Who ‘heads’ Yousmarg Dev. Authority?


We had earlier also, through these columns, voiced concern over the waste treatment plant at Yousmarg in Budgam district of Kashmir being not made operative and the accumulated waste in the area – a picturesque tourist spot – posing danger to the environment as most of it being dumped in the forest areas thus disturbing the ecological equations of the spot and making the beautiful area vulnerable to all hazards associated with untreated accumulated waste material. There could be certain administrative problems but how long under the cover of that alibi, nothing to be done – could be justified? Curiously, the Yousmarg Development Authority is without Chief Executive Officer and being “Headless”, proper decisions are not taken for the betterment of the said tourist destination. However, we suppose the guidelines prescribed by the Statutory Body – The National Green Tribunal (NGT) -in respect of issues concerning the environment and related matters are mandatorily to be adhered to but in the instant case, the same are caused to be flouted. Besides, the meadows, the parks and the pathways are all not properly cleansed and are found littered here and there. That such a promising natural tourist place cannot be properly maintained let alone making it a top tourist destination by the Tourism Department and other Government agencies, is deplorable.