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22nd Jan. to 28th Jan. 2017

Aries :
Businessmen or even others may be keen to explore new territories and domains, in order to expand their prospects. But, Saturn’s influence may not let you get maximum results out of your endeavours in this direction, as of now. Relax, and trundle on! Ensure that you stay focused, and not get distracted by trifle distractions. Truth is that, in this day and age of media explosion and Internet, distractions re everywhere, in form of social media, emails, chatting, cell phones. And, if you waste time in all these, you may not manage to finish your tasks at appointed times. Around mid week, you may be tempted to take a short cut to earn some extra money on the side. Be careful, warns Ganesha, as getting into any devious activities will erase your goodwill, and may also land you in a legal and financial soup. If stock markets are on your agenda, be very careful and guarded. Singles in deep, intense relations may plan to take a drastic step, but there is a likelihood that their plans may be revealed by someone, or they may be caught. Married ones may have to, sadly, suffer disharmony and lack of affection, this week. Do not let stress affect your health and well being. A New Moon rises on the horizon, from the end of the week.
Last week’s confusing vibes continue, and the undercurrent still remains disturbed. Many of you may, thus, not be satisfied about a present situation. Some sort of mental anxiety or disquiet may assail you. In general, the planetary alliances will push you to work towards bringing a major change. Mid-week, stars bring an opportunity for monetary gains. Think and apply fast, or else you may miss out on this chance. Latter half of the week will be opportune for business-people. They shall be inclined to execute a new idea or explore a new territory, which will help them strike a profitable deal. Professionals, however, shall be keen to look for alternatives to their current employment. Change may be on their minds! Freshers will get a good opportunity now; they must be quick to grab it, though. Personal realm rings in happiness, which should be a solace. Singles will get chances to break ice with someone special, while married or committed ones will enjoy the lasting love. No major threat to health is foreseen.
Gemini :
You may still be wondering about your future prospects, as the week begins. Planning a near perfect strategy for growth in the year ahead may be on your agenda, but you may not manage to focus. Either day to day activities may eat up all your time, or disruptions in routine affairs may leave you irritable. Hang on! Stars relent, mid-week. However, at the same time, you may be blamed for neglecting your home life. Balance is the key, reminds Ganesha. Short term travel for work will be fruitful as well as joyful. Your low mood may get better. Once Venus and Jupiter exchange their Signs, you will start feeling better. Monetary flow increases. Professionals shall get chances to showcase their talents and abilities. Personally speaking, getting into a relationship with a co-worker is quite likely now. However, do weigh all the pros and cons.
Cancer :
This week, Saturn aspects the Sun posited in the 8th House from your Sign. It is a difficult planetary position that cautions you to be careful in various matters, especially concerning your image, financial health, relations with authority/ father figure/s and family matters. Lie low at this time, and avoid any arguments, major decisions or disputes. Refrain from making any fresh investments as of now. If it still comes to taking care of some spare funds, park this money in some secure avenue only. Be careful, while speaking to your father, uncles or bosses. Handle each matter, even the routine ones, with complete grace and tact. There may also be a sudden surge in your expenses, owing to family needs and requirements. Try doing all this in a balanced fashion. Freshers looking for jobs may have to face a disappointment, this week. Hang on! Professionals and business people may need to work for extended hours. Health-wise, you will need to take due care and precaution too. Catching a viral bug or another seasonal ailment is likely.
Leo :
Aspiring to formulate new strategies for growth and prosperity, you will try to put in enhanced efforts in all you attempt. Career professional will be able to increase their efficiency, which will help them finish pending tasks. Future growth prospects look encouraging for businessmen too. However, any new project or a new business deal is unlikely to materialize or surface now, feels Ganesha. In relationships, singles will find it easier to forge new bonds and strike novel friendships. Getting close and personal with a loved one may not be possible, as of now, though. New love birds will, thus, need to contend with a hand in hand walk around a garden/ beach. Stars may give you an unexpected or out of turn financial gain or opportunity. Health-wise, some of you may feel stressed on seeing returning symptoms of an earlier sickness. Get yourself checked, and take preventive measures to ensure this does not turn into a full blown trouble.
Virgo :
If you are an entrepreneur, you may be working hard, as the week begins, to put in place a project plan, required for a major deal negotiation. Good news is that the stars will be supportive of your endeavours, helping you turn the negotiations in your favour. You look set to grab the deal, mid-week. Financially too, this implies good times ahead. You shall be feeling secure and relaxed, thus. Professionals may be entrusted with a major responsibility, feels Ganesha. Although challenging, this additional load will give you a chance to showcase your inherent abilities and qualities. Plus, once you prove yourself, reward may be just around the corner. So hang on! Income enhancement is quite likely in the near future, indicate the stars. However, the busy stars of the week may make you careless towards health matters and relaxation time, making you susceptible to infections and seasonal ailments. Arthritis patients and ones suffering from calcium/ bone related disorders must be careful.

Libra :
Eager to explore greener pastures or learn new skills? Well, this is the week when stars will support your endeavours directed towards planned change and novel concepts. Ones looking for a new job will be helped by the planetary vibes. If you haven’t yet started your search, ensure starting it this week. On the other hand, if sticking around is what you plan, try to get newer projects on your plate. Do not miss a chance to show what you are made of! Your adaptability and willingness to learn new things will be put to test, points Ganesha. And, if you come out with flying colours in this divine exam, the canvas of life shall be yours to paint golden and cerulean. Coming back to the practical realm, do make sure that you have tested your plans, before you put them in the execution cycle. Maintain your networks and customer relations in top shape. You may also call upon your old clients to revive a deal/ association. Business persons may get a prestigious client from the service or hospitality sector, but be ready to pour in more money into your venture. Health matters look set to remain as they have been in the past few weeks.
Scorpio :
Matters related to finances and family take the centre-stage, as the week begins. Learning from past week’s mistakes, you will now plan to put in place a strategy that will help you increase your income. Mid-week, stars will show you the way; just keep the eyes open! A good, encouraging chance to benefit monetarily will improve your mood. Do respond promptly to take advantage of the available opportunity, says Ganesha. Professionals in jobs will be happy with good results and a supportive environment. You shall enjoy your work. Business persons too shall enjoy a gainful time. Health-wise, stars will guide the chronic patients to an alternative medicine cure. No harm in trying something that may help you find long term cure, suggests Ganesha. For love matters, Wednesday and Thursday look set to be the best days. If taking a major step is on your mind, do weigh the pros and cons!
With Sun now posited in the 3rd House from your Sign, expect support and momentum in work and business activities. Short term travel is likely for marketing and sales related activities. Be ready to wait for concrete results, though. Routine gains, nonetheless, continue to pour in. You must not let your motivation flag. Financially, things are likely to remain as they have been, mostly on the positive side of the spectrum. Mid-week, your hedonistic tendencies will surface, making you keen towards having fun and enjoying leisure. Plus, you will hope to strike it big. Planets will be supportive. But, ensure that you back up your dreams and hopes with practical approach and consistent performance at work, points Ganesha. Health and fitness must not be neglected, even when you are busy with other aspects of life. Increase intake of veggies and fruits to maintain wellness.
Some or the other distraction may hold you back from remaining well focused at any task, as the week begins. From Wednesday onwards, though, you shall regain your focus and become alert. You will also manage to shake off all your negatives. This positive mind-set will help you approach your work more effectively. There is a strong likelihood of your being entrusted with an important project or responsibility. However, you will need to observe strict work discipline to meet the looming deadlines. You may take some time to get into the groove of the things, but if you try, you will. Your immediate boss too will guide you to perform effectively. This encouraging support will also keep you motivated. Business persons will be delighted on getting results from some past efforts. Stars indicate that your financial position will get better in the coming times.
Aquarius :
Some issue related to a close relationship is likely to catch your attention, as the week begins. If there has been a conflict, try not to hold grudges. Resolve this situation tactfully, taking due care of the sensibilities of the concerned person. Around Wednesday, there is a good possibility of your getting an opportunity to benefit monetarily. If you are eager to affect change, you are likely to come across some suitable job options. But, don’t expect immediate results, points Ganesha. Continue your efforts consistently. In your present line of work, you will get a chance to showcase your talents; you may be asked to negotiate for a deal. Grab this opportunity. At home, you may be pressurized to give a nod to a proposal, if you are looking to get married. Do reveal details about your relationship, if you are into one. Married ones will enjoy the enhanced chemistry in their bond.
Pisces :
Energies shift towards professional and business matters, this week. After last week’s partnership dilemmas, you may now be driven to realign all your energies towards concrete work. A major negotiation, pertaining to an important deal, may be approaching. The preparation, planning, execution and later follow up for this deal may keep you on your toes, in the first half of the week. Things will be looking up on the financial front too, assures Ganesha. Overall, the future prospects shall paint a rosy picture, keeping you in a happy mood. Nonetheless, be ready and willing to take on new responsibilities and challenges. And, observe strict work discipline to ensure you achieve as much as you desire. Personally, singles and ones looking for love will still remain fixated on enjoying the pleasures of life. Health needs care now, though, especially if you suffer from chronic illnesses. Be careful, while driving, crossing roads or handling machinery too, as injuries are possible.

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