Rajeshwar’s Emotion-packed Hindi Poetry

Name of Book : Haan-Nah (Yes-No) A collectionof Poetry in Hindi
Author : Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
Publisher : Hemaridi Prakashan, Shadra, Delhi

O P Sharma
Yet another Hindi poetry book authored by the noted writer, Rajeshwar Singh “Raju” has come out recently. It is in series of his literary creative works of short stories, drama, poetry and essays. He has now emerged as a prolific writer with his own unique style and substance giving his ideas in simple language conveying direct message, now in poetic compositions.
Rajeshwar Singh Raju is actually working at a senier level in the Jammu and Kashmir, having a busy life but has been managing to pen regularly his creative works. He is associated with threatre and is also playwrights, and as a actor as well. He has creative faculty of writing since his childhood and has authored a number of famous books.
Impressive Poetry
Now he has come out with a 112-page book entitled ” Haan-Nah ” which contains 121 poetic compositions in Hindi, short and long poems with wide-range of themes and thoughts. He has command over the language to give expression to in-depth thoughts, experiences as well gives flight to imagination which give colour and meaningful messages. Mr Raju has carved out a place of pride in the prose and now also aclaimed position in the poetry as well.
Mark the stanza of his poem ” Khamoshi“:
Tere Khamopshi
Kush Kahati Hai,
Aankho mein umarte
Honth Aad-khulee Kehate
Par Jubaan chup rehati hai
(Oh, your silence speaks , your eyes emit clear signals while your half-open lips send message though your tongue keeps mum). This is a poetic language of emotions and unique way of expression !
This book has a total of 121 Hindi poetic compositions, which mainly comprise of Haar-jeet, Mann, Sapne, Charccha, Dharkan, Shunney, Ghutan, Kavita, Be-nakab, Sandesh, Kia Mein Zinda Hu ?
In the “Haan-Nan”, Hindi poetry, he is seen in good light for apt handling of the subject, thoughtful sentiments in sweet words and thus giving his best. Some of the poetry is of calibre with quality of expression. I have gone through the book and found them sweet as well as meaningful. I have fond some of poems meaningful and expect that the readers will enjoy the Hindi poetic compositions with pleasure and profit.
Good Publication
Brig Mohan, a noted figure in cultural sphere, has written the Foreword and expressed a word of praise for the style, subjects and poetic work of Rajeshawar Sing “Raju” in this book. He has particularly praised the romanticism, love of nature, emotional sentiments, patriotism, moral values.
Rajeshwar Raju has dedicated this book to his mother late Maya Devi, who was tower of strenghth. Really, this compilation of Hindi poems is a work of sublime literary expression.
Unique Style
It is his unique style of choosing common topics and themes for giving in-depth thoughts through creative expression. The language is easy-to- understand , simple style; high flight of imagination and impressive expression, perhaps his own way of effective communication.
This book is in series of his publications on variety of themes and thought-provoking subjects. He has authored a number of books on different genres of literature.
The book entitled ” Haan-Nah ” is finely produced and printing is also of high standard. It has been priced at Rs 300, which may be somewhat on higher side but it has to be kept in mind that the cost of paper, printing and publication too has been going up. I think that the people will be going through this Hindi poetry book for pleasure and profit.