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Weekly Horoscope

This Week For You

21st May to 27th May 2017

Aries :
With two major planets Jupiter and Saturn in retrogression, take it easy. Blame the slow pace of progress on the cosmic force, and continue marching ahead without getting frustrated or confused, says Ganesha. Mighty Sun and aggressive Mars in the 3rd House from your Sign shall help in keeping you in high spirits. Venus moving through your Sign shall work well in strengthening your position on the financial front. You will not be reluctant to take a well calculated risk. It seems to be a supportive time for making fresh, productive investments. However, refrain from indulging in overly risky or blind speculation-oriented activities. Share-market investors will need to be very careful. Keen on adding comforts to your lifestyle, you may buy latest electronic goods. If your pockets are deep enough, you may also plan to buy a high-end automobile, maybe an SUV to enjoy long drives with your beloved. Health may play a spoil-sport. Be on guard! Don’t neglect even a minor issue. Cosmic changes over the weekend will bring far-reaching effects.
The New Moon starts emerging, as the week begins. New Moons are an effective time to build your intentions for the month ahead. However, with this new Moon in the airy Sign Gemini, you may not be able to think or act decisively. Family and finances related matters shall draw your attention, nonetheless. Be tactful and polite, while handling delicate family matters. If you happen to be the key earning member in your family, increasing monetary provision to support will ease off the discontent. Mercury positioned in your Sign may facilitate monetary opportunities. Nonetheless, take things easy this week, and let them continue as they have been, suggests Ganesha. With your health and composition still delicate, it’s best to go with the flow. Diabetic would need to take special care.
Gemini :
Week opens on a troubling note. Things may have taken a downward swing in your personal life. You may keep getting agitated or irritated. Stars indicate that remaining level-headed will be a challenge. You may be upset about something or the other. Stagnant pace of progress will also make you anxious. Don’t let the stress take a toll on you. Walk and drive carefully, as you run the risk of getting injured, this week. Health and well being should be your top priorities, asserts Ganesha. Ones suffering from any blood pressure or cardiovascular troubles must take great care. Trade and travel both will require due vigilance too. Financial stars stable, but this is not a time to take any major initiative.
Cancer :
On Monday, you feel refreshed and lighter, maybe in a reflective mood, thanks to the New moon. Two noteworthy planetary moves, involving malefic Rahu and Ketu, took place last weekend. These are long-term moves, so their effects may not be immediately visible. However, from now on you will have to very careful in guarding your financial health. Illusions and confusions in monetary matters are likely, points Ganesha. No major worries, as of now, though. But, keep this top of mind for the next year and half. Don’t deviate from ethical or legal practices. Relationships and love take the centre stage, mid week. Or, at least, this is what you desire. Your strong urge to increase intimacy with an admired one may be foiled by Saturn’s disrupting influences. Spending for/ at a religious ritual is likely. Digestion issues are at the root of many health ailments. Sort them out on priority.
Leo :
Moon gets posited in the 12th House from your Sign, as the week begins. This is indicative of a supportive time. You will feel relaxed on the material front, and this may lead you towards your spiritual pursuits. You may also be keen to get in touch with some learned person, and draw inspiration from them. Higher principles and clean ways of living will attract you. However, stars midweek shall bring you back to the frenzied activity of the materialistic world. There may be deals and tenders, and employees and subordinates – all calling for your attention. On the personal front, try to keep things simple in a special relationship. Resolve differences, if any, with the near ones in family. If someone criticizes you upfront – take that positively, instead of getting hurt, and try mending things. Parents to young kids may remain concerned about academic growth. Try getting expert help from someone trustworthy in this regard. Health-wise, you may still be vulnerable. Watch out!
Virgo :
An old relationship re-surfaces. A new equation may be formed on this front. Or, you may simply be meeting and greeting people in your old networks. Anything new or revived must not disturb your present, personal relations, though. Do not let the harmony on the marital front take a beating. Planetary positions also indicate that you will be keen on involving yourself in charity for a social cause. If you are a parent to a school going kid, you may remain concerned about his/ her academic progress. Try to look at things from the kid’s perspective, says Ganesha. Professionals may have to deal with a few challenges now. Be prepared to work for long hours to meet scheduled deadlines. Your immediate boss may not be a good mood. Ignore and stay silent, as you go about doing your work with full commitment. Any respiratory infection or trouble must be taken care of immediately.
Libra :
This week seems to be largely mundane and work focused. With not much happening on your social front, you will remain busy in routine affairs at work and home fronts. Things in the marital domain as well as in other relationships look set to be relaxed. Or, at least, nothing much will change. After Tuesday, work and business will take the centre stage. This is a gainful and active time for business men and entrepreneurs. If starting something has been on your mind, take this time to give shape to your dreams, says Ganesha. Ones dealing in heavy metals and industrial products will have opportunities rallying around. You must, however, be careful and committed towards providing great quality goods or services. Ones looking for change in their job may have to contend with delays and stagnation. There is not much foreseen in this regard, so hang on wherever you are.
Scorpio :
Now the aggressive Mars and the slow moving Saturn are degreecally in opposition to each other. This is a somewhat vulnerable time. Drive very carefully. Slow down stuff, if you feel things require you to do that. Take great care of your health. Do not get short tempered or overly temperamental. As far as possible, avoid direct confrontation with a colleague or any person whose relationship matters to you. On your own, refrain from reacting critically. Try to keep a low profile, says Ganesha. Turn down socializing offers, if possible, or keep it all quite low key. Maintaining harmony at home may seem challenging, but bear with the vibes – for now. Students may find it difficult to memorize stuff. As a parent, you may feel worried about your child’s academic performance. Relax, and don’t put undue pressure. Fitness freaks may see a downfall in their energy. Take a break!
Moon meeting malefic Rahu, at the week’s beginning may make you feel direction-less and confused. However, Sun and Moon traversing through the 11th Sign from Moon will keep the fire burning for you. This cosmic force will push you in right direction. Positive influence of Jupiter over Sun and Mars traversing through the 7th House from your Sign will work well in keeping your herd together. You will be benevolent and wise under your Sign Lord Jupiter’s influence. On the work front, you shall continue to have challenging time managing things effectively. However, do not neglect your health. Battle between major planets of conflicting nature can take toll of your health. In view of this, take time out for relaxation and rest. Consult a doctor, even if you suffer from a seemingly minor issue.
Business persons and professionals shall be comfortable and pleased by the way growth-oriented plans pan out now. Big deals, with long term benefits, may come your way. Professionals, though, need to be prepared to do some multi tasking, and at times, may also need to work for extended hours. Deadlines may be looming. At home, though, you shall have a pleasant and enjoyable time. You may be inclined to give home interiors a better, more modern look now. With aggressive Mars and mighty Sun still in opposition to Saturn (Saturn is placed in the 12th House) – you need to tread carefully, specifically in the financial realm. Take great care of yourself too.
Aquarius :
Stay calm and cool, as the week begins. Take a deep breath, and take some inspiration from the New Moon. In the ensuing planetary confusion, you may still be feeling weighed down. But thankfully, things shall be looking up on the monetary front. An opportunity will be available, early in the week, but you will need to be sorted enough to seize it in time. Carpe diem! Business persons may experience tough competition. Think out-of-box to score over your competitors, tips Ganesha. Reviving old contacts may be a good idea – to boost your prospects. Short term travel is likely. Professionals may remain busier than ever. Strong self discipline would be needed to meet scheduled deadlines. Still in effect, Opposition aspect between of Saturn and Sun-Mars may leave you vulnerable to infections and health issues. Be on guard.
Pisces :
Your focus shall shift to home and family. You will be keen to give more time and energy to your family life. Monetary gains come your way, allowing you to spend lovingly on your dear ones. On work front, however, most of you may continue to experience challenging times. Try to inculcate self discipline in your work routine to manage things effectively. Your sustained efforts shall win the game for you. Freshers, this week, will feel happy on getting a suitable employment opportunity. Talking about health, note that the clash between major planets can have an adverse effect on your well being. Be on guard! And, keep a balanced lifestyle, avoiding excess of anything.


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