Woody Allen wanted to work with Princess Diana

LOS ANGELES, June 17: He has worked with various A-list actors throughout his career and legendary actor-director Woody Allen says he wished to work with Princess Diana.
The 76-year-old didn’t name the film he wanted to cast the Princess of Wales in, but said it was a small role and he was looking for a classy face for it, reported Aceshowbiz.
“We wanted to ask her to do something. I needed, you know, a classy woman… It was a small role. It would have been within her capacity to handle it and we thought of her,” Allen said.
The “Midnight in Paris” helmer also talked about his interest to work with Lindsay Lohan in a movie.
“I wouldn’t hesitate to use Lindsay in a movie because she’s a very talented girl. Lohan’s reputation doesn’t concern me. I mean, if there was some reason that I couldn’t, that would be a different story, some legal reason, but it would not concern me personally, no. I think she’d be just fine and she’d do a great job,” he said.
Last month, Allen and Lohan sparked speculations that they would do a movie together after they were spotted having dinner in New York.
But the Allen explained that the dinner was nothing but a casual occasion. (PTI)