Rising crime graph

While it is no use feeling any sort of exultancy over the fact that Jammu and Kashmir used to and had lowest crime rate in the country just three decades ago, the present position, however, being obverse of that and a constant steady rise in the crime graph should be a cause of concern to one and all. Just within a span of one year , it should go up by as much as 10 percent needs not only to be gone deep into for knowing the specific reasons but how to have this rate contained and gradually reduced considerably. We, as a routine, always blame the Police for not being effective enough in arresting the trend of the crime rate rising but seldom question about the behaviour and operation of conducive human, social , moral and even ethical factors in not letting persons getting tempted towards committing crime . That does not , however, mean that such a vast police force available in Jammu and Kashmir as also being equipped with almost all infrastructural facilities in not evolving suitable but effective policies to combat crime. Their role assumes special sensitivity and significance when it comes to the stages of thorough investigations and building up a solid case / charge- sheet against the accused so that a sure conviction was expected .
What is needed is a pure professional approach which demands changing and stitching strategies intermittently so as to always remain two steps ahead of the culprits and thus having an upper hand over the criminals. It is a matter of utter concern that criminal elements, as we see, are getting emboldened to this extent that the persons “in Khaki” symbolising the Rule of Law and discharging the duty of enforcing it for a peaceful and orderly living environment for the citizens and the society, are at times assaulted , even attacked to the extreme levels of causing their martyrdom . If Police, therefore, over-reacts and uses excessive measures in some cases, though unwarranted, should be analysed in right perspective. It is , however, unfortunate that the Human Rights champions who always remain in the forefront in protesting against and condemning the “police excesses” and using force disproportionate to requirements to deal with a riotous situation , usually remain silent when a police personnel on duty is attacked and killed by the criminals , even when the victim be a woman policeperson.
We also unfortunately have to see that there continue to be certain pockets and areas where police is hesitant in going and nabbing criminals. Unwarranted and undue political interference in and exerting pressures on the autonomy and the professional nature as also committed sense of duty of our Police Force must altogether be stopped . In fact, the concerned Police Officer must enjoy immunity from highest hierarchy in the administration for not obliging and succumbing to political pressure. However the question is how to deal with such a situation even if prevailing in a few pockets looking to the fact that it has got an acceleration effect with telling effects which must not be lost sight of.
The area where in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir crime is showing a comparative rise is in trafficking in drugs and narcotic substances by the ”committed and well organised” mafia since the market to spread consumption of the ”poison” is flourishing for the drug traffickers on account of more people taking to the quick kick though making them addicted and thus incapacitated in the process. What is, therefore, the position of pre-emptive measures and post arresting measures of the accused taken by the Police and how many get convicted and receive severe punishments and how fast must be a constant exercise undertaken by the Police. The figures of cases under the category of ”under investigation” which were reportedly numbering over 35000 had charge sheets filed in nearly 29000 cases while as more than 6500 cases were either found ” untraced” or not admitted in respect of the year 2020 warrants a renewed approach on pure professionalism and accountability provisions attached.
Data in respect of crimes spread and pattern as also the nature thereof district wise coupled with how dealt with showing not only the scope being there in good measure to improve upon the performance of the Police at each stage in respect of the commissioning of a crime but the absence of fixing responsibility and accountability which could infuse the sense of arranging maximum conviction as a matter of deterrent needs to be looked into. Society, social organisations, schools and colleges and above all the ”Homes” have a sacrosanct duty to groom, carve and roll out people with no criminal mindset. The role of “sanaskars” or ethos right from childhood play a superb but crucial role in shaping one’s life and a mindset abhorring and distancing from committing a crime.