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It appears that PDP-BJP Coalition Government is not going to leave any stone unturned to win the sobriquet of most nepotism ridden Government we had in the State. The way it is favouring the blue eyed Government functionaries by throwing … More


Excelsior Correspondent JAMMU, Jan 24: Indepen-dent MLA Engineer Rashid was today marshalled out of More


Excelsior Correspondent JAMMU, Jan 24: Indepen-dent MLA Engineer Rashid was today marshalled out of More


Brig Anil Gupta I have often been wondering as to why certain communities in Jammu region continue to remain in a state of despair and deprivation in an independent India. Why people belonging to a segment of the society are … More
NEW DELHI : Cabinet today approved a pension scheme for senior citizens under which insurance behemoth LIC will provide a guaranteed return of 8 per cent for 10 years, as part of government’s social security and financial inclusion programme. The … More


Harsha Kakar The army has been in the limelight for multiple reasons in the recent past. Uri and the subsequent surgical strike, Nagrota, appointment of the new chief and to top it all,army bashing by the media, post the surfacing … More
Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala The small industries have been suffering in 2016. The credit given by the banking sector to micro and small industries was growing at the rate of 2.4 percent in January 2016. It declined by (-) 3.8 percent … More


Sir, We in this country have more laws than required but followed are only a few. That is quite unfortunate. The marriage and banquet halls are under obligation to shut music systems from their premises after 10 pm or allow … More
Sir, There were great expectations that AIIMS would be set up in Jammu. Though Government claims that it would be set up soon, nothing like that is happening on the ground. The coming up of AIIMS is a necessity in … More
Sir, Only by sanctioning Rs 2000 crore as a part of rehabilitation grant, by the PM Narendra Modi can’t quench the thirst of millions of displaced refugees. What matters most, is fair and proper disbursement of the package. Though boundless … More


Dr. Jitendra Singh Of all the complications of Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy involving nerves causes greatest morbidity and compromises the quality of life. Muscle pains, muscle spasms, night cramps, numbness, dull aches, shooting or lightening pains, pins and needles sensation etc. … More
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Shiban  Khaibri The hysteria currently let loose by the Pakistani establishment against India across that country, taking overt support from and involvement of known terrorists over their “jugular vein” could be possible only in a stone age mediaeval country where … More
Bhumesh Sharma Traffic congestion happens when the volume of traffic on a road is so heavy that it forces drivers to slow down or stop completely. The average driver wastes 74 extra hours per year sitting in traffic. Traffic jams … More

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