Modi Government

Never before in the political history of India have we seen a political establishment that is so clear and firm in what it wants to achieve in the larger Interest of the Nation.
The Government is so clear in terms of what it wants to achieve in the larger Interest of the Nation that they do not bother to offer any explanations for what they have done be it demonetization, surgical strikes, implementation of GST,or abrogation of the holy cow the article 370 and 35 A. The people I am sure are loveing it.A lot of positive action in the country.
One thing is very clear, a large section of society even those not positively inclined towards the BJP are in awe of this decisive ability of the Government. I for sure do.
Once the present Government is sure of what the country needs it goes ahead and does it,irrespective of vote bank politics. People may agree or disagree with the idea or the way it is implemented or the thought process but for sure every one admires the decisiveness of the leadership. One cannot forget the helplessness shown by previous prime minister when he said that he wanted to do a particular thing but was helpless due to coalition politics.This indecisiveness is one trait no appreciates in a leader or a government.
The people now know that they have a Government which is clear in its thinking and can deliver on the same.
The current Government is now known and appreciated for it’s never seen before ability or trait of decisiveness .
Col Vikram Bhasin
Apna Vihar