Single Window Clearance System


I n order to overcome on delays, deferments, obsolete procedures, multiple authorities’ and agencies’ intervention and clearance of proposals, visiting various places and offices for obtaining papers, documents, permits and, therefore, save time, energy and of course the efforts required, Single Window System is now widely accepted as the only solution. Needless to add, in our country the concept has assumed extraordinary proportions in matters of requirement of a system to get rid of the red-tape, lengthy but superfluous and avoidable procedures in offices etc, associated complexities and last but not least, the corruption and other unfair means to obtain the requisite information and services, approvals and sanctions related to starting business in any part of the country. We may, for brevity, call it a one stop- shop portal, an online service facility. Jammu and Kashmir, therefore, with huge potential in trade, investment, setting up of new enterprises especially in more areas hitherto remained bereft of utilization of the existing potential, this type of facility for the business environment is required in its entirety. Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha recently launching Single Window Clearance System, therefore, is a matter of an achievement in the area of smoothening and facilitating more investments and setting up of more industrial and trade enterprises in the UT. That, it is a historic move by the UT Government will not be an over-statement as it assumed a speciality in its own way by being the first Union Territory to be integrated with National Single Window System. In other words, technological reforms in trade and commerce by way of opting for and owning the requisite services to be made available online without the ”physical intervention and presence” are perceived to surely bringing in the required changes. The system, thus would translate into reality the commitment of and assurances by the UT Government to provide a system of the proverbial cake walk for desirous business bigwigs and investors coming and investing in Jammu and Kashmir and taking benefits of the friendliest industrial environment. We feel that unless, calculated risks are taken, bold decisions are made, newer options are preferred and an innovative dynamic approach is employed, development, growth and progress shall be eluding all projections and planning. It is to be seen to be keenly observed that in areas of power generation, road infrastructure, connectivity and improvement in law and order situation to a great extent in Jammu and Kashmir as also with over Rs. 1 lakh crore being pumped into bringing in more improvement in infrastructural mechanism under various schemes, there should be, therefore, no reason of any investment shyness or hesitancy but all hopes, optimism and yearning. On the other hand, the Central Government has been laying enough emphasis on the need to have regulatory compliance to the bare minimum possible so that Ease of Doing Business and Ease of Living did not remain mere concepts, therefore, the same innovative reforms in creating conducive environment for business and industry needed to be effectively implemented. For that, the Single Window System is the opportune and most acceptable and practical solution , especially getting connected with the National System which will open vistas for global investments besides of course investments from within the country, pouring in Jammu and Kashmir. It is not that making regulatory requirements short and limited as also taking measures to promote competitiveness, performance, quality maintenance and incentivising do not result in showing encouraging results which can be seen in the UT Government having received investment offers and proposals worth Rs.70000 crore which by employing the yardstick of the major efforts, rather for the first time of the magnitude and nature having been made by it, really appear as phenomenal. These substantial investment proposals pertain to various sectors which were surely to get a boost thus resulting in creating employment opportunities directly and indirectly in a major way. There is a long list of measures undertaken and proposed to be implemented under Business Reform action plan and Regulatory Compliance Burden by the UT Government wherein Department of Industries and Commerce as nodal department, must address the associated critical issues and have monitoring exercise on a consistent basis done to ensure that better results were obtained