribution of your partner in terms of money and contacts with influential people. Middle aged and above need to take care of chronic problems here.
Looking to buy a house? Go ahead! Stars are favourable here. You could even take a loan. In love, singles may have a tough time drawing attention of a special person whom they admire. Or, they may face difficulties, if trying to forge a serious relationship. Overall, chances of your proposal not meeting the desired results are high. So, either postpone and gauge the person’s interest first or be ready to face the consequences. Stay graceful and tactful, come what may. Regarding finances, star portend that you shall incur expenses for organizing some family function. Thankfully, the positive influence of Jupiter may help you earn extra money. Mercury now leaves the company of Jupiter and joins Sun posited in Scorpio. Health-wise, you can expect things to remain as they have been. In fact, you may even find a cure for a chronic issue.
Gemini :
You will be livin’ the high life in the coming days: socializing, partying et al. The trend continues from the last week. You seem to have a hidden agenda here. Maybe, you are trying to gain someone’s attention! However, the planetary positions do not support your aims and motives. With Sun posited in the 6th House, refrain from starting a new venture with someone you may have only recently met, warns Ganesha. The ruler of your Sign, Mercury enters watery Scorpio on Tuesday. This change may not favour you. Mercury is not comfortable in the 6th House from your Sign. You may be quite anxious and calculative at this moment. And, communications may not be healthy too. Watch your words! Saturn and Venus too seem to dole out obstacles that shall not allow smooth running of routine. Not much shall be in your hands – so lie low or go with the flow. Thankfully, health remains good.
Cancer :
Concerns about family and effective management of finances will be your main concern here. You are likely to increase budgets for family. Some enjoyable time with them is one the cards over the weekend that increases sense of belonging in family. Rahu may prompt you take risks to boost your earnings and enjoy pleasures of life without any worry. Around Tuesday, Mercury enters watery Sign Scorpio to join company of Sun already posited therein. Combination of Sun and Mercury in the fifth House looks encouraging for success and progress, informs Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals could gain by this combination. Some intelligent move might help you gain monetarily. Job holders may get uneasy for one reason or the other in the coming days. Some unexpected health issue might make you feel under the weather. Remain watchful!
Leo :
Seeking inspiration? Help will come from the Moon placed in your Sign, as the week begins. With the ruler of your Sign, Sun, in the 4th House from your Sign, you may, however, feel low about your present position. However, influence of exalted Mars over your Sign will instill confidence and keep you in high spirits, informs Ganesha. Around Tuesday, Mercury changes Sign to enter a watery Scorpio to join company of Sun already present there. This union of Sun and Mercury may facilitate growth. The coming days look good and gainful for business persons and professionals. Singles will be keen to win over friendship of opposite sex to enjoy physical intimacy. Those in a love relationship for long could tie the knot now as times are auspicious. You will be in the pink of health here. However, middle aged and above need to remain watchful about their blood pressure.
Virgo :
Your desire for philanthropy will come to the fore. You will be inclined to spend money for charity or social causes. Moon in graceful Leo, transiting through the twelfth House, concerned with expenses in general, seems to have prompted you here. Around Tuesday, the ruler of your Sign Mercury shifts into Scorpio. Now Sun and Mercury transit through the 3rd House from your Sign. Venus transits in fiery Sagittarius in company of Saturn. This is likely to work well in helping you for saving money for future needs. You could also be saved from toiling hard. Mid-week, you may meet an influential person with whom you may want to develop a meaningful relationship to enhance your prospects, informs Ganesha. Financially, you will be secure in the coming days. In regard to health, those with joint pains may have a hard time. Try alternative medicines for long term relief.
Libra :
Some sharp, quick decisions will help this week. Mercury leaves your Sign and enters a deeply passionate watery Scorpio. Now combination of Sun and Mercury in the second House spells encouraging monetary gains made possible by a number of intelligent moves, informs Ganesha. You are likely to enjoy a pleasant time with family here. Meeting an old buddy at a social function might enliven spirits. The person may seek your reference for procuring a suitable assignment. You will gladly oblige the concerned person. Married folks will find life pleasant and enjoyable in the company of their spouse. Over weekend, love birds will plan an outing at nearby resort with close friends. In regard to health, some minor issue may take alarming proportion to cause serious concern. Consult a doctor the moment you notice any untoward symptoms.
Scorpio :
Financial and professional benefits are foreseen, as the week begins, especially for the business-persons. Moon transiting in Leo will present encouraging opportunities. Mercury enters your Sign, at the same time, to join company of Sun transiting therein. This union of Sun and Mercury in your Sign could inspire you to make intelligent moves, which may result in handsome monetary gains, informs Ganesha. Now is the time to strengthen your financial position. Some unrest in family, though, shall keep you stressed. With regard to health, it is likely that you may suffer from aches, pains etc. In love, things look set to be rosy. You may come across someone you admire – at a social meeting. Well, go and introduce yourself, but do so with complete grace. A fling is also likely now – do not go after it, if you are married, though. In marriage, things may not be all that shiny. Talk with your partner to break the monotony.
Businessmen and self employed may have a setback here. Sun in the twelfth House will prompt you to earn more money fast. But there is no quick fix formula to become rich overnight. It will be wiser to remain focused on your present activity, while find ways to increase your income from the same line. Those in business either need to explore new territory or get their hands on some fast moving product to boost earnings, suggests Ganesha. Around Tuesday, the crafty Mercury changes Signs to enter Scorpio, and join the company of Sun, already transiting therein. Those with overseas dealing are likely to strike profitable deals here. You will handle money matters prudently now as Saturn, which rules the House indicative of finance, is transiting through your Sign. You will also learn from your mistakes and move on. Health issues related to some deficiencies may get bothersome.
You are likely to miss a seemingly good opportunity to benefit monetarily, as the week begins. Those married may be surprisingly happy to receive a precious gift from their in-laws. Overall, there will be a mixed bag of experiences. On Tuesday, Mercury enters Scorpio, to join company of Sun transiting therein. Mercury and Sun together will inspire you with some good ideas for profiting. Businessmen and professionals may gain from this union. If in a job, the positive influence of Jupiter shall work well in keeping your position secure and enhancing your prospects of getting a promotion, informs Ganesha. However, refrain from participating in staff gossip. With no major expenses to deal with, you are likely to save money as planned. With regard to health, stars portend that one suffering from old nagging health issues may come across a permanent/ long term cure.
Aquarius :
Married folks could be in for trouble with their spouse due to Moon in Leo. There is confrontation, and no Sign of reconciliation. Your overall performance too could be sliding down because of some disturbances in routine affairs. Even job holders will be a harrowed lot on not being able to function efficiently. However, do not slump in distress; pump up your spirits and remain motivated. Being strong in times of adversity is a Sign of strong character, says Ganesha. Around Tuesday, Mercury shifts into watery Scorpio, and connects with the Sun. Sun and Mercury together spell encouraging monetary gains. Those in business will score over their competitors now. Young singles will be more concerned about consolidating their career, than concentrating on casual flings and pleasurable intimacies. With the aspect of Saturn over Rahu posited in the 8th House, be careful about health.
Pisces :
Good time to complete pending work, as the week begins. Business persons shall need to resolve a long standing issue. Planetary position will support your cause. Mercury changes Signs to enter Scorpio and connects with Sun. This shall inspire you, bringing you some constructive ideas to boost your earnings. The influence of the exalted Mars may prompt you to increase provisions for family and raise their standard of living. Thankfully, the influence of Jupiter will increase your income here, assures Ganesha. News of encouraging returns from investment made earlier will cheer you up. Professionals could get happy on bagging a new project from existing customer. To be precise, a gainful time ahead is foreseen. Those in jobs may be entrusted with an outstation task. Go all out! However, take good care of your health, as it is likely that you may suffer from digestion related issues.

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