Meditation through hobbies

Temsula Kamal and
Ghazal Sharma

Hobby is an activity that one enjoys and does regularly when one is not working. It is a leisurely activity. Hobbies are interesting pursuits which are excellent pastime and interest yielding activities. We all have hobbies. Hobbies are not only meant for quality time pastime activities but also means of wonderful recreation.
Mind in today’s world is beyond control for most of us owing to urbanisation and industrialization which have left us more uncontained and unsatisfied individuals as compared to earlier pre industrialization times.
In our series of earlier write ups on meditation,”Meditation through music”, “Sleeping Meditation” ,”Exercising body and mind” and Meditation through games have been covered. Hobbies are another such options to control and entertain the mind.
Hobbies provide an excellent fit in mind entertaining activities to bring colour to the monotonous life. Not only one enjoys the exercising of hobbies but it also makes us focus positively in an activity one would like and want to experience again and again.
Gardening, cooking, knitting, embroidery, reading, writing, tailoring, carving, painting, astronomy, etc are some of the hobbies which most of us might be well versed with. All the genders with their natural preferences have number of options amongst the above mentioned hobbies to choose from in addition to outdoor hobbies generally related to sports adventure.
Gardening is a widely practised hobby among middle aged and old aged people which does not need much of financial backing or movement away from one’s home. Women as well as old aged men can spend some quality time in their own gardens at home by looking after and nourishing ornamental plants, flowers and their own family vegetable gardens. It also contains some sort of physical activity other than ingredients of wonderful meditation where the main aim is to control our mind to a level of minimum negative or unwanted distractive thoughts. It is good for both layman as well as educated people as other than knowing simple aspects of gardening one does not need any special knowledge or acumen to practice it.
Similarly knitting and embroidery are typical women related activities which they can club it by selling knitted and embroidered makes/stuff as earning, constructive, time absorbing and mind controlling activities and pursue it as their meditating hobbies.
Tailoring, carpentry and wood carving are also some wonderful hobbies which one can pursue as an individual or part of a group depending upon one’s personal liking to learn earn and meditate on some mentally satisfying activity which shuts off the bad side of depressive and lonely spells. Tailoring, carpentry and wood carving can also be pursued as profession should one want to earn from one’s leisurely time in addition to these enjoying, exercising meditative mind controlling techniques and pursuits.
Painting and sculpture is purely an artistic way of expressing your beautiful imaginative mind on canvas/paper and stones where one can bring colour to one’s still unshared expressions in the most colourful way. The Midas touch of one’s colourful beautiful imaginative mind can turn these unlively canvases/papers and stones into some beautiful objects worth watching, appreciating, source of enjoyment and beautification for others. The wild imaginations conceived can be portrayed as mind lifting hopes for self and others with Midas touch of one’s golden hand backed by beautifully channelized and focussed mind. It is not a bad idea to practice painting and sculpture as mind controlling and channelized hobby to spend some quality time keeping away the stresses and tensions of daily routine life. It might require little bit of spending from one’s pocket but provides an excellent pastime for one’s who love painting and sculpturing. This too is a hobby where one can later turn into a professional painter or a sculptor with little bit of professional training and pursue it as a profession.
Writing and Reading are another good pastime channelized, focussed and mind controlled hobbies where the author keeps her/himself spend some excellent time aptly absorbed in writing and on the other side the reader gets captivated and contained by the written contents in form of stories and novels of the writer. The thoughts thus remain limited to the confines of the writing and do not hover on something distracting, undesired, unwanted and unfruitful wastes. Writing is a beautiful way of penning down one’s imagination, thoughts and expression as reminiscences for one self and on other hand wonderful pastimes earners in form of novels, stories or books should one go too far ahead turning into professional authors .On the other hand reading a novel or story keeps one absorbed during the whole time when one is reading. One remains raptly confined to the words of the author and into her/his domain of beautiful write-ups.
Cooking too is an interesting hobby for genders where one can resort to cooking the delicacies at home to have the quality meals for one’s family and themselves. Cooking a meal or spending some time in a kitchen to cook not only make one spend some helping time for one’s spouses but also brings in more intimacy and belongingness to each other than a good and enjoying pastime to keep oneself beautifully engaged at home. Cooking keeps one fully absorbed in an activity with interest and prevents depressive loneliness to creep into one’ live. It is best advocated and recommended for people who are single or alone in some form and need some company in form of some creative and absorbing activity. One can make it more interesting by choosing right time and likeable dishes from the available cuisine list to try one’s hand on.
Photography too is a beautiful hobby where one can capture some golden moments depicting some fine aspects of geographical, environmental, social and divinely aspects based on one’s likings, passions and interests .The captured shots as beautiful love memories may be used to lighten the moods later at any point of time as beautiful reminiscences. Other than good and constructive pastime, sharing it with one’s friends and acquaintances of same liking and interests can bring cheers to the one’s whom it is shared.
Other than hobbies which are purely mind controlling meditative unorthodox techniques suggested by the author , there are certain other physically active adventure activities like wind surfing, sailing, hang gliding, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, river rafting, swimming, cycling, riding, rowing, body building etc which yields double benefits of exercising one’s body and mind through certain pleasure induced entertaining activity. The thrill, adventure and enjoyment involved in this mind pleasurable activities makes life more interesting and colourful by enjoying all three mediums on earth namely air, water and land. Depending upon one’s finances, availability of facilities to exercise and pursue these hobbies one can venture into these beautiful and entertaining time pastime hobbies at any time should one feel that unorthodox and stereotyped mind controlling meditative techniques are beyond expectations to tame one’s mind. One can always rely on these hobbies in lieu of unpleasant and more difficult way of orthodox meditative techniques practiced so far. All adventure hobbies are some classic ways of physical and mental enjoyment to remain physically active, mentally focussed, agile, contended, happy and going.
All hobbies can be pursued as amateurs and fun loving pastime enjoyful activities for all of us and can take a professional form for professionals who later want to capitalize on it for some financial gains with advanced training and acquired skills. All hobbies are mind focussing and entertaining activities and require little bit of related skills to make it more enjoying, thrilling and fun loving pastime meditative activities.