Bone amputation can be prevented in bone cancer: Dr Rajat

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 7: Dr Rajat Gupta, senior oncologist at Fortis Hospital, Mohali today said that Bone Cancer can be cured without amputation with the current surgical techniques.
Dr Gupta said that tumors and tumor like conditions of the bone and soft tissues, including bone metastasis, sarcomas and pathologic fractures may be arising from the bone or soft tissues (viz. muscles, nerves, blood vessels, fat etc.) around the bone or they may have spread to the bone from cancers of other organs of the body.
“With the advent of newer chemotherapy regime and advanced surgical techniques, cure can be achieved in majority of malignant (Cancerous) bone tumors. Not only that, it is now possible to remove the bone involved by tumor without amputation of the limb (cutting the whole limb), which was the only treatment available 20-30 years back,” he asserted.
He said that Bone metastasis (Cancer which spreads to the bone from other organs like breast, prostrate, lung, kidney, thyroid etc.) constitute the most common form of bone malignancy. Metastatic bone disease is no longer a death sentence for the patient condemning him to palliative care and a lot can be done to cure/control the disease or improve his quality of life, he added.
Dr Rajat said since bone cancer is a rare disease, there is lack of awareness about it not only in the public but also in medical professionals and hence, amputation is the most common procedure advised to these patients, despite the fact that most of these can be cured without amputation with the current surgical techniques.