Avoid avoidable frequent official meetings

Heads of Departments, authorities in District administration and the like, having direct dealings with the general public to attend to their issues, should be quite frugal in leaving their offices and visiting venues of official meetings which were not of urgent nature , is what is the latest from the Governor’s administration as directives to them . The idea is to give preference to be available to the visiting public who repeatedly have to move to offices to have their issues / works attended to .
A proper circular is issued in this behalf but care has to be taken as to how it would be classified as to which meetings were of urgent nature and which ones were not. We would like to suggest that all meetings could be arranged after usual office hours so that this segregation of levels of ‘urgent nature’ and non urgent nature could be taken care of . Why is it thought to leave offices by 4 pm or earlier or at best at between 4 and 5 PM ? The mindset needs to be changed as a Government employee of whatever cadre is a public servant for 24 hours . Since this provision is hardly invoked as procedurally 7 to 8 hours work with half an hour’s break is considered as a thumb rule but not necessarily a non negotiable one. There is no harm to sit late one or two hours so that pendency of public matters and issues in offices could be reduced considerably. Times are changing and GOI PSUs and the private sector undertakings must be followed if not emulated in this respect by State Government departments. Besides, modern technology and IT revolution has reduced physical mobility to the minimum.