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Many observers are disposed to believe that floods are going to be a recurring phenomenon in the valley of Kashmir and the threat of flood disaster looms large on the heads of the citizens of the capital city of Srinagar. … More


*Trouble in Valley outcome of policies of PDP-BJP Gopal Sharma BHADERWAH, Apr 26:  Former Union Hea More


*Trouble in Valley outcome of policies of PDP-BJP Gopal Sharma BHADERWAH, Apr 26:  Former Union Hea More


Syed Ata Hasnain The elections in France are not the easiest to understand; not for people who may not have time to join dots of geopolitics and strategic issues around the globe and need their news on the move. A … More
Dr Shabir Choudhry Some Pakistani officials refer CPEC as a Marshall Plan. In my opinion, this is an insult to the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan, among other things wanted to empower people. It aimed to strengthen democracies and alleviate … More


Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat Recently State Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Mr Khurshid Ahmad Ganai while addressing a roundtable of some selected RTI activists , First Appellate Authorities (FAAs) & Public Information Officers (PIOs) at Srinagar suggested that Government should allocate … More
Harsha Kakar Politicians and visual media houses have always been self-serving. Comments on Kashmir clearly follow party lines or media biases, while national interests, national security and national unity come last. After all, TRPs and votes count, national unity has … More


Sir, Refer to the news item ‘Restoration of peace not possible in PDP-BJP Govt: Azad’ DE Apr 25. Only cynics can say that peace is not possible in the State during the incumbent PDP-BJP dispensation. Peace is possible in the … More
Sir, Kindly refer to the news report “Govt employees asked to get permission before purchasing property” DE April 25. In this context, I as a citizen of the State welcome the directive of the Government issued in terms of section … More
Sir, This has reference to the news item ‘No timeframe for start of work on projects announced for Patnitop, Sanasar in 2015’ DE April 25. It is very disappointing to know that the much touted projects for development of Patnitop … More


Dr. Jitendra Singh Of all the complications of Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy involving nerves causes greatest morbidity and compromises the quality of life. Muscle pains, muscle spasms, night cramps, numbness, dull aches, shooting or lightening pains, pins and needles sensation etc. … More
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Shiban  Khaibri The hysteria currently let loose by the Pakistani establishment against India across that country, taking overt support from and involvement of known terrorists over their “jugular vein” could be possible only in a stone age mediaeval country where … More
Bhumesh Sharma Traffic congestion happens when the volume of traffic on a road is so heavy that it forces drivers to slow down or stop completely. The average driver wastes 74 extra hours per year sitting in traffic. Traffic jams … More

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