Ways to style Palazzos

Diksha Chowdhary
Want to look snazzy without compromising your comfort? Then you must have atleast one palazzo pant in your wardrobe. Be it a bad chilly day or a hot summer day, you can always rock your outfit by just incorporating the right type of palazzo.
Wondering when these pants came into vogue? Well! Way back. These pants became a popular trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and now have managed to reemerge again with a bang. Palazzos are already taking the fashion world by storm. From a formal meeting to a date night, palazzos can be styled accordingly with versatality. Doesn’t matter what your shape or height is, Palazzos seem to take all your worries and dump them right there into the dustbin. They not only accentuate your structure but make you look taller instantly. And if you are already tall, then there are ways to balance the whole look out. Actually, you can literally play with them.
Ways to style them-
1. Flared – Flared palazzos almost look like a skirt, having a slight distinction due to divider. And that is it’s biggest advantage. It is said that this type is not made for short heighted girls, but let me break this myth for you. Everything looks good, if you know the correct way of styling it. Plus, confidence is the key. Following are the ways to style them-
* Be it a kurta or a kurti, both goes well with flared palazzos. You can even take a dupatta, so as to fake a complete dress. You can wear heels, juttis, flats or even a right pair of boots (pointed one’s will look great)
* Tuck a top, and you are good to go. You can add jhumkas to add a traditional touch, while keeping your top a bit western. Again wear footwear as per your comfort.
2. Slitted- Slitted palazzos are best when you want to look hot and confident. The slit is generally from both the sides, showing a generous amount of your skin. Although slits vary from one palazzo to another. Some palazzos have buttons also, so you can adjust the amount of skin you are comfortable to show as per your comfort. Following are the ways to style them-
* You can blindly go for a crop top and a blazer on the top of it. Boots and heels look best with it.
* Wanna up your style game a bit? Wear an oversized shirt with it and complete the look with pumps. Not having pumps? You can definitely go for some other type of heels (closed from the front, will work best)
* Want to look stylish with a tinge of traditional? You can never go wrong with kurtas( specifically, straight ones) Loafers will give you a whole new mood.
3. Pleated- Cute is the word that defines this variety the best. Beautiful pleats are embedded all over the pant, giving it a more refined feminine touch. Pastels are in trend when it comes to pleated palazzos. Following are the ways to style them-
” On a casual day, you can wear them with a t-shirt (preferably tucked one) and a pair of sneakers. Take your handbag and you are good to go. You can wear big hoops as well to enhance the whole look.
* A cute lace top, will make the whole feel a lot cuter. When it comes to footwear, you can go for transparent heels. If not heels, you can go for sneakers as well.
* Shirts are everyone’s favourite due to the comfort they bring to one. Go for an all white or an all back look. You can wear a colourful earring or footwear to add a pop of colour to the outfit. Embroidered heels will look fantastic.
4. Culottes- They give a look of a mid length skirt, generally having a wide flare. They are super comfortable and look super stylish if worn correctly. Following are the ways to style them-
* Don’t have a halter neck in your wardrobe, get it! If you are not comfortable with a halter neck, you can always go for an one shoulder top or even a normal top as well. Wear them with high heels and preppy accessories.
* You can even team them up with a simple bralette top with a denim jacket or with a light blazer as well. Pumps will look best with this outfit.
* As culottes make you look shorter, you can always go for a turtleneck. It will give you a tall structure. Heels are preferable.
5. Layered and Ruffled- These are the ones which are the most beautiful. Layered ones look more or less a dhoti draped over a pant. Following are the ways to style them-
* Heard of a nehru shirt? Try it with this type. It looks beautiful. You can wear long pearl earrings to accentuate the beauty of the look. You can go for mules with them.
* Want a party outfit? Well, go for a V-neck bodysuit then. It compliments the layers beautifully. Block heels will look best. Try to go for a nude coloured heel.
* Crop tops work as style savers. A simple crop top will glam up your look. You can wear a choker or a sleek chain. Pumps will go best. Heeled shoes will go too (White one’s are in trend)
In winters, you can wear palazzos in the following ways-
* Tucked in sweater with a coat on the top. Warm leggings can be worn under the palazzos so as to keep the body warm. Boots will look best.
* You can wear them with a turtleneck top, and an open sweater on the top. Try to choose bright colours. Heeled shoes will look best.
* You can even wear them with a long sweater and a shawl or stole on the top. Any type of shoe will go with it. To enhance the look, you can always wear accessories.
* Wear a long sweater with a sleek/wide belt to add structure to your outfit. You can wear loafers with this look.
* You can even wear a woolen kurta with a cropped jacket on the top. Wear boots or sneakers to get that chick look.
Above everything else, stay confident in your shape. Love it and it will love you back.