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Chupkar: A side splitting comedy by Aditya Bhanu-Dilshad Shazi duo

Chupkar: A side splitting comedy by Aditya Bhanu-Dilshad Shazi duo

Lalit Gupta
JAMMU, Jan 22: Marking opening day of J & K Winter Theatre Carnival organized by Samooh Theatre, the presentation of Hindustani play Chupkar was immensely enjoyed by lustily cheering audience at the Abhinav Theatre, here today.
Written by Dilshad Shazi Khan and directed by Aditya Bhanu, the play in which both actors also play lead roles, emerged as a side splitting comedy that amply exhibited the talent of the amateur theatre artists of winter capital to dish-out whole some entertainment. Such production can certainly become nucleus for holding in future of a comedy play festival in Jammu.
Presented under the banner of Nav Durga Kala Manch, the plot of play revolved around family of one Kamal Khan, a selfish and flirting Nawab. His neighbor Mirza, after finding Nawab’s overtures to his wife, barges into Nawab’s house for revenge but is fooled by Nawab’s servant Shekhu. Nawab’s wife, a Miss Melaprop, his gay-looking son, and the other always in the mould of ‘Sansani’, a daughter who flirts with a young man who copies Sunny Deol, and the half-mad scientist father in law of Nawab-all add up to a ruckus that ends with the lustful Nawab taking a wrong injection which converts him to a woman.
The highlight of today play was the conversational mode of dialogues which generated consistent laughter throughout his performance. The seemingly effortless but perfect timing of punch lines, especially by Dilsahd Shazi Khan as Shekhu, and Aditya Bhanu as Nawab created a kind of dramatic space in which the obscene seemed to perfectly blend.
The others actors who also gave good performances were, Surya Salathia as Begum, Pawan Sharma as Mirza, Ashish Bhat as Kancha, Sanjay Sonkar as Doctor Sasur, Rishab Manhas as Sansani, Sahil Singh Rajput as Chui Mui, Irfana Banoo as Beti, Mohit Sharma as Daamad, Ishu Sharma as Mirza’s wife and Anil Bhat as Aslam Shayar. The lights were executed by Shashi Bhushan, music by Deepankur Sharma, costumes were designed by Varun Sharma and make-up by Shashi Bhushan, sets and props by Ritu Manhas.
Kuldeep Sharma, Senior BJP leader, was the chief guest while Manu Khajuria (Head of Channel Voice of Dogra, Londan, U.K.) was the guest of honor.
Tomorrow, Kashmiri play Chapare Yee Gash will be staged by Vomedh Rangmanch.


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