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All over the world importance of forest cover is considered of highest priority for the health and wellbeing of the people. Some countries are gifted by Mother Nature with dense and vast forest cover, but there are other countries that … More


Excelsior Correspondent DODA, Feb 26: A forest guard allegedly committed suicide by jumping into riv More


Excelsior Correspondent DODA, Feb 26: A forest guard allegedly committed suicide by jumping into riv More


Sir, This has reference to the news item, ‘Saeed serious threat’ DE Feb 22. Hafiz Saeed, the most wanted man in India and a well known terrorist is not only a serious threat to Pakistan, as has been described by … More
Moin Qazi The year 2017 is an important milestone for India and would mark the transition from a cash economy to a less cash and a digital economy. But the buzzwords like “less cash”,” cashless” and “digital” do not really … More


Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain Runa Laila’s rendering of the folk ballad ‘Damadam Mast Qalandar…’always evoked in me the desire to learn about and even visit the famous shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, the 13th Century Sufi Saint, in Sindh … More
Harsha Kakar Increased casualties to security forces due to disruptions of encounters by locals, have dominated headlines last week. The Army Chief had stated, post paying homage to the martyrs, that those interfering with encounter activities would be treated at … More


Sir, If we recollect the darkest days of Kashmir starting from 1989-90, when armed terrorism from Pakistan was exported to Kashmir, among other aftermaths , one of them was mass copying by examinees in examination centres . The supervising staff … More
Sir, Refer your editorial ‘Dal degradation’ DE Feb 22. The world famous Dal Lake in Srinagar is losing its charm and glory with each passing day. The degradation of the Dal is an everyday news items in media. Many agencies  … More
Sir, This has reference to the news item ‘Harness solar, wind power in a big way’ DE Feb 21. Despite having much potential for solar power the State has not fully exploited this resource so far. The State is wholly … More


Dr. Jitendra Singh Of all the complications of Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy involving nerves causes greatest morbidity and compromises the quality of life. Muscle pains, muscle spasms, night cramps, numbness, dull aches, shooting or lightening pains, pins and needles sensation etc. … More
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Shiban  Khaibri The hysteria currently let loose by the Pakistani establishment against India across that country, taking overt support from and involvement of known terrorists over their “jugular vein” could be possible only in a stone age mediaeval country where … More
Bhumesh Sharma Traffic congestion happens when the volume of traffic on a road is so heavy that it forces drivers to slow down or stop completely. The average driver wastes 74 extra hours per year sitting in traffic. Traffic jams … More

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