Ropeway crash enquiry

Thank heavens that unlike other ‘enquiry reports’, the one headed by a Magistrate into the crash of the rescue trolley of Jammu Ropeway Project has been completed in shortest possible time. It has held glaring violations of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs ) responsible for the tragedy which struck on January 20 all against the tall claims of the concerned in-charge of the Project having taken all concerted efforts of security and safety measures in the said project. The tragedy had claimed two precious lives and caused grievous injuries to four others. The next question is as to whether responsibility has now, post enquiry been pin-pointedly fixed and action taken against the concerned.
It may be recalled that soon after the accident , Government had ordered magisterial enquiry to ascertain the causes of the accident and this sensitive task was assigned to the then Additional Deputy Commissioner Jammu with the directive to submit the findings at an early date which has been complied with. Six technical and non technical persons were carrying out some work near Mahamaya Park Terminal Station on the fateful day when rescue trolley crash all of a sudden leading to casualties. Notable glaring violation of the safety norm has been found in the form of non providing of safety ropes to workers as a protection from the fall from the heights as is being done meticulously in industrial and construction activities but here, this safety norm was blatantly compromised. Whatever the reasons, what is the fun if lessons are learnt only after meeting with avoidable accidents and tragedies? And should this mishap be the last one to happen, all depends upon the principle of no compromise with any safety and security measure.
Now, that the enquiry has been taken to the logical conclusion, all efforts should be made to expedite the vital project.