J&K Sports Policy

For promoting sports , creating the necessary sports infrastructure , train and groom the existing sports talent as also incentivise sports and reward outstanding performance, unless there is a well laid out sports policy which could prove to be a roadmap , nothing substantial can be achieved. Moreover, whatever sports infrastructure is raised with the public funds, either that remains unutilized or is used for purposes other than for sports. Perhaps, realising this aspect in totality in respect of sports potential and prospects for sportspersons excelling in various sports disciplines , Sports Policy 2022 has been announced by the UT Government . What is needed to be underlined is that the emphasis is laid on excellence, involvement, synergies and development.
It is well taken that there must be a good , on modern lines and need based sports infrastructure but prompting, inspiring and motivating the young to visit such sports places to play, is more important. Due to more or less persistency of the COVID virus , educational institutions are generally remaining closed and thus whatever opportunities available for promoting sports there, too, automatically are lost , therefore, sports fields can be put to use which means taking care of three more factors in a broader sense , viz inspiring and identifying , engaging and training , facilitating and rewarding. What is more important is ”catching them young” , as we see the case with most of those countries whose younger talent brings laurels for their countries , and it is a matter of satisfaction that this forms a part of the J&K Sports Policy. We need not go in all the details of the said policy which prima facie looks attractive and in tune with the demanding circumstances and , therefore, should be taken beyond and percolated down on actual ground , only then what is drafted can be achieved. So, we give a big enthusiastic thumps up to the concerned authorities , the departments and more importantly, to our sports persons for successful implementation of the Sports Policy.