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No fewer than 47 school structures were torched by the unruly mobs during the externally sponsored unrest in the Valley last summer. Why did they torch the school buildings and why did not the locals come out in large numbers … More


Excelsior Correspondent KATRA, Mar 28: Governor N.N. Vohra, Chancellor of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi More


Excelsior Correspondent KATRA, Mar 28: Governor N.N. Vohra, Chancellor of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi More


Dr Ruchi Gupta In the present times, we can easily find people demanding their rights as a citizen of this country, but seldom find people realizing their duties and responsibilities and discharging them sincerely.  People are so eager to provide … More
Brig  Veteran Anil Gupta From all available indications it is emerging that the impending summer in the Kashmir valley is going to be very hot. It is not a weatherman’s warning but prediction of many keen Kashmir watchers. Hectic activities … More


Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appointed Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of UP. In doing so he has given a message that Hindu philosophy will guide his government. A principal tenet of Hinduism is that one must … More
K B Jandial While the BJP is upbeat over “congress mukt” results in four of the five states that went to the poll,  Kashmir, unmindful of these political upheavals, is having a counter narrative even though major political parties (and … More


Sir, India is a vast country in the world. Globally 37 percent of world’s illiterate people belong to India. Being a big country has many needs which are defined as ‘need of the hour’. Govt of India right now should … More
Sir, According to Indian health care system the responsibility of health lies in the hands of State govt rather than central govt.The article 21 of Indian constitution gives Right to Life to every citizen of the nation. But in the … More
Sir, Education has now become a commodity in today’s era of commercialization where everything is for sale.Marks are being sold in exchange for huge sum of money. The pious institution of education has now become polluted because of such students  … More


Dr. Jitendra Singh Of all the complications of Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy involving nerves causes greatest morbidity and compromises the quality of life. Muscle pains, muscle spasms, night cramps, numbness, dull aches, shooting or lightening pains, pins and needles sensation etc. … More
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Shiban  Khaibri The hysteria currently let loose by the Pakistani establishment against India across that country, taking overt support from and involvement of known terrorists over their “jugular vein” could be possible only in a stone age mediaeval country where … More
Bhumesh Sharma Traffic congestion happens when the volume of traffic on a road is so heavy that it forces drivers to slow down or stop completely. The average driver wastes 74 extra hours per year sitting in traffic. Traffic jams … More

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