Inordinate delay in arranging Eye Bank in Jammu

Readers may please recall that we have , on more than one occasion, highlighted the importance of establishing an eye Bank in Government Medical College and Hospital Jammu and equally voiced our concern over the dilly dallying methods resorted to, either wilfully or recklessly, towards the sensitive issue, especially in the light of not adhering to the commitments made in the High Court by the Government. Last, we had learnt that Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation (JKMSC) was not arranging the critical equipment to the unit , structure of which is though raised and shortly the Eye Bank would start operating from the GMC , Jammu but the matter still stands unresolved.
It is surprising that orders issued for setting up of an eye Bank at each of the capital cities of the State was followed in respect of Srinagar where it started functioning in the year 2017 but so far, the fate of the similar facility at Jammu, continues to hang in balance. Had there been, as usual, funds problem coming in the way, we would have held different viewpoint but the fact of the matter is that the requisite funds were already since released by the Government. Whatever the reasons, or to be precise, alibis given by the State administration, the entire process seems to be quite indifferent towards Jammu and the suffering people of the entire Jammu division smacking of flagrant discrimination. That sounds fairly unfair and unjustified.
Looking to the actual situation on the ground in respect of the matter, Division Bench of the High Court has , as a natural corollary, expressed displeasure over uncalled for delay in establishing the eye Bank at Jammu. Accordingly, directions have been passed on to the Managing Director JKMSC. Is it not a fact that only in respect of the proposed Bank at Jammu, equipments are supplied in the manner of fits and starts, completely against the net requisitioning and those ones supplied, are remaining unused rendering them to the susceptibility of developing faults and damages leading to the accentuating of things further. We fail to understand that except filing status reports and replies in the court, nothing tangible seems to be done in the matter thus keeping things lingering on . A classical case of confusion, not taking pains, poor follow-up , multiplicity of decisions making syndrome and last but not the least, the mind-set of subjecting to inequity , if not unfairness.
The Division Bench , all in its wisdom and viewing the status of actual action plan, has directed authorities of the Department of Health and Medical Education to explain reasons as to why setting up of Eye Banks in two Government Medical Colleges was not simultaneous when looked at from the fact of the funds having been released at the same time. Could there be two different specifications in respect of the equipment procured for each of the eye Bank at two capital cities. It has been , on umpteen times, been critically commented by us as to why for almost all matters, courts’ intervention is sought by the aggrieved people in this part of the State and even then , the State administration was not showing any signs of addressing the issues. What is the fun of opening more medical colleges in the State and many people feeling motivated and encouraged to donate eyes, when the State Government is not harnessing the donations for the noble cause by establishing an Eye Bank. Lethargy , non performance, non -accountability and no fear of facing action for sitting over matters is what is rife in the administrative system which needs to be taken on, sooner than any later. The insensitive, inefficient and non -performing bureaucracy is also a threat to the system of governance only after the grave threat of horrendous proportions of corruption to it. Since the State High Court is monitoring the case, we expect that whatever work remains to be done in establishing the Eye Bank, would be soon completed to provide succour to the needy ones from the Jammu division who have been waiting long and hoping, perhaps, not against the hope.