Violence against women

The women have been enjoying a position of superior status and respect in our society from the time immemorial. Even all the seers and prophets laid immense emphasis on their dignity and perhaps, this is why, they are considered better ralf of the men. But in the changed social scenario, the spat of violence they face, is deeply codemnable. Dowry deaths, domestic violence and physical and mental assaults by the so-called male dominated society often lowers the head of every socially and morally enriched soul.
Even the evils like Sati Pratha, child marriage etc aren’t left unremoved by our reformers because these were against their freedom and liberty. The present day clouds of immorality surrounding our atmosphere has created a sort of hopelessness and fear among the fair sex. Frequent incidents of rapes and gang-rapes are shamefully harassing. Not only the worsening law and order situation, even the society, claiming to be much civilized, is fairly responsible for such disgusting incidents. Therefore, need for moral and social education to our youngesters is of paramount significance, and thus, every effort in this direction is felt inadequate.
Yours etc…
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)