Scrapping old orders to benefit employees

It is prudent for any Government to remove anomalies and procedural impediments towards ensuring parity, equality and payment of wages and salaries as applicable to its employees to instil a sense of security in them and motivate the working force to perform better. In Jammu and Kashmir the issue of unspecified probation and payment of consolidated / partial wages and host of allied problems have been recently addressed by the UT Government by scrapping the old orders which is going to be applied to ensure that all employees were ”at par” to receive DA and other allowances coupled with benefits availed of by other ”regular” employees.
In other words, therefore, anomalies and conditions etc which were not wholly justified are gone as the GAD has issued orders and necessary guidelines in this regard. Serving at one place for over 5 years and no transfers/ promotions etc with payment of just the basic pay only too, stands set aside to be looked into as done in respect of regular employees . This much awaited move of the Government must give a lot of satisfaction to nearly 15000 Government employees ”suffering” on account of these unwarranted anomalies.