J&K Bank earns handsome profits


I t is noteworthy that while we are battling the economic impact of the pandemic and banks too have been undergoing some strains, Jammu and Kashmir Bank has been in a position to show consistency in earning profits which is one of the prime indicators of performance of a bank. That there should be an increase of 164% Year over year (YoY) in the December Quarter of the Financial Year 2021-22 shows better management of its resources and handsome returns reaped there-from. A comparison of the figures of nine months ending December 2021 with those of the last fiscal showing a net profit earning of Rs.389 crore or an increase of 235 percent is laudable. The bulk of the earning is from the core or the interest income earned from its lendings shows comparative better management of its assets portfolio. More profits can enable the Bank also to make adequate provisions for bad loans and not indulge in any window dressing. On other parameters and indicators , it has shown equally better results in its deposits and advances areas with 5.3 and 10 percent increase respectively . However, while its NPA burden has not shown much improvement in getting eased, resorting to OTS to square off problematic advances accounts should not be the only option as Bank is expected to lay more emphasis on quality lending which the report of approval of the numbers of the third quarter too suggest. The credit off-take too has shown an upward trend in an environment of credit shyness but UT Government’s various measures to promote a robust industrial environment opens more vistas for the Bank in its lending in the priority sectors. The Bank needs to keep this healthy trend going on a consistent basis while managing its assets quality front more professionally so as not to allow avoidable slippages. It has an edge over other players in the field in both the UTs which it must continue to harness for still better results.