Justin Bieber wants to perfect his English accent

LONDON, June 17: Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, who did a convincing imitation of a British person in a recent interview, says he wants to take lessons to perfect his English accent.
The 18-year-old ‘Baby’ hitmaker said he is now thinking of getting professional advice on how to talk like an Englishman, reported Contactmusic.
“I adore the accent, it’s awesome. I’m thinking about having lessons to help me speak like you guys. I would love to be a real English gentleman,” he said.
Bieber also said that by next year he would like to branch his skills out and appear in action and comedy movies.
“By this time next year I’d like to win a Grammy, maybe that will happen and I’d like to do some movies, stuff like that. I actually want to do some comedy movies, as well as some action, some stuff that is going to be challenging.” (PTI)


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