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Daily Horoscope

Saturday May 27-2017

Aries : Ganesha predicts that today you will look up to your family for happiness. Towards the later part of the day, however, there are possibilities of a platonic affair blossoming. Those who are already caught up in a romantic affair, says Ganesha, will experience some thrilling times.

Taurus : Never dig a well when your house is on fire, says Ganesha. You will realise the importance of saving money for future needs today. You will feel uneasy in your routine and may feel the urge to get away from the chaos of things. Evening might see you spend a small fortune on loved ones and leisure, predicts Ganesha.

Gemini : Your quest for spiritual enlightenment continues. You may not want go to the Himalayas to acquire what you seek, but take a trip to a nearby yoga centre or surf the Internet for Kama Sutra by Deepak Chopra, provided they are for free! It may help you to connect spiritually to your partner, at least.

Cancer : You will take a bold stand to achieve full capacity and efficiency. You will come out with new ideas and strategy, which will prove to be useful and profit-able. Avoid confrontation and keep your cool, says Ganesha.

Leo : It is fine to make hay while the sun shines, but do not forget to put aside some for a rainy day as well, says Ganesha. Today is one such day when you can do fantastically well by putting aside some money for your family’s future. At work, pending tasks may have piled up, but today you shall do well to try and clear the backlog. Everything said, do not forget to take a break from the routine, says Ganesha. Evening promises to be passionate!

Virgo : Your position of strength will be shaken badly today. All chances are, this may invite unwanted troubles and furrow deeper lines of worry. But you may yet do good if you shift out of the usual and foray into something new.

Libra : Remember the joint account you were going to open one of these days? Well, today is the day best suited for such decisions. Make the most of this propitious day and make well-informed plans concerning your future career growth. Ganesha gives his nod.

Scorpio : In all probability, backlog is the last word you may like to hear. Professionally, you will remain workaholic for most part of the day. You shall polish off all those files in your ‘In’ tray. The romantic bee will buzz around in the evening and gladden your heart, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : High-octane action might be in the offing at work today. The day will be highlighted by your workaholic and tireless nature. Your bosses may be lenient with you today on certain issues. Love, affection and devotion of your loved ones will keep you preoccupied otherwise.

Capricorn : Striking a perfect balance between work and passion, you are likely to inspire people and leave them in awe with all that multitasking, says Ganesha. Of course, as the day progresses, work will gain more prominence and demand more attention, but for the time being, you will enjoy the break you may get from work. Amid all the happenings, your social life may take a back-seat, but you wouldn’t as much as even realise it.

Aquarius : Your ideas may be excellent, says Ganesha, but it’s your diplomacy and charm which will oil the wheels. You are a silver-tongued smoothie, and can even talk people into eating soap! Family and friends will revel in your company. If you are a student, you may get As in all your tests!

Pisces : Indications are that you will be busy partitioning your time equally between business and family today. Make sure that means something a bit more meaningful than going home for lunch. You will encounter a little variety and excitement at the workplace today, possibly in the form of a new secretary. Keep hoping.

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