And now ”monkeypox”?

Whether it can be transmitted from one infected person to the other, detailed and foolproof evidence is not available in respect of a new threat of the monkeypox disease which again is a virus originated from and found in animals. The symptoms are reported to be exactly like that of smallpox disease. However, it is believed that monkeypox is rarely fatal. The illness lasts generally up to 4 weeks and causes severe rash , boils or blisters like formation on different parts of the body – face, hands, feet, chest , genitals and the rash goes through different stages before healing.
In this connection, it is believed that the virus of the disease is transmitted from animals to human beings . Initially ,three cases of this infections were reported from Kerala and now one more case has been reported from Delhi . Generally as in other viruses, transmission is from one country to the other and ”carriers” of the virus are travellers hence believed so in respect of monkeypox too. It is however reported that the infected person had no foreign travel history but had attended a stag party in Manali in Himachal Pradesh. As on date, therefore, total cases of this disease are now gone up to four in the country. Though there is no need to panic yet the situation is watched and reviewed in terms of what best could be one in providing treatment, quarantine / isolation of the infected persons by the Health authorities/ system. The WHO , however, has done its formality of declaring it as a ”global health emergency” and nothing beyond that.