Urdu Poetry that ignites patriotism

Name of Book : Main Ne Kea Dekha Kea Suna, Kea Jaana
(collection of Urdu poetry)
Author : D C Sharma,
Publisher : Chander Bhagga Publishers, Kishtwar
Year : 2019
Price : Rs 200

This Urdu poetry book has been authored by D C Sharma who is former Principal of the DIET and ex-Chief Education Officer. He has presented it to arouse sentiments of human brotherhood, moral values and sense of patriotism among the people, especially the young generation.
D C Sharma belonging to Kishtwar , has already authored a number of important books including “History and Culture of Kishwar”; “Glimpses of Kishtwar”, ” My Life Time Memiors; “A Book of General Knowlwedge and the present collection of Urdu poetry.
This small poetry book contains 18 poems on different topics like ” Hamara Dharam, Aapna Payara Wattan, Desh Mein Aatankwad, Insanyiat Kaya Hai; Kudrat Kaya Sabak Sikhati Hai; Bharat Desh Hamara, Sawan Ka Mahina and others poems.
Patriotic Tone
Prof. Shiv Nirmohi, eminent author has a poem devoted to his simple life, literary works in laudable terms. It is worth mentioning that Prof Nirmohi has been honoured with Padam Shree title recently on the Republic Day ceremony. It speaks good of both. The book is worth its salt for Urdu poetry..
This poetry book is of much value and importance for the Urdu-knowing people, especially the younger generation. The author gives lessons of life like: discipline, punctuality, sense of nationalism and moral values as preached by our saints and scholars. I recommend this book for public libraries and also personal book-shelf.
(Starline Syndicate Service)