Cycle to a healthy environment

Aryaman Vaid
What is the need of the hour? Reducing global warming, breaking the chain of pollution by stopping blind use of vehicles, factories and other pollution causing activities like: burning garbage, fossil fuels, stubble etc. We can’t stop factories pollution but we can contribute by reducing traveling from pollution causing vehicles and start using “Bicycles”. Bicycles can be used to travel short distances and as well as long distances such as 5 to 10 Kms or even more than that with electric cycles, as bicycles are widely available in different categories and styles. They are stylish and very excellent for health. Now the question arises should we stop using all the vehicles ? or we can still use them and the answer is YES. we can use them but we should use electric cars and shared vehicles instead of our cars and other vehicles as it will help to reduce pollution but they are bit too expensive. So, simple and cheap solution for all this is bicycle. There are different types of bicycles for different areas.
Such as mountain bikes, electric bikes, city bike, touring bike, folding bike, BMX, cyclocross bike, etc.
* Cycling will help you lose weight.
* Will help strengthen your legs.
* Is good for beginners.
* May lower cholesterol.
* Boosts mental health and brain power.
* Can help people with cancer.
* Can offer a positive start to your morning.
* May help prevent and manage medical conditions.
* Is environment friendly.
* Improves balance, posture, and coordination.
* Is a low impact option.
* May reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Safety and Precautions
* Wear helmets and other safety gears.
* Use reflectors on bicycle and lights at night.
* Ride with traffic, never drive against it.
* Keep a bag with you having water, some candies, sun creme and first aid kit.
* Keep an extra battery (if using an electric cycle).
* Keep some money and a cell phone with you as it could be used in an emergency.
Some famous cycles
Electric cycles are best in mountain areas with steep slopes. They give you electric support with your regular cycling. There are different modes to use an electric cycle such as regular cycle to charge the battery, fully electric mode, paddling with the electric support to boost your way.Not all bikes available in the market share similar features. Features like range, speed, and cost vary from one brand to the other. Brands like Hero, Indus Yo Bikes, Honda and Avon provide the best electric bike in India.
1) Hero Electric Zion:
Cost: Rs: 37,990/- onwards
Top Speed: 25km/ hour
Battery Charging Time: 8 hours
Range: 45km/ charge
Wheel diameter: 16-inch x 3-inch
2) Indus Yo Xplore:
Cost:Rs:38,978/- onwards
Speed: 45 km/ hour
Range: 60km/ charge
3) BSA Fusion:
Charging Time: Six to eight hours
Range: 60kms/ charge
Top Speed: 25kms/ hour
4) TVS Tube:
Top Speed: 40 kms/ hour
Range: 70 kms/ charge
2. Mountain Cycle
Mountain biking, as the name suggests, is a sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using professionally designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. Some of good brands of mountain cycles are:
* Trek
* Hero
* Devinci
* Vitus
* GT Bicycles
The word BMX is an acronym for Bicycle Moto Cross. The term originated in the 1970’s when kids started racing their bikes on dirt tracks in southern California. The origin was focused on the racing side of things with an emphasis on the jumping, speed and style. It wasn’t long until tricks started making their way into this new sport and a whole new genre of BMX was formed. BMX racing and Freestyle BMX.Some different type of BMX:
* The “true” BMX bikes
* Freestyle bikes
* Street/dirt/jump/park bikes
* Flatland bikes
At last, I just wanted to say let’s do something to help our mother nature and join this modern, stylish and eco-friendly trend as “There is beauty in silence and there is silence in beauty and you can find both in a bicycle!”. So, use cycle.