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Weekly Horoscope

20th Aug to 26th Aug 2017

Aries :
As the new Moon starts emerging at the beginning of the week, you may come across situations that are strongly favourable for you. This week’s lunation is particularly powerful because it is in the fiery Sign Leo. Combust Mars and Rahu keep company with new Moon. Determined as you may be, you are likely to take risks and work aggressively. However, tasting success may be far away as Mercury in retrograde mode shall create hurdles. Refrain from buying expensive and luxurious items. Also, investments made around this time may not reap great benefits. So, avoid it, says Ganesha. Around midweek, Sun leaves own Sign Leo and moves into a dual natured earthly Sign Virgo in the sixth House. This planetary position suggests you to take calculated risks, rather than going by instincts. By the weekend, Saturn becomes direct in movement. Sunday sees Venus shifting into Leo, the 5th House, indicating a challenging time ahead.
New Moon rises in Leo with Mars and Rahu keeping company. This will prompt you to be determined to march ahead and soar over obstacles blocking your way. Stay focused; do not be tempted to diversify your efforts. Patience will help you to reap rich benefits, says Ganesha. Around midweek, Sun makes into a dual natured earthly Sign Virgo, in the fifth House. Sun under the influence of Saturn will create situations that will enlighten you about various aspects of life and assist you to work your way out in trying times. Expect good news around weekend as Saturn will become direct in movement. This may also relieve tension on occupational front. The ruler of your Sign Venus takes out time on Sunday to move into the fiery Sign Leo, 3rd House from your Sign.
Gemini :
The fight to run and win the rate-race continues as new Moon emerges in the fiery Sign Leo and combust Mars and Rahu keep company with the new Moon in the 3rd House from your Sign. But, you may not be satisfied with your progress as retrograde Saturn and retrograde Mercury do not seem very supportive of your action. However, small yet regular monetary gains give you a reason to rejoice during difficult times. Sun moves into Virgo, ruled by Mercury, around mid-week, which may cool you down and give a chance to make a smart move for career growth, observes Ganesha. Saturn rules the 9th House from your Sign, linked with fortune. Good news is that after remaining retrograde for long time, Saturn becomes direct in motion. Sunday sees dear Venus moves into fiery Sign Leo.
Cancer :
Financial and family matters may require much attention and care as solar eclipse is taking place in the second House. For your information, the after-effects of solar eclipse are likely to continue for the next six months. However, if the planets in your natal chart are supportive and aligned favorably, this eclipse may even lead to windfall gains for you. Expect long pending family issues to get resolved due to change in perspective. Venus moving through your Sign will help you pursue a creative activity like dance, drama, music or painting. Young students may act responsibly as they will not want to miss any opportunity to earn money while learning. But be careful, as this may act has a distraction. On the other hand, higher education learners are likely to concentrate and give their best. With regard to health, take due measures to keep digestive system healthy.
Leo :
A Solar eclipse taking place in your Sign is surely a noticeable event. This can lead to a change of equations in your personal life. Old relations may fade out, giving way to new, meaningful ones. Determined and focused as you are, career growth and success become top priorities now. You may be in for a surprise as favourable cosmic connections may support your decision and reveal new opportunities to work upon. According to Ganesha, stick to the present field of activity and give your best. You will not be disappointed as rewards for your commitment shall be paid off soon. However, you may experience a financial crunch due to lavish lifestyle and habit of splurging. Go slow on the spending; save some for the future. Around weekend, Saturn becomes direct in motion. On Sunday, Venus moves into your Sign.
Virgo :
Solar eclipse in the 12th House from your Sign shall prod you to spend large amount of money – most likely for a social or religious cause. However, refrain from going overboard and borrowing money for the same. Sun moves into your Sign around mid-week, and the feeling of spending money may have gone away by now. To enjoy a good financial position, you need to categorize your spending. Make a list of necessary things; avoid splurging on things that are irrelevant. Around the weekend, Saturn becomes direct in motion. It will be a fruitful week. Businessmen as well as professionals shall get results from efforts put in earlier. Students, too, will benefit from this phase, as they will remain more focused on studies for lengthy hours.
Libra :
Gains, profit, lucrative returns – all these are indicated by solar eclipse taking place in Leo through the 11th House. After-effects of solar eclipse are usually experienced in the coming months. So, be patient… the best is yet to come! During midweek, Sun acts to shift into your Sign Virgo. There were times when you felt anxious about your performance and were eager to know the results. But now, you may be in a relaxed mood; you are in no hurry for results – you can wait for long. Over the weekend, most favorable planet Saturn becomes direct. On Sunday, ruler of your Sign Venus migrates into Leo. Talking about health, there are chances of your suffering from viral infection. Work to strengthen your immunity.
Scorpio :
Solar eclipse in the 10th House from your Sign is likely to throw challenges for those in occupation. Consider it as a blessing in disguise, as it may lead to an important breakthrough in your career. Professionals, at this juncture, shall be happy and feel motivated to work under a boss who is cooperative and has a clear vision. You are likely to put up a good performance under his guidance, feels Ganesha. For businessmen, this seems to be a good time to resolve the long pending issue with the government authorities. Around midweek, Sun moves into Virgo, in the 11th House, indicating relief from stress and tension on the occupational front. As the week winds up, Venus changes Signs to enter Leo in the 10th House from your Sign.
Travelling far and wide for various reasons is clearly foreseen as solar eclipse takes place in own Sign fiery Leo, in company of friendly Mars, through the 9th House from your Sign. Businessmen in foreign trade and professionals over-seeing offshore projects may need to travel abroad for studying details before closing the deal. It’s a highly beneficial time for students too, who wish to pursue higher education abroad. As an after-effect of solar eclipse, your luck and fortune are likely to soar. Ensure to make the most of this benevolent time by working hard and taking risks. However, results may take some time till Mercury becomes direct in motion. Direct influence of wise Jupiter over the 5th House from your Sign (about basic education) will make task of the students pursuing basic education easier.
A flurry of activities is likely, throughout the week. The 8th House, which sees a solar eclipse now, is the sphere of emotions. Hence, there is a chance that you may go through a lot of emotional ups and downs, during this phase. You must take care of your ‘Self’ in week’s first half. If the planets in your natal chart are supportive, there are chances of you inheriting an ancestral property, stocks or a piece of heirloom jewellery. However, legal formalities may take some time, as Mercury is in the retrograde mode. On the health front, the planetary position signifies that you may have to undergo a surgery to deal with an ongoing health problem. Nothing to worry much, though, reassures Ganesha. The week winds up on a good note, as the ruler of your Sign Saturn becomes direct in movement.
Aquarius :
Your personal life may be disrupted due to very, many difference of opinion among the family members. Blame it on the after-effects of solar eclipse taking place in the Sign opposite to yours. You need to handle the matter maturely and tactfully to maintain harmony in the family. Avoid losing patience and taking impulsive decisions or you may regret it later, warns Ganesha. Rising of new Moon does not have any calming or cooling effect on you. Around midweek, Sun moves into earthly Sign Virgo. Students involved in basic education may find it difficult to grasp and understand the new concepts. Health-wise, you are likely to enjoy a healthy and peaceful week. Perform yoga to achieve holistic health.
Pisces :
You shall remain unmoved by the hurdles, adversities and constraints that you may face on your way to progress, this week. Way to go! You rightly realise that it is just a phase (after-effects of solar eclipse in the 6th House) and soon, you will find a clearer path. Businessmen are likely to enjoy an upper-hand in the field, along with increase in the market share. Aligning of planets, though, is highly required for good results to pour in, informs Ganesha. As the week winds up, you will find it easier to manage household chores and coordinate with people around; thanks to Saturn, which becomes direct over weekend. Also, employees shall feel lighter as work pressure lifts due to favourable cosmic transition.

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