“Menopause is transitional-phase, not disease”

Sunny Dua
Gynaecologist and an award-winning author, Dr Amrinder Bajaj in her latest book LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE – Understanding Menopause has summed up her medical expertise in such a meticulous manner that any woman going through the pages would not only overcome issues related to menopause but also make a difference in the lives of others who think that Menopause is just about hot flashes and cold sweats and not about dealing with a situation that calls for a big support, self-confidence, regular medical check-ups, psychological and emotional wellbeing and most importantly living one’s life to the fullest without any regret or emotional stress. I still would say it’s easier said than done!
The Doctor turned writer has blended the medical history of some of her friends, patients and acquaintances with medical advices so beautifully that one goes on to read each chapter as a story that’s informative as well as educative enough to make one understand menopause. Had the story telling technique in this book not been adopted, this would have been nothing less than a medical journal or a book like Gray’s Anatomy. To be honest, this book must be read and understood more by men than women as they are the firsts to deal with women undergoing menopause and are also the ones who throw tantrums without knowing what their partner or any lady in the home or work place is passing through.
This is the phase where women encounter multiple physical changes, mood-swings, emotional stresses and even face multiple life threatening diseases that if dealt with ably can make one lead a healthy and stress-free life. It’s a must read book for wives, daughters, mothers and daughters-in-law who would definitely understand each other’s situations and instead of cribbing, crying or ignoring themselves or others will become a big support in these days which make women almost paralysed to the extent that they are unable to maintain a balance and land up being in psychological and physical pain.
Dr Amrinder Bajaj in an exclusive interview to this writer dwelled upon the subject saying that twenty chapters of LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE if read and understood will enable one to get out of this turbulent period, deal with hot flashes and cold sweats, manage embarrassing leaks, improve their sex lives, even make many have babies at this age of their lives, keep romance alive in their lives and most importantly make them understand how aged women become fragile and need special care rather exemption from their routines that had been taking a toll on their bones and other organs.
In this twenty-chapter book, Dr Bajaj has time and again been advising women say a big ‘NO’ to alcohol and smoking. Having woven short stories or anecdotes about three friends Mona, Meera and Shiela and citing their case histories as examples of what women go through or how to deal with menopause, the doctor in the end of each chapter has given a friendly advice to readers that sums up whole story and enables them to ponder upon points to keep in mind synopsis of entire story while dealing with their own symptoms. This is what makes women wise and understand menopause ably.
Dr Bajaj said, “women don’t need to be afraid of menopause rather are required to understand the symptoms and act accordingly”. She reiterates that a medical examination at equal intervals besides consultation from different specialists other than a gynaecologist is a must for women. This, she said not only enables one to detect symptoms or suggests right way to deal with it but also enables doctors to find out any symptom of life threatening disease that are creeping in the body. A timely action, she added saves many precious lives. She informed that in many cases there exists no symptoms of menopause in women and they even enjoy other benefits of menopause that come with age.