Homeopathy my first choice

Dr Vasudha Vij
Homeopathy is a medical science based on the belief that body can cure itself. Homeopathy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that came into being by German Physician , Samuel Hahnemann in 1807. Homeopathic potentized remedies are believed to stimulate the healing process within the human system. Homeopathy healing allows you to take a deep dive into your mind body and soul and gives an opportunity to understand your being and heal your wellbeing.
Homeopathy should be no longer a second choice when it comes to getting health. Homeopathy was always a second or third choice, but after allopathy failed to address health issues permanently people have resort to homeopathy first. In Allopathy antibiotics are widely used. We know that antibiotics microb resistance (AMR) is a very dangerous trend as these medicines destroy the healthy cells along with the harmful ones. Homeopathic medicines not only treat the disease but also strengthen the immune system. Homeopathy is the system of medicine that addresses the route of the problem and cures the person. Homeopathy is getting main stream and has gained credibility among people as it cures disease having not much side effects. Homeopathy has been experimented and clinically tested science and homeopathic medicines are tested on healthy human beings in early times and now.
Despite having multiple benefits, it is unfortunate that general public is kept away from benefits of homeopathy. Rarely homeopathy is the first choice for people. The condition is same in any country of the world. The first line of treatment is always modern medicine. We have observed in our practice that 99 percent of new patients that approached us opted for homeopathy after trying allopathic or ayurvedic. When a patient reaches homeopath, he has already formed a complex disease and symptoms inside his human system because of the adverse effects of medicines he has consumed. This is the very reason homeopathy needs time to permanently cure the patient and it is infamous that homeopathy takes too much time to act which is a myth, action of homeopathic medicines depend upon your body’s reaction to the remedy and the level of your health. The amount of derangement of your vital force is directly connected to reaction of your body towards the homeopathic remedy.
Everything in this universe is made up of vibrational energy . Homeopathy works because it improves the underlying energetic makeup of the body , thus healing the root cause of your issues. Homeopathic medicines guides us to tap into the universal energy and helps us to adopt the optimized state similar to our unhealthy /diseased state causing it to heal – that is why Homeopathy works on the principle LIKE CURES LIKE .
Homeopathy is a complete package of holistic healing that provide complete mind, body and soul treatment. Modern Medicine (Allopathy) has been around for hundred or more years than Homeopathy and we have enough experience with it to know how insufficient allopathy has been in permanently curing health problems and how allopathy medication creates harmful side effects in human body. It’s the time for all to wake up, open your eyes and be the in charge of your health. You and only you are the in charge of your health. Your choices will later reflect in your health.
(The author is a Homeopathic consultant)