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19th Feb. to 25th Feb. 2017

Aries :
A change comes in your temperament and mood, as the week begins. You may think about starting a new and more relaxed regime that also nurtures your spiritual side. Finding a balance between your material responsibilities and spiritual leanings shall be on your agenda. Great going! Work-wise, things look set to be progressive. Business people may be approached by fresh customers; finalizing a deal is likely. However, as a long term planetary trend, Saturn moves through the 9th House from your Sign – which indicates a need to keep a careful eye on everything you attempt. Read the fine print carefully, says Ganesha. Your performance meter will keep recording new highs, but you may feel that results are taking their own sweet time to manifest. Well, carry on, as nothing beats sheer, disciplined hard work. Your co-workers and peers may be jealous of you; watch your back, but avoid indulging in any gossip or work politics. In relationship domain, you may be more inclined towards flirty, flimsy, short-lived flings, rather than committed bonds. Sensual pleasures are indicated.
Moon in Sagittarius along with Saturn seems favorable to follow your spiritual pursuit. Depending upon planetary positions in your Natal chart, you are to have some delightful and enlightening experience here. This can have kind of refreshing effect on your psyche. However, compulsions to act on other relevant issue are to draw your attention. You are to then get busy planning for future course of action to achieve higher growth in your pursuit. Influence of Saturn over the tenth house is to keep pushing you to work for improving your position and also you’re working methods. Over weekend you are to remain concerned over some issue with one in close relationship. Do not try to assert your views much aggressively and take care about sensibilities of the concerned person.
Gemini :
Just like the last week, you may be thinking about monetary matters on Monday. But, now you may have a better, clearer vision, and shall plan maturely to invest your money in a more productive way. Stars shall support your endeavours in this regard. You may consult some experts or elders, experienced in investments, shares, stock markets etc. to ensure you park your money in right avenues. Around mid-week, issues surrounding your personal life may take your time and attention. You may remain anxious about something or the other. Married folks may not manage to spend due time towards their domestic and marital responsibilities. Overall, as the 7th House from your Sign shall be disturbed, issues will business partner as well as life partner are foreseen, says Ganesha. Lack of coordination in partnerships of all sorts is likely to assail your relations. However, towards the weekend, you may plan to leave it all aside and embark on a fun outing with your friends and loved ones. Planets give a big nod for such a fun plan. Go out, and refresh yourself!
Cancer :
There may be a strong feeling of discontent and confusion, most likely on the professional front, as the week begins. Many of you may be planning to change your existing jobs/ line of work. Working in a friendlier work environment shall be high on your priority. Well, happily the planetary positions shall be supportive of your vision aimed at change, assures Ganesha. But, be ready to take on newer challenges and responsibilities too. Mars is considered as the most favourable planet for your Zodiac Sign. The transiting Mars’ movement at this time, through its own Sign Aries, the 10th House from your Sign, is an excellent indicator of positive changes ahead, provided you are willing to do your Karma (duty). Even if you don’t change, the current position of Mars will facilitate encouraging opportunities, which will help you strike good, profitable deals. As at this time, you may be almost entirely focused on work and chores, love and romance may take a backseat.
Leo :
With Moon in optimistic Sagittarius, at week’s beginning, you shall be full of ideas, verve and enthusiasm. You may also wish to travel or do something revolutionary, under this influence. However, you may not be sure about a really viable or practical option, which you can take up. Nonetheless, planets will keep pushing you to think and deliberate about long-term prospects. In matters of love, stars may not let you enjoy intimate moments with a beloved. If you embark for a cosy evening or trip together, do ensure the safety of the place first. Thankfully, the presence of the strong Mars along with the positive Venus, in the 9th House from your Sign is indicative of better times ahead for you. You may also plan a holiday abroad with your loved ones, hints Ganesha. Plan well, and double check all aspects, though. Health-wise, you will need to be super careful. Guard against injuries too. Sun gets afflicted by a malefic planet, which implies your health and relations with authority figures may get adversely affected. Take care!
Virgo :
In spite of your best efforts, you are to have difficult time achieving desired results. Disruptive influence of Saturn is to hold you from performing effectively. In turn you are to have tough time meeting scheduled deadlines. Your immediate boss is not to take this delay kindly. Do not sound argumentative and try to prove yourself right. Remain well focused at task on hand and remain motivated to do your best. Business person needs to remain concerned about welfare of staff. No new major development here for business person. However, repeat orders from old customer, is to help in running the show satisfactorily. Singles will be much concerned about progress in career, and shall have no thought about enjoying romantic moments with opposite sex.
Libra :
Strong influence of Mars over your Sign shall keep you energised and active, as the week opens. You will prefer to keep yourself occupied with work related activities. Mars and Venus placed together now shall enable you to perform efficiently. You will also enjoy your work. Noticeable planetary change this week shall be with regards to the Sun. The soul stirrer Sun shifts into intuitive, Water Sign Pisces, the 6th House from your Sign. In this position, the Sun shall be in an Opposition aspect to Rahu. This does not augur well for your health and mental frame, in general. In view of this, Ganesha advises you to remain absolutely careful about your health and well-being. You may also feel lazy, lethargic and confused. Lie low for some time, and don’t stress much about your day-to-day activities. Financial stars remain supportive, this week. You shall be inclined towards enhancing your lifestyle. Procuring luxuries may be on your agenda. Committed ones may be pressurised by their beloved to hasten the marriage proceedings.
Scorpio :
Planetary positions indicate that you will be alleged by a family member for being inattentive to your responsibilities. You need to have a regular meeting with family to remain aware about the requirements of household and also aspirations of the family. Business person will come across encouraging opportunity to strike profitable deal. However, business person will be hesitant to jump into the fray, due to stiff competition. Career oriented will remain focused at task on hand and handle the same efficiently. One already in love relationship is likely to develop some misgiving about the loved one. Remain patient and wait for appropriate opportunity to clear the cloud. In regard to health, tendency of slow digestion will bother you. Take due measures to keep health matters in control.
You begin the week in a subdued, somber mood. There may not be anything in particular that may have caused this mood shift, but you may generally remain aloof from things and people. Professionals, nonetheless, may remain entangled in getting done with routine tasks. There may be hurdles, on account of your superiors or bosses. Try not to buckle down under the pressure. In fact, at such a time, your detached stance will help you. Nothing spectacular is foreseen on the business front too – thus, business people may have to remain contended with the usual, regular stuff. In relationships domain, if you are attracted towards someone, this week you may do all you can to get closer to the person you admire. Forging an intimate bond may be high on your agenda. Married folks, however, may not have it easy. There may be some ongoing issues, which may cause a rift, albeit temporary between you and your life partner. Take it easy, says Ganesha. Health issues may get bothersome, if you fail to give due attention to your diet and fitness. You will need to be careful against bone injuries and mineral deficiencies.
Take your personal life on priority, this week. Married ones must not shy away from taking initiative to resolve differences, if any, with their life partner. Handle issues and conflicts tactfully. Planets will support you in your endeavors in this regard. Once you re-establish the harmonious equation on your domestic front, you will get to enjoy enhanced chemistry and sweet, affectionate moments with your beloved. If you are inclines to have a child, planetary configurations shall be supportive, hints Ganesha. Work-wise things shall remain hectic, or you yourself may prefer them like that. Working for extended hours to meet looming deadlines, mid week, is foreseen. Well, try not to let this adversely affect your personal life and health. Fatigue and exhaustion may decrease your immunity, leaving you susceptible to seasonal infections. Be careful. With Sun being afflicted this week, there are high chances of your catching the bug! Take due preventive measures promptly to keep any health issues in control. Businessmen or professionals handling offshore projects may have to travel abroad, this week.
Aquarius :
Professionals get a great opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities, as the week begins. This chance may allow you to earn a good reputation at work, and you can utilize this to gently push and shove for your growth, hints Ganesha. However, don’t expect immediate results. Let the right people hear and see what you have to offer, and then wait on the sidelines, duly showing them what you are made of, till they take a decision. On the personal front, stars may not be very supportive, as of now. There may be a family issues calling for your attention. If you are the provider, you may have to increase provisions and resources for your family needs. Married ones may have some conflicts with their better halves. It will be best to communicate what is on your mind, but not aggressively. Try finding a middle ground, and be tactful. Ones planning and wishing to raise a family and conceive must note that stars will be on their side, in the latter half of the week. And, if you are already a parent, you may be very happy and contended on seeing your kids’ progress.
Pisces :
Work matters take the centre-stage now, or at least, this is what you will want. But, the cosmos may have other plans. Nonetheless, you shall begin the week, trying to seize an important deal. Business persons too may do their best to convince a high net-worth client. Focus on quality of services and products will be a must, even when you are pressurized for quantity and mere looks. This very conflict between ethic and profiteering may cause a rift. Don’t let the resulting stress affect your health adversely. The transiting Sun shall be stationed in your Sign now, but it gets afflicted here. This indicates a difficult time on the health front. You may have to work for extended hours to wind up a project. Plus, your bosses or some authority figure/ relation may keep goading you about something or the other, which may irritate you. All this may take a toll on your health, and you may need to call for a leave, mid-week. Well, it’s better to take a short break, and bring back things on track – as a precaution. Or else, you may be bed ridden and forced to spend a few days at home. Ones suffering from diabetes or insulin related issues must remain extra careful.

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