SPS Library sans basic facilities, students stage protest

Students protesting in Srinagar on Monday. -Excelsior/Shakeel
Students protesting in Srinagar on Monday. -Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, July 4: The students who are using the SPS Library for study purposes today staged a protest against the non-availability of basic facilities at the 5-storied library.
Scores of students came out of the library to protest the indifference of the authorities and said that they have been suffering for want of basic facilities at the library.
“For the last at least 3 months, we are suffering; the ACs are not functional; there is a lack of space in the reading rooms while we are not being provided with the internet facility,” Arbeena, one of the students said.

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The students said that they have reached out to the officials at the library time and again, however, they are just telling that they have forwarded the matter to the higher-ups, but there has not been any change so far, compelling us today to come out and protest.
They said that due to the lack of facilities in the library, they are not able to study and are ending up wasting their time. “We have to use the internet because that is the need, but they don’t give us the wifi connections; we could have used our phones, but they do not work here,” the students said.
The students also said that the washrooms of the library are hardly cleaned and present a pathetic look. “It is such a huge building, but despite it being constructed for us, we are provided with nothing,” they added.
Another student, Zubair Ahmad said that they have been running from pillar to post, but, he said, they are not being heard by the authorities.