GI registration of items

I t looks strange that despite ample opportunity given by the Industries and Commerce Department, those departments in the UT that are directly related to have locally goods and products with Geographical Indication (GI) tagging have, so far not submitted the requisite details of the identified items. It is to be appreciated and in that context the importance thereof understood as well that such tagging of the local products which are saleable and in good demand in international markets, need such tagging. In other words, not only would exports to such countries increase but the growers and producers of such items stand benefitted enormously. The Geographical Indication is nothing but a mark to identify such goods which could come under the categories of agriculture, natural or nature gifted, manufacturing, hand made and carved etc in a particular locality, area, territory etc where alone such goods could be attributable to particular geographical origin. The GI, in simpler parlance is, therefore, a sort of certification by the Government to have the trust reposed of a buyer in a particular good from such identified geographical location and thus buy the same. With the availability of the requisite data and information, the chances of more of such goods coming under the umbrella of such tagging by the Government are bright and thus providing benefits to the growers, producers, artisans and all others engaged in making or growing of such goods. As on date, there are only 9 GI tagged crafts and the prospects of more getting such tagging being really high could only be possible by submitting the requisite information to all concerned. Even in opportunities of better and assured marketing on international basis like the one under reference, evoking little response is neither warranted nor justified in any case. Besides, the importance of furnishing data and information in respect of issues with sensitive connotations need to be realised and in that spirit analysed that withholding or delaying any such information in the present era of information technology, where collating information and compilation of data needs immediate attention for specific planning purposes. How can the Industries and Commerce Department of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir furnish the said information to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry when it gets none from the concerned departments? When Union Ministries are out and out to extend help to the UT for the benefit of the identified groups or people like the one under reference, why should at our level such a slack and casual approach be there , is a moot question. If it is said that the tagging is a sort of offering protection to the identified agricultural products, food stuffs, handicrafts and other local cottage products and that is why the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industries advising the UT Government a year ago about furnishing details of such items, who is “sitting” over it and why should such information be not furnished? What is so much of intricacies involved in this perhaps “stupendous” task, is beyond comprehension. Today is the era of competitiveness and in International markets, there are opportunities for all to press their products for sale in the salesmanship spirit for which even counter branding could be resorted to which the Geographical Indication (GI) tagging would protect. Since Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has been taking keen interest in the subject matter as he has many a time laid stress on immediate GI tagging of those products of Jammu and Kashmir which require such tagging , it is hoped that the desired information reaches the Industries and Commerce Department at an early days